This Week's Question: What's Something Interesting You've Learned Recently?

This week’s question isn’t necessarily forex-related so feel free to give answers that are either about trading or anything else! As long as it’s something new you’ve learned, we’d love to hear about it!

What’s something interesting you’ve learned recently?

Mine is that there’s a canned water brand that’s currently valued at $700m! If you’re in the U.S., let me know if you’ve tried this canned water brand called Liquid Death.


Do they put a sell-by date on canned water ?

I found something cool - If you want to see if a remote is working - just look at it through a digital camera - You can see the LED light up !


Are you sure? Is that gonna hurt my eyes? Is that a prank like when you tell your little brother he’ll see something cool if he stares at the sun for a long time?

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A take profit line is not important during the day as long as I have push notifications set from a good indicator that tells me when to exit.

The more comfortable I get with my trading, the bigger the SL, which leads to more winning trades.


This is way out to left field, lol.
A lady I know who works as a helper was complaining to me that her employer, who is a family friend, recently got a bag of chicken foot and didnt even give her as much as two out of the lot.
What I learned last week and found rather interesting is that said helper, who has been employed to the same lady for over 30 years,…doesnt eat meat.


This is true. I actually learned that from a 13 year older. (I’m 25+ and I didn’t know it before)


I recently learned an interesting fact about Iceland and Greenland. When Viking discovered an Island with harshest conditions they named it Greenland, so people will go there and DIE!

When they found a Lush, Greenfilled, very favorable to live Island they named it Iceland so that people wouldn’t go there keeping it for themselves.

The sad thing is a lot of people went to “Greenland” and died because they couldn’t live there.

btw. I learned it from a TV show episode (A Disney show called “Gilr meets world”)

That was really interesting to me.


I recently learned that in England and wales Alcohol is allowed for ages between 5-17, Not in Public places, but in their homes and other private places they are allowed to Drink. That was both shocking and interesting.


Very interesting story, Knew they were named opposite to their features but didn’t know the reason before.

Another shocking and interesting thing I learned from this was Disney created “Girl Meets World” series as a continuation of the 90s series “Boy Meets World” Loved that show. and now I MUST watch Girl meets world too. Thanks for inadvertent tip. and If you haven’t watched the 90s series. I recommend watching. It’s really good.


That sounds a bit harsh ! - But it reminds me - when I was a youngster we rode motorbikes - I don’t suppose many nowadays even know the feeling - but they were not a “sit and go” item - they used to stop when they felt like it - one minute you’d be “doing the ton” - the next you’d be sitting at the side of the road with a pretty little thing 7 with long dark hair & a mini-skirt who , minutes ago, had been sitting astride your pillion, eagerly clinging on to you - looking at this big piece of metal which was no longer throbbing between your legs !

So first we need to know - do we have a spark & assuming the primary trial was negative - we need to know if the plug is dud - ;

"Just hold this wire for a minute love"

So depending how high she jumped and the intensity of the scream - you could estimate the efficacy of the magneto ! :smiley:

Sadly nowadays this lovely little pleasure is a “granny” - looking no doubt with horror at the 250lb grand-daughter with purple hair and ink stained body - bone through the nose and baggy pants - whatever is my “little love” thinking - when looking back to her own 96lb gorgeousness ?

Anyhow - enough of reminiscences - here’s a still from a vid I’m making about tv repair ;
see the remote - centre picture ;

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Gee whiz, I am old enough to remember when water was free and you had to pay for porn. Wow, 700 million USD and this is before their initial public offering and expansion into Europe.

All this for weak flavor water but :slight_smile: the lime is okay.

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That’s the price, I suppose. No free rides!! hahaha

Thanks for sharing that story. I could imagine the fun coming to an abrupt stop…haha

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I didn’t believe it. and then Googled. Yeah. It’s crazy!!


Not really - It’s hard to stay mad when eveyone around you is rolling on the floor laughing - And all of a sudden the the other girls are saying “You’re one of us now!” - It was just a “rite of passage” from “pretty little thing” to “Member of the group”

No grudges held (sleeping bags still zipped together) - just something we have all been caught by - unfortunately though, the next time you need to “Test a plug” - you need to find another indicator - Nobody gets caught twice ! :rofl:

Another thing I learned this week (I’m doing a course called “Earth Science”) was that many years ago all the Land in the world was joined together in a super Continent called Pangea - Then it all moved about. The Americas drifted off into what became the Atlantic and the UK (which had been South of the Equator) drifted Northwards through the Tropics to where it is now ! There is no reason to think the movement has stopped - or that the “Climate” (which has always changed) has stopped changing either - although the most likely direction seems to be towards another period of Glaciation which may see London under a mile of ice again!

The pomposity of the Human race in insisting that we can somehow do anything to stop or increase any of these changes is completely farcical ! - or would be - if it wasn’t that those who insist we are somehow to blame for the perfectly natural events - are also insistent that we sacrifice our own wellbeing to “Combat” these changes - Like the Incas, Mayans and Irish among many others “Sacrificed” their children, Kings and other humans on stone “Alters” - to appease their own “Gods” - into providing rain - or to ensure a “Good Harvest” - Such is the “Naivete” of those who call themselves “Priests”, “Shamen” - or nowadays (“Cimate Scientists”)


Do you think so ? - Aren’t parents trusted to educate their own children in your country ? In most of Europe (France and Italy, Greece ? spring to mind ) - I belive that children can be included in the wine driniking in cafes etc as well !

I was making my own wine when I was 15 - but my dad used to raid my fermenters and drank most of it - so I stopped - and we drank my mate’s “Home Brewed beer” instead - didn’t you when you were a kid ?


I recently learned Baby carrots are just regular carrots cut into pieces by machines. :neutral_face:


Sadly I do actually, And as for parents no not at all, Children learn on their own.

It’s a cultural thing as I see, I’m from Sri Lanka and in our country female drinking is more like non-existent. and when males drink it is also done in “secret”, Alcohol and smoking is considered very shameful things to engage in.

And drinking age is 21, but fathers never drink in front of family. and sons never drink with dads. it’s a whole thing, everyone drinks, but with their own groups and again in secret.

When looking at it from a western point of view it may seem unevolved, but Asian culture mixed with Buddhist values it kind of make sense.

The worst part is teenagers discover drinking / smoking without any adult guidance and get into lot of trouble. It’s a sad…sad cycle…


mind blown

Every culture has positive and negative aspects. I guess we can all learn from each other and bring a little change into our own lives. I don’t have much problem with alcohol. Being 15 years old and having HALF a glass of beer at the dinner table doesn’t seem like a big deal to me. Not every night, but maybe once or twice a week seems ok. It introduces the idea of moderation.

@Falstaff @Nick1864 What do you think?


True. Most things are better when kids have guidance from their parents / adults, They’ve done that, they know how hard it’s gonna be, but they gonna keep walking the circle. Never breaking it. It’s a Huge problem, hopefully at least some people from the next generation (Including us) get a grip from their experiences and help / guide their own kids in the right way. I hope. (I know I will)