This Week's Question: What’s Your Most Controversial Trading Belief?

Trading isn’t just about numbers and charts—it’s also about personal beliefs. Some are widely accepted, while others spark debate.

Do you have a trading take that goes against the norm? For instance, do you believe in exclusively trading TA and completely ignoring fundamentals? Or perhaps that there is no such thing as trading psychology?

Share your most controversial trading beliefs!


On controversial you mean debatable, if am right.
Well i kind of believe there’s nothing like manipulation of the foreign exchange market, because even the so called big market movers are all in loggerhead against themselves.

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Price is the least important metric of trading. There is no way to trade past price, no way to predict future price. Only the Now.


I am sure you will find, me included, that price action trending trades are very successful. But you will need to develop a profitable strategy to realise it. It has taken me several years to find what works for me.

Order flow, Support & Resistance Zones, Weekly and 4hr chart sequence directional movement must be the same. etc, etc.

My last 10 trend trades has brought in a 60/40 win rate because my strategy process has been selecting a positive probability of winning trades.

Best of luck.

60/40 after all that work? I’m 75% win rate just random price levels

How’d you get “featured”? :joy:

I think just about any strategy can be profitable. It just depends if you know how and when to use it.

The results may not be stellar, but there will be more profits than losses.

I believe that watching the news makes for bad trades.


Controversial? For sure this is. :crazy_face:

As part of my revised Well Being Delivery Plan for my health (body, mind, spirituality), I have learned this week about Quantum Jumping, and will meet a spiritual colleague shortly to determine if it is worth jointly forking out the fee to join the legacy family group who are said to have a program to teach anyone how to quantum jump. The prime reason for this discovery plan is for my health plan, but a secondary (and reason why I would spend the time and funds on learning to Quantum Jump) is that I believe that my success in Crypto late 2023 / early 2024 was not because I traded to rules I had set up. I believe there was something that guided me to take a series of decisions since Q2, 2020, that supported my investment in crypto all that long time ago, and that resulted in me waiting out the catastrophic 2022/2023 winter period of crypto’s last cycle. This time I will be seeking evidence that the last cycle experience was not due to my “abilities to stick to a plan”. I believe it was more than that and it is the spiritual side of my health plan that will allow me to explore this avenue.

Is that controversial enough?

WOW! Indeed, you are trading master

personally talking, I believe the belief which has been delivered to us, traders, from past generations are really valuable and valid, these have been worked on. some new trader-wanna-bes sometimes insist on that these are wrong things only to call attention.

At first, everyone thinks you “need to know everything”. But the truth is all you need to know, is how to manage risk. Good risk management will keep your emotions in check and destroy your bad habits. You don’t need to know whats going to happen next in order to make money. Just practice good risk management with your edge. Every trade has a random outcome. There is no such thing as 98% win rate, every trade is still executed as a 50/50 random outcome. There’s no such thing when people say "I called the trade or I predicted the move and knew what was going to happen, that’s b*s. The only ones who know what’s going to happen next are the one’s who are moving the market, they know why they are doing it… *The house always wins…

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Indeed, you are trading master…on demo account :sweat_smile: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :joy: :rofl:

in the topic below

you wrote that

who is this large trader, you? with $1658 live account you have access to this information? if you are master trader show us long-term trading on random price levels with 75% win rate on $100k live account, if you can’t do it, stop posting information that you can be profitable on random price levels.

tell me, how you achieve badge “regular” posting that kind information?

This is getting spicy… I wanna know too

My hot take is that anyone thinking of getting a mentor early on will absolutely tank in their trading endeavors.
The only real way of learning anything is by gaining first hand experience in the market on your own, and figure things out.

For reference its like a baby playing with those block toys and figuring out that a cube goes in the square hole. You have to let yourself figure it out on your own.

Allow your brain build that neuron-bridge and eventually you’ll find what works and what doesn’t until you reach the phase where you learn “why” something works.

Another take is that people who don’t workout or have some sort of real world physical routine to stay in shape are less likely to make it in trading vs someone who does.

Working out is a commitment to stay disciplined to yourself. If you can’t even keep the temple that host your brain healthy, your trading is bound to reflect that. How are you going to stay emotionally bound, disciplined, and focused when you can’t even take care of yourself in the real world?

Everyone has time to workout even if its 15 minutes to themselves. Those who say otherwise are just lying to themselves and everyone around them.

It’s perfectly possible, and not necessarily at all unwise or reckless, to build up small forex accounts pretty quickly by using much riskier techniques and procedures than you’d reasonably use with larger capital.