Trade with small account

How can I trade with a small account, like $50?

Short answer: don’t even think about it. You need a minimum of $250 to trade 1 microlot (0.01 lots) safely.

You can and make alot of profit ! The point is do you know how trade


There are nano lots but it is solution for verify strategies rather than earning money


A lot means for you 20$ per year? :joy:

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This is just crazy nonsense. The point of trading with a tiny account is not to make money. It’s to familiarize yourself with the platform and the broker and the procedures and the mechanisms and the practicalities.

Very, very, very few people ever make 5% per month steadily.

With a $50 account that’s $2.50 per month.

Ridiculous! :roll_eyes:

He may be right. What precedes the equity in importance is a viable strategy with which to steadily grow the account. At 0.01 lot and, say, 300 pips or 30 dollars per month he may purchase a cheap prop firm challenge worth $50 after three months. If he passes the challenge and verification stages he is on the path to earning decent income from trading. Before the year runs out he may be trading a $50,000 or $100,000 prop firm account. This is all possible on the assumption he is a good trader with above average strategy and sound money management principles.

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This is a different matter altogether (but not what he’s asking about).

His expectations are clearly wildly unreasonable, and this is what people should be telling him, rather than reinforcing them by advising him that he can “make a lot of profit” by trading a $50 account.

That’s just nonsense.

To live in a dreamworld fantasy is one thing (and it’s one thing that many people in trading forums seem to want to do) but to advise other people to join you in it is not something we should be encouraging.

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Quite true. Making a lot of profit from $50 investment seems it is stretching reality. All the trader can hope is make profits commensurate to the income invested which is really not a lot in its true sense.

Don’t even waste your time. Just demo trade

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You can trade with a small account by focusing on nano lots. But usually, most people use these small amounts to test their strategies and see if the broker aligns with their trading style and strategies.

With such a small deposit, it is better to trade on a cent account. Then you can respect the risks in your transactions. But the profit will be very small. Such small accounts are good when you are getting acquainted with real trading after a demo account. But for tangible earnings you need a larger deposit.

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Hey a man am new here, how are you doing ?

Hi, all good

Select a reliable broker… do your own research
fund your account and start trading.
Take risks, … go nuts… try out all the permutations and combinations of strategies possible with $50.
Lose the account if you have to.
trust me…Will be the best money ever spent on training
repeat the above… and hone your skills.

Assuming you are a noob… you can afford to lose $50 or multiples of $50 until you are confident enough to trade big… And you are in it for a long haul.

This is correct advice, but I think you shouldn’t start trading with the goal of losing money, it’s better to try to act only according to your trading strategy. And yes, you need to start with a small amount and only then will you understand how good the strategy is.