To everyone who have made withdraw with your broker, plz comment

hi, I was wondering that if u have made a successful withdraw with your broker after making some profit, and please name the broker, Im still annoyed about depositing my money to a company and when I made some profit, they probably scam me =( so… which broker plz ? =D your comment mean a lot to me thank u all who reply.

I think you should state which broker and how they scammed you so others can beware!!! … or atleast help work out what has gone wrong.

I trade with saxobank, never had a problem withdrawing money from them.

In their Home page Interbank list the following services:
Professional Charting, No Dealing Desk, 2 pip Euro*
Standard, Mini & Micro Lots Full Hedging & Trailing Stops Real Time News.

The No Dealer Desk is a false claim, they clear through another dealer desk and I believe Interbank to be guilty of practicing the following:

�Re-quoting or Re-ordering� this is when the broker rejects your buy/sell order and sends you an alternate price in favor of the broker

�Stop Loss Hunting � looking for clients stop losses and manipulating prices in order to kick clients out of trades

�Lagging market prices reflected in their charting

�Increasing spreads or freezing their trading platforms during times of high volume such as just before or right after an economic announcement

�Hedging �You� � the broker actively opening a trade position against your open position (often done when the broker can�t decide what side of the trade they want to be on).

I have filed complains both with the NFA and the CFTC and I suggest that all those that have been cheated by these crooks do so also.

Their violations are flagrant and only by making then public and enough people filing complains with both of these agencies the regulators may be able to investigate and tear them apart.

It can be hard, if made some profit and find it difficult to withdraw them. I use Profiforex and they allow Customers to choose the most convenient way of account funding. Like Visa and Master card, skrill, webmoney or using bank transfer. And you can withdraw at anytime, 24 hours.

i made 4-5 withdraws with forexbrokerinc so far, no issues at all, just i had to validate my account once and thats it.
accepting only cards and wire, not bad

I have made withdrawals from HotForex > 5 times, it is very fast and on time, this is a decent broker so you don’t need to worry about the scam. I can’t show you the proof in forum. If you want to see the proof, just pm me via inbox.

So far I have withdrawn profits (more than the initial deposit) from FinFX and Alpari UK. No problem at all.

yeah, there are good brokers that pay, but withdrawals is only one of your concerns, you can always ask for feedback if you have a certain broker inmind. I trade with hotforex, not so sure how many withdrawals I have made, i’ve been with them for 2 years, and yeah i also get my withdrawals.

I have made withdrawal almost 10 times from my broker. Its very fast, let me say its within 24 hours on the maximum.

And wich broker is this?

I now trade mainly with Exness, and if you verify your account you can have instant withdrawal with skrill .

Here is screenshot of my moneybookers card history.

You have spoken well, he should mention the broker’s name so we could avoid them. But I think this issue is something he can discuss with the broker, so they can work things out if possible. By the way, I trade with Profiforex, and never had any problem when it comes to withdrawing funds. Within 24 hours, everything is done.

It can really be painful not being able to withdraw your funds. But I don’t depositing funds poses such problems, I wonder why withdrawing does. Yes, Profiforex does a good job when it comes to withdrawing. I have been with them for a while now, and never had any complain about withdrawing funds.

You trade with them too? Please I need to ask you this, what is your experience with their platform during news hours, does it freeze? I haven’t experienced anything of such, but am just wondering if it is because am still new. Thanks for your anticipated answer.

News trading is when you open a trade during a news release. Big news release can trigger a big move on a currency pair and you should place your trade based on your analysis. Any broker that freezes its platform during this period of big news release is not worth trading with. I think you should stick with your broker because they have a very fine and fast order executing trading platform.

Smoothest broker deposits and withdrawals I’ve had any experience with is hotforex. I give them my vote for best broker :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s a very good broker. I am trading with it and everything is good so far.

I have been using tradersway, fxcm and alpari for nearly two years and to date, no issues in withdrawing my profits. Transactions usually get completed within a single day with alpari taking slightly longer. And all the brokers provide multiple options for withdrawing funds, so be sure to check all the brokers and the options they offer…

One should never trade during the news, its too dangerious. Especially if you are using a retail platform like MT4, wich is fine in general conditions, but not during high volatility.

Anyways, here are my last month withdrawals in attached file:

I am not sure why anyone would have problems withdrawing money from there broker, unless you are stupid enough to be with a bucket shop from some random island.

I have made countless withdraws from Lmax and FXCM. In the past also from Alpari UK and Oanda.

The large majority of brokers are not out to steal your money, they are trying to run a business and to maintain a good reputation.

i succeed my first withdrawal after only 2 trade! i didn’t think i will be possible but YES there is few honest brokers!