This Week's Question: What are Some of Your Top Productivity Hacks?

We all have the same 24 hours but some people just spend their days more efficiently than others.

What are some of the productivity hacks/tips you’re currently using to help you get more out of your day?

This could maybe involve exercise, using a particular type of tool, a technique for handling task priorities - anything that boosts your productivity!


I’m trying to use the two-minute rule.

Let’s suppose you’re wanting to start a routine thing, something its important you do every day for say half an hour. Or, you have a larger task that will take multiple days but you plan to do a chunk of it each day - you will complete the task on time but only as long as you can keep up the regular progress and do half an hour on it per day.

In both cases, its hard to build the habitual behaviour programme but easy to let it slide. That means you won’t get the benefit of completion, you will have the stress of a compressed timetable, you’re behind with your task so now you have to do 2 hours on a day and you’re beating yourself up for prevaricating and being lazy.

The tip is to start immediately with a 2-minute target. On Day 1 just aim to do 2 minutes and then stop and go away and do something else. But on Day 2 do another 2 minutes. By Day 5 or 6 you will be doing what you need to do in a regular time-slot and not be stopping after only 2 minutes - you will already have built the habit and you will be extending out to half an hour easily per day, maybe more.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.


Ah when I first read this I thought you meant, whatever takes just 2 minutes to just do it. Aka clearing the dishwasher - if you’re already near it might as well do it since it only takes about 2/3 mins!

Yours is great for habit building!


I had a lifetime of productivity workload that gave me the freedom to sit back and enjoy the rest of my life. Now I can sponsor others instead of myself.



Delete social media.

I also put a limit on my phone for how much time I’m allowed to spend on youtube at a time. after 15 minutes, it closes and gives me the option to select another 15 minutes. That’s usually when I put my phone away and get back to work.


I try to eliminate distractions. Like putting my phone on silent mode and closing unnecessary tabs on my laptop.

Also, taking short breaks throughout the day can help you avoid burnout.


That’s a good tip. Sometimes, I start roaming thru babypips instead of studying.

I realised that and I’ll either close the tab, or if I don’t need internet for a while, I turn on airplane mode on my laptop.

I’m curious to see what other tips people have…


Not sure if this counts as a “hack,” but I still do the 30-30 cycle. :blush: 30 minutes work, and then 30 minutes rest. And although I spend a lot of time resting, I still find myself more productive than usual. :sweat_smile:


Personally, I’ve been using a few productivity hacks lately that have been working pretty well for me. For starters, I like to get up early and exercise in the morning. It might seem counterintuitive, but it really helps me to wake up and get energized for the day ahead. Plus, it’s a nice way to get some movement in before I sit down at my desk all day.

Another thing I’ve been doing is using a productivity app called Trello. It’s a really simple tool for organizing tasks and keeping track of what needs to get done. I love how easy it is to use, and it helps me to stay focused and prioritize my tasks for the day.

Finally, I’ve been trying to be more mindful of how I spend my time throughout the day. It’s easy to get distracted by social media or other time-wasting activities, so I try to set aside designated times for those things and focus on work during the rest of the day.


Many years ago (about 35 in fact) – I was “working Forman” on a Road Project and in digging drainage at the side of the road, we breached a small river and it started flooding all over the road closure we had in place. The more we tried to dam the flow the more it washed away and the worse the situation got !

In the distance there was a “burger Van” where the workmen from various parts of the job went for “Breakfast” around 9;30 am and I saw the project Manger’s 4x4 parked there so I drove over and told him of my emergency – expecting words of wisdom and increased resources to overcome the problem.

He said :- “Calm down boy – sit down and have your breakfast – Nobody’s going to rush in and solve your problem for you – It’ll still be there when you finish your Breakfast ! “

  • Words of Wisdom INDEED !

So here’s my advice :

Make a virtue of Procrastination !

What do you want and why are you rushing to do all of these things ?

Often you have been imposed upon by a “boss” or “Partner” or Acquaintance using words of the form “CAN YOU JUST ….?” - Think long and hard before saying “Yes” to “Can you just”?”s - The more so if’n they do not say - “There’s a £200 bonus in it for you !”

So question no 1 you should ask yourself is “ What’s in it for me ?” - now “me” can include family, and people who have done you major favours in the past – but probably 80% of all these “Stress issues” are just because someone says - “It has to be done by this afternoon / tomorrow – whatever !

NO – it doesn’t ! - unless it is IMPORTANT for your future well being or to increase your nett worth - it is basically just “Noise” !

URGENT – to You – Does Not mean IMPORTANT to me !

Nobody gives me ridiculous deadlines like that anymore – because to do so they have to knock on my door ! - I pick up my e-mails once – sometimes twice per WEEK ! - and I reply to them when it is convenient to ME ! - maybe same day I pick them up – maybe 2 weeks later – maybe never – most e-mails these days are just “forwarding something” which you didn’t want to know in the first place “!

Enough Methinks – for now !

PS - I quite like @ria_rose take on the situation - sit down - have a “Beer and a fag” then come back refreshed is a great problem solving mantra ! :sunglasses:


Can you tell me the app you are using for that? I tried 2 so far and they are not working for me.


Actually, it’s not an app that I’m using. There are options in settings. I’m using an iphone.
Try this

Or this

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Ah ha…Cool… Thank you very much!

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My planner! Without it I would be lost. I write it in form of to do list and I plan everything from cleaning time, family time to work time, hobby time. For each category, I have a to do list for that day. I schedule my time up to 12 months in advance (if we’re talking doctor check ups, vacations, important parties), work schedule is about 3 months in advance and detailed schedule happens every month.
To stay motivated, I read my 300 things every morning and read page of book / watch video / listen to song that motivated me that week.

My 300 thing = Write a list of 300 that you want. Read it every day! Come back in a year to check some off. (Note: I started with listing 10 things and expand it as time goes).


I love this post and peoples ‘hacks’. I remember hearing someone say ‘there’s never enough time to do everything… but there’s always enough time to do the most important thing’.

Much like @Mishpulin I divide up my day in 30 mins slots. I always have a looooong list of ‘to do’s’ each day. Some take 30 mins…or less…like cleaning the dishwasher @ponponwei ….others longer…like setting up my trades for the day or relaxation. Does everything get done…nope…just the most important… the rest can wait till another day…:grinning:

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I had a boss once who deliberately issued work near the deadline. He knew that if he wanted a project pulling together and he gave people 4 days’ notice, they might work on it for 4 days and other work would suffer. So he constantly issued instructions late.

If you want a job to take only 5 minutes, with until you only have 5 minutes left to do it.




I have someone who told me there are only 2 types of people: those who rush to get stuff done early so they can chill and those who chill and then rush to get stuff done. Which one are ya’ll? :joy:

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What device are you on? If you’re on an iPhone, there’s nothing more disturbing than finding out how much time you’ve spent on certain apps on a per day or per week basis lol

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