This Week's Question: If You Could Have ANY Superpower You Want, What Would It Be?

We’ve got a non-trading related question this week sent in by @dushimes (also a reminder to everyone that you are absolutely welcome to DM me or reply to this thread with your thread topic requests!).

This week’s question: What superpower would you like to have?

Would you like to be able to time travel so you can place those trades and be a billionaire? Maybe teleport so you can… save on commute time? Ha. Or maybe you want to be able to CONTROL those around you?

Which one would it be and what would you use it for?


Great question :slight_smile: I’ve spent every minute since it popped up to really think about it.
Omnipotence would be the one. Above any power or any concept (known and unknown). So powerful, that it’s like cheating even in imaginary world :slight_smile: For uses of such power, fixing world problems would be the first thought. But on second thought the consequences could be terrible (we need free will right?). Maybe go full utopia and create world with infinite resources for human kind to focus on just living together, self development and fulfilling the dreams or ambitions (not related to just having, but knowing, perfecting crafts)? Hard question :slight_smile:


That sounds more dangerous than fun! It could drive you to madness.

I’m not sure if I’d want immortality. However, Dr.Manhattan was immortal, right? He could reconstruct atoms at will.

That sounds like a pretty cool super power.

That dude got tired of humans and decided to go live by himself on another planet.

I guess if I had to stay on Earth, and I can only choose one super power…I’d have to go with super speed!!

Super strength is nice, but speed opens a world of possibilities.

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Weird answer, but mine would be languages. Being able to speak/read/write/understand all languages. Wow, how cool would that be!


Create a chemical that would cause a liar’s nose to grow by 1mm every time he/she told a lie, and put it in the water supply. Within a year, most politicians would have a nose longer than one metre and would need a nosebag to put it in on public transport.

And we could insist that all those guys selling Forex trading courses made an up to date video of themselves, face forward and side on. Just like the photos the police take of you when you get arrested. With a nose profile ruler behind the side on photo to measure the lies


Well well… This is something I think of everyday… I do this game that someday I imagine I have one particular superpower and think about pros and cons of it or that what would I ask from a genie if one gave me three wishes. Imagine living my life with that power, things I do, things I won’t do. It’s really Fun to think about and oddly satisfying too.

So if I have to take it down to just One power, it would be “Immortal Youth” Because that will give you the unlimited amount of THE most precious resource on earth. TIME. (Some say just immortality, but you can be immortal and keep aging like Nicholas Flamel in Harry Potter series, that kind of immortality is a waste. so if you wanna be immortal you NEED immortal Youth, so are able to enjoy it truly.)

With immortal youth, I’ll have time to whatever I need, keep doing things until I get better at them. That’ll keep me busy for few millennia. Love thinking about it, Things I’ll do, achieve and live with absolutely not thinking about sicknesses or death. So yeah, That is a big one for me.

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Amazing answer, I think about this sometimes too, connected to the concept of the Creator or God. Imagining how it would feel to have such power, Doing things, changing things, Thinking about all the different alternate timelines I can create changing small moments in History… Such Fun.

More accurate term would be “Omnipotence” actually. Because he’s not only the most powerful comic book character ever created, but also the most powerful Fictional character ever created.

He does not need air, water, food, or sleep, and is immortal. He can also teleport himself to limitless distances. Due to his perception of time, he sees his past, present, and future simultaneously.

But yeah, When he started to know every possible scenario that’ll happen, he needed clarity so he went to Mars and stayed there.

What Fun. After watching The Flash TV Series, I wanted that for so long. It looks so much Fun. like you said, a world of possibilities Yeah…

There’s another good one, I can’t remember how many times I kept thinking I really want that, understanding form Egyptian hieroglyphs, to Latin, Sanskrit and all the live languages on Earth. To speak with locals from any country and understand their cultures. It would be truly amazing.

:joy: :joy: :joy: Now this is really fun to think about, a modern day pinochio situation. Yeah Politicians would be the first to go… Cool concept. :upside_down_face:

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Invincibility, and I would use it to protect and restore peace to the world.


Do you worry about your family and friends growing old and you outliving them all?


That aspect would slightly sadden me, but I’d be reassured they’ve lived a well-off life prior to their passing.


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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I’m actually preparing for it when I imagine the scenario. I’m pretty much a loner, but surely I’ll miss my family, at different times I play different ways that I’ll face the situation, sometimes imagining the same situation a few times, Trying to imagine all possible futures, but surely there will be surprises, Sure I’ll miss them, but I’ll be okay. Actually for me outliving them is one of the pros, more than a con.

Heck yeah for this. Definitely.


I have so many plans to activate once I get this ability. Gonna have so much fun with it.

This is one of the things I personally will actually NOT do, Whatever super power I have I will not use it to “try to save the world” every time someone try to do that something worse happens. I will only use my powers for the well being of me and my inner most circle.

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When the aliens land we’re gonna need you!!!


That sounds dangerous. Putting it in the water supply? I might have to use my super speed to stop you.

My nose would grow when I try to hide my secret identity!

I doubt it. He’ll be too busy getting started with his next family! NEXT!! That could be more buddhist approach—no attachment.

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:joy: :joy: :joy:

Well I do like the idea of family, I definitely love/like my current family, but I do like to be Alone a lot. So at least for few hundred or may be millennia it won’t be a problem. If the movies/tv series are any indication anyone with immortal youth eventually yearns for family. So may be I will / may be won’t, Still unclear about it.

But I’m most likely to be alone. If you never get sick, never hurt yourself, never have to worry about death, living alone isn’t bad at all, Scariest part of mortality is living alone and when no one is around when something happens (a sickness, an accident, when you die and it takes days or weeks to find your body)… Yeah, when that Part is removed, living alone is Ideal for me. (purely personal opinion btw.)

:heart: The idea of this… Hard to practice, harder to live by… But not bad at all.

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Actually I already have a superpower - but I cannot reveal to you what it is. I am sworn to secrecy by the league of superpower people - and they are superpowerful. Or that’s what they tell me.

Unfortunately, a good memory is not one of their superpowers and somebody forgot to pay the rent due on our secret super-lair buried in ice at the North Pole. So now we are looking for a new place to meet and plot (and have tea) every other Wednesday afternoon: perhaps someone has a modestly-sized garden shed we could borrow? Just temporarily of course.


I’ll PM you the secret password. Bring snacks.



That’s a terrific lair.

Are you a super-villain though by any chance? Do you stroll round the house carrying a fluffy white cat and going “Bwah, hah, hah”?

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