Top twenty posters in the BabyPips community

Hello peeps!

I had a look at the Community tab in Babypips and ordered the members’ list by post number;

I took a screenshot of the current top twenty, which is as follows:

Not all such members are still regularly active (which is a shame),

but it is an interesting statistic that I am the top contributor EVER, with

only FX-Men PipDiddy and the company DailyFX above me. . .

No forum member thus far has contributed 5000 posts…

I will make a special thread for my 5000th post, which is approaching fast…

Feel free to make a suggestion for a topic of interest…


Happy Trading

How come im not on there lol?

That was a screenshot I took of the top twenty (i.e. most prolific) posters…

you ARE there, just much further down (if you ordered the data by

post number rather than alphabetically).

Oh okay thanks buddy cheers happy trading today

Dang I didnt think I had one of the biggest mouths on here lol. Even after taking a break from here for a couple years I am still #12. Looing forward to your 5000 post and thanks for your contributions to the stie.


Nice one :slight_smile:

My 4000th post was all about Gold…

…Lexys suggested that for every 1000th post I should do a special thread to celebrate that… Her

suggestion seems impeccably apt, so I thought to continue doing so for the next one.


Not long to go, either.

(Maybe 4,000th should be about rubies, 5,000th about gold and 6,000th about diamonds, on the “wedding anniversary principle”, multiplied by 100 - but you’ve contrived to take them out of order!) Looking forward to it anyway, and many thanks for your tireless contributions. :cool:

congrats bombmaniac

Marriage is soh last year’s flavour :wink:

Thanks Dr. Lexy, but if quantity be my record, yours be quality…

I think it’s BS. We need a second vote from the audience :slight_smile:

So what exactly you will get when you’ve reach 5k post? Yea, I agree majority of them are not around except Clint and bobmaninc and What happen to Mr peterma?

I wonder what you get. I know when I hit 1000 I got a sticker and a shirt. Then after I hit 2000 I figured I would get a bill for them having to put up with me for so long. Now I think they just accept the fact I am like a bad cold and will never go away and even if I did I will just come back eventually.

Wow, that’s a lot of posts :slight_smile:

PipNRoll…Peterma is alive and well, worry not :slight_smile:


They do not give gifts anymore when you become an honorary Fx Man/Woman…

I would love to hear my doorbell ring at the very moment that I posted my 5000th entry…

I doubt I will get that … or a card from the Queen…

I wonder what BabyPips could offer to members reaching a certain benchmark (2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 10000 posts); here are some of my suggestions:

  1. a free one-to-one mentoring session with one of the FX-Wo/Men;

  2. a private tour of BabyPips offices (flights paid);

  3. a t-shirt/mug/etc. with the official BabyPips logo and signed by all the FX Wo/Men;

  4. moderator status on Babypips;

  5. a one-year free professional trading platform subscription (e.g. TradingView).

What would YOU like to get?

Currently on BabyPips

out of 346060 users there are only

79 honorary FX Men/Women, that is

users who have posted at least one thousand times…

The number seems even smaller when you subtract

the various pros in that number, such as

2ndSkiesForex, DailyFX, etc.:

this means that the vast majority of users either

post less frequently or dip in and out of

the forums, perhaps registering to ask a couple of

questions and then leave…

From a longevity point of view, and the

benefit of keeping members in engaging

for longer periods with contributing to the

forums, this is not a good outlook, so I wonder

what could be done to encourage people to

contribute more…hence the idea I suggested of

small prizes as a recognition of their time…

Here you go…

I love it!!

Don’t give up hope so easily. Will Scotland be in/out of EU/GB…the Queen needs your vote! :smiley:

P.S. Feeling so humbled by all this talk of posts measured in multiple thousands i just [I]had [/I]to post this to reach my 400! :smiley:

Regarding recognition, I am not so interested in the pure quantity. Whilst there are posters like yourself who have consistently contributed wiselyand beneficially, there are other big time posters who post mainly triviality and even antagonistic postings that deserve no honours at all.

One alternative would be recognise number of thanks/likes returned - but that has a habit of forming inner circle groupings similar to mutual “like” clicking on Facebook.

But I really do like that Eddieb’s mug! Superb!


So that she can “purr” again!

Thank you also for your 400 very-high-quality posts, Manxx: your experience and insight speak volumes. :cool:

I am experiencing Referendum fatigue!

Funny :slight_smile:

That is so true: quality over quantity, any time (sometimes, less is more)!

Agreed :slight_smile: