Trade Interceptor

This platform redefined my trading. I love it!

I use Trend-Risk every day and it gives me absolutely stellar performance. I do augment it with some other tools but for the most part it has really helped me allot!

Unfortunately, there is only one US broker that it works with and I don’t like that particular broker, however, I am told there are other brokers coming into partnership soon.

In the mean-time, I use Trade Interceptor to make my trading decisions and place my trades with a separate broker.

My only complaints are that the platform does tend to freeze up once in a while and it relies on several open windows on the desktop which make it cumbersome to navigate, especially when you have other programs open.

Also, some of the settings don’t work, for example if you want to show pivot lines they always look just like the trend-risk lines. There is a setting to make them appear differently but it never works.

That aside, I’m afraid I cant live without Trade Interceptor. Plus their Android App is the best around!

can you provide some screen-shot to picture what setting might not be working for you?
By default pivots are with a type of the line: “points”, you can change that to “line” but in the setting called “Type” in properties window. The setting “Stroke” for pivots can change the width of the line, but the line type is not changed from there.
Is that what you mean which doesn’t work on your side?

For the rest we would say we are really thankful and inspired from your words.

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Don’t know if a screenshot is necessary. You nailed it. None of the settings for the pivot indicator work. I can open the menu and choose stroke, type and color but nothing happens. I have rebooted, relaunched and reinstalled twice. no luck.

Here is the solution:
In properties of the pivots go to “Type” and change it from “Dots” to "Line"
Then in “Stroke” you will be able to choose different line types and the changes will take effect.

No sooner did I give Tradeinterceptor a AAA review it has started to become unstable and tends to loose its connection right in the middle of a trade. This never happens when I’m NOT in a trade. Only when its actively engaged in a trade. I am getting an application error from Java.

A little help?

Not happy.

[QUOTE=TRADEINTERCEPTOR;303686]Here is the solution:
In properties of the pivots go to “Type” and change it from “Dots” to “Line”

Not a solution. It does not work. Period.

Thank you for reporting this. Basically it should be the internet connection stability mostly to blame. I can not imagine you are really serious in saying that the software loses connection ONLY when you are in a trade.
We would really love to help you in finding and solving your issue, but please write to support(at) or skype us at “tradeinterceptor-support”.
Provide a screen-shot of the application error, and the log file which is with the same date on which the error event happened. The log files are found in folder “Log” in directory “Lof1-production config” of your C:\ drive in the user directory.

I will be looking forward to helping you.

Thank you for your feedback.
Again I would really like to see why this happens on your side.
We could discuss that via skype when you have time.
It works on our side as I explained. If it is some kind of an elusive bug we would like to fix it but anyway improving the user experience by making it work like users expect to.
Hope you will be cooperative in that :slight_smile:

Have a great New Year and successful trading!

Looking forward to trying to fix this through customer support on Tuesday. I’ll post any fixes.


I really want to use TI on my iPhone 4 but I only have a micro account with FXCM. I also have no interest in switching to a standard account which could mess up my current money management.

It’s a good tool to have but a BIG hinderence is that the 4 hour charts are on a whacky time. Ie the intervals don’t start at 10pm EST but at 9pm EST.

I tried there desktop plattform and didnt care for it to much mainly because I could not trade off it. I will say though there phone app for charting is one of the best I have seen yet. However I have never tried the 4hr chart before and mrchilled is right. Weird open/close time for the candles. Not sure whats up with that or if you can adjust it. Since I cant trade with it I use it for reference only on mainly the 1hr so that has no effect on me. Also never seen tradeinterceptor on forums before. With that said welcome to babypips. Hope you stick around as I just got a new blackberry and having log in problems I hope you can help me with.

I tried out a lot of the fx apps on the android market and I agree this is probably one of the best. However, I’m also disappointed that the open/close times are not normal. It makes drawing accurate S/R and Trend lines pretty tricky if not impossible.

For now I use a remote desktop app on my phone that works pretty well even over 3g, but it’s not nearly as fast or handy as a dedicated fx app.

Hello guys,

I am Darin from customer support of TradeInterceptor.
Let me shed some light on the topic. There is no problem at all by my opinion, but I just have to explain how to make the charts look like you want.
On TradeInterceptor we have two intraday aggregation periods- one based on 0.00 EST and one on 17.00 EST.
The 17.00 EST is the standard roll-over which you all have used to. The problem is that 0.00 EST is default setting and probably you don’t know how to get the other setting.

How to get the 17.00 EST setting for intraday charts:
-TI Desktop- open “Set Security” window and above all time frames options there is the intraday setting.
“Set security” window you can open by clicking on its icon located to the left side of the time frame drop-down menu (curved green and red arrows).

-TI Mobile- when you open the time frame section, at the very top of it you will see the intraday setting options.
Select “Opens at 17.00 EST”, then select a time frame in order to reload the chart and keep the setting 17.00 EST and you are done.

The two aggregation periods are only available on TradeInterceptor.

Let us know here or preferably by support(at) if you need any further help.
Also provide feedback if you managed to make this setting successfully.

Find a screen-shot of the “Set Security” window in the link bellow
Set Security s-shot

We have a help manual which has all details but for example but the help is yet to be uploaded with the new changes in interface, including the detail in that topic.
TI Desktop Help

On pages 43 and 47 you have info for “Set Security” window

Hello and Happy New Year 2012!
I forgot in the previous posts :slight_smile:

Can you please tell why you can’t trade, you mean probably that your broker is not one of our partners? Or you refer to a technical problem.
There is a login bug on the latest 1.3 version which apparently prevents you to log in. (also the BlackBerry app is the least advanced mobile app we have; iPhone and Android apps are much more developed).
Write to support(at) in order for me to send you the previous version of the blackberry app and we will see if you will succeed to run it and log in.

As screens of mobiles are relatively small, it is really tricky to place accurate S/R levels, but for a visual reference placing lines it is OK. Moreover you have magnifying glass aiding the process as well as you can zoom in in order to be even more accurate.

Next version 2.8 will have much more advanced settings for graphical tools (and much more expanded list of tools) so you will be able to edit the price level of your S/R lines with accuracy after you have placed them on the chart quickly with a finger. Hope you will find that helpful. Look for the new version in the first days of this month.


We offer the possibility for clients to open standard FXCM account with 300$ and 1k lot (like micro) and we cannot support micro due to fxcm policy. Do you refer to the lot size which might mess your money management or it is something else? I hope you know about the possibility for 1k lot trading on Standard accounts.

For you and for all our users here I would like to say that we will gladly answer all related questions on account opening and assist you with instructions in order to be as easy as possible for you to open account with the supported brokers- FXCM, Dukascopy or Swissquote (more are coming for trading integration).

Hey, thanks for the support. I was able to change the time zone and the candles now look right…

Are you coming out with a ICS update anytime soon? I just got the Nexus and it won’t work right on my new phone :frowning:

I use different user since my TradeInterceptor user was probably temporarily banned as I did broke unintentionally some rules.

I will ask our devs for more info regarding ICS compatibility but see if this will work:
Go to More> Settings> enable mobile UI (instead of tablet UI; I think ICS makes the app not recognizing if you use mobile or tablet because of the resolution diversity on devices).
If “mobile UI” enabling works, post your feedback :slight_smile: