This Week's Question: What's a Scam That People Don't Realize is a Scam?

Sorry to anyone who’s been seeing this all over social media lately! Ha. From Tiktok to Twitter to probably even LinkedIn, this question seems to be repeated every single hour.

It is my pleasure to bring this unique question to the forums! Here’s the question if you’ve not seen it yet:

What’s a scam that’s become so normalized that we don’t realize it’s a scam anymore?

Lots of those here in the U.S. But wherever you’re from, let us know what it’s like for you and where you live!


Designer sunglasses?



calling FX betting as FX trading







And plenty more!


Being middle class in today’s society.
You make too much money according to the government to qualify for any kind of assistance, yet you still struggle. Before I started trading, when we had one income, there were times where I had to cash in coins to buy diapers or gas and weeks where we had less than $100 to spend on groceries plus household items for our family of 5.I applied for assistance once when we were struggling so bad and remember crying reading the rejection letter. According to the government, my husband made too much money, but about 75% of his earnings went to our mortgage, power, water, car payment, gas for work, and other absolute necessities. I couldn’t work at the time because we couldn’t afford a daycare bill, so I was stuck. I remember that the power company kept charging us $600 a month at the time, along with several other people that lived in our area. His job cut over $200 out of his check weekly - money that could have made a big difference back then when it came to buying groceries. People would always ask us why we were broke back then, or would make comments about how we were probably broke because we got a coffee at McDonalds. I grew up in a middle class household as a little girl and things were very different. They had spending money all the time and I never remember there being a problem getting groceries, but middle class isn’t the same anymore.


And democracy


It’s the same in the UK. I make just over the threshold where I get no help from the government whatsoever, but 2 people earning half the amount I do would pay less tax and get lots of help with child care costs and a whole load of other benefits.


Agree. My friends spend an arm and leg for daycare to the point where they’re thinking maybe a parent should just stay home since the price is so high!

You basically work to get your kids in daycare, because you work, because you have to afford daycare and that’s it. No money left over after that.


INteresting chart mate - So Both went up by 100% in the first 32 years and productivity has only managed 59% in the next 40 years.

Do you know whether those figures are inflation adjusted ?

1979 was around the time women entered the workforce as a normal thing - and around the time mortgages went up from 3x Working man’s salary to 3x combined salary of a couple - ie the remuneration for a working man effectively halved.

I also wonder about the increases in “Regulations” which had to be factored into costs and how “they” factor in the “Productivity” of HR Depts, Health and Safety Depts and “Diversity Deptds” etc etc - none of which existed before about 1979 and none of whom contribute to “productivity” in any positive way !

As I say “Interesting chart” can you give us a link to the article ?

You old Cynic ! :rofl:

  • You forgot the biggy - The EU !

That’s a good one ! - Apparently there has never been a case of “democracy” surviving more than 200-250 years - because it takes around that long for the punters to worki out they can just vote for unlimited “Free stuff” for themselves :sunglasses:

If I may add a couple of connected ones ;

  • Low Fat High Carb diet as promoted by one Ancel Keys using fraudulent “studies”

  • and the linked issues of “Cholesterol and Statins” which are also dubious at the very best and many real experts say are completely wrong

Link is green writing

"Australian Saturated Fat & Cholesterol Documentary (FULL 2 PARTS) - YouTube


Oh and naturally - Veganism :rofl:

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Without knowing your finances I would guess and say the reason you are broke is because you live above your means.

Oh yes, sorry about that Falstaff, I did forget the German Union :rofl:

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She states a brief precis of her problem in this post - but anyone who reads the threads regularly will know from other posts that this lady is grafting like a Trojan in partnership with her husband to better their lives as was the traditional way of families when I was young.

And yes sometimes it is neccessary to stretch resources to the limits to further your objectives. That is reasonable, responsible and highly commendable. She is in fact trading (apparently successfully) to add to the family income - which I find very commendable if a little surprising that she can actually provide a reliable contribution in this way - She is already way ahead of the results of most people on these threads !

I think your flippancy is wrongly directed here - and I suspect your “living beyond your means” does not reflect your own experience and position in life :slightly_smiling_face:

  • I did mean to suggest tho’ to @HeavenRobinson that since you are buying your own home, it may be possible to use that resource to increase your income - by “renting a room” - Something which many find daunting - but can provide a good contribution if you muster the nerve to do it and select your tenant properly (No women, No adolescents, {AND DEFINITELY - NO FRIENDS !} - I used to specify “working men only” - and that went a long way to paying my first mortgage)

Maybe I read it wrong. I thought she was complaining about struggling as middle class and saying she was broke. If that’s the case then I dont think it’s reasonable, responsible or highly commendable to stretch resources. It’s just my opinion, maybe I read it the wrong way.

The SMC/ICT people. 100% a proven scam. Posts all over reddit, history of lies, blown accounts, no proof of trades or skill.

Regulated brokers


I find most of the forex trading signal providers scams. I haven’t seen any genuine signal provider.

I think most people realize they are a scam though