Trading and Cannabis?

Anyone here who smokes/vapes/eats THC or CBD while trading? Or maybe know anyone who does? How did it go? :open_mouth:

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I had to laugh about this one. It’s like “who goes in the bookies after a skinful for lunch in the local boozer”?

I think trading is far better approached with a clear mind. The last thing you want to cock up a plan that took months or years to put together is that THC parrot on your left shoulder telling you “go all in on Doge”. You know you will be a millionaire next week". Do it, do it, DO ITTTTTTTT!

I have a general rule in my “don’t push the button yet” written trading plan. It says "are you too euphoric or too depressed? Think before you push the button. I can’t tell you the number of times this has prevented me from committing to an “OK trade”.

So for me, definitely not recommended. Don’t trade drunk, high, bored or ecstatic. End of.



Ive pretty much traded under every state imaginable

The results were never pretty.

However I’d say that cannabis ranks quite low on the damage scale

Alcohol can be pretty lethal.

And as for MDMA, or mushrooms I couldnt see the screen correctly, let alone place orders.

On bolivian marching powder trading was just a hassle.

These days I think the best way to trade is sober and on occasion a pill of modafinil.

When it comes to trading drugs really are for losers


People do this? Why?

I don’t know why anyone would do it either. I’ve tried edibles and I think I’m 100x dumber on it lol.

BUT, I’ve read reviews on these things saying they can function better being on them. But perhaps they have a more creative job than trading.

Need to try mushrooms. How was that experience like and would you do it again?

Ha. I believe it.

I did see a discussion somewhere about some traders smoking weed while trading. I just can’t see it being effective which is why I asked here lol

I have no idea about cannabis use. But I know I don’t like the people who sell it in the UK.

I could see this maybe if you did it for calming effects, because maybe you get anxious. Like a gummy or something. But then, maybe should learn to not be anxious instead of using drugs to calm yourself, at least in this situation.

Lol that’s so specific! Why what are they like?

Agreed. BUT, for most people, it’s way easier to pop a gummy/smoke weed than do all that work.

Drug dealers work in highly organised gangs which control production and supply. They protect their operations using extreme violence and intimidation. They recruit children and vulnerable people into their operations using either drugs or money or just threats and force them to store weapons, sell drugs, transport drugs or money or vehicles. They are behind the growing problem of “cuckooing” - this is when they send one or two guys to move into the house or flat of a vulnerable person, who might be someone with a physical disability or drug / alcohol dependency or learning difficulties and they use the address as a base and “safe house”. They have been behind kidnapping for extortion and a huge amount of other crime not directly related to drug consumption.

It is nauseating to come across respectable middle class people who enjoy a bit of cannabis who are very proud of complaining that Starbucks don’t pay their staff enough money but who completely ignore the vile criminal gangs who supply them with an ounce or two of weed every Friday.

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I could also mention that a significant number of illegal immigrants are trafficked into the country by gangs in or associated with the drug networks. The males may sometimes then be warehoused and forced to work in labouring jobs in agriculture etc., handing over wages to the gang who house them. Females may sometimes be subject to forced prostitution. Both males and females may sometimes be intimidated into remaining in hiding whilst living inside a cannabis grow, on threat of violence and being reported to immigration authorities. In any event, control is enforced through violence and intimidation.

These are the hidden slaves of our times and the drug gangs are today’s slavers.

Entirely agree. I am not a user, but I have friends who are. What seems blindingly obvious to me seems impossible for our authorities to accept. Decriminalise all class A and other “drugs”. Whilst unrestricted consumption of alcohol seems to be a rite of passage for many young uns, and smoking tobacco is still marginally acceptable in society, both of which cause far more damage and cost to society than the typical cannabis smoker, I fail to see why we do not follow the decade-long example of Portugal. How is that so difficult to think and act upon?


Omg this sounds horrifying! I mean, while I’m not surprised, I thought this was applicable more for “harder” drugs like cocaine. :frowning: I have been for sure thinking weed is mostly made in factories now and sold in stores. :confused:

Yeah I knew all this from watching Narcos but have somehow disconnected that with the current popularity of cannabis…

I like this route.

“The Portugal Drug Policy underlies Portugal’s attitude that the eradication of all drugs is an impossible goal and that drug addiction will always exist.”

Can’t imagine this working in the US though.

Yes - I agree 100% with @Mondeoman Decriminalise.
Over my 73yrs I have tried most all drugs, recreationally. Amphetamine, Cannabis ( chain-smoked it until the age of 34), LSD (50yrs ago real LSD), Cocaine (most days for a few years), MDMA, Meth, Heroin, Alcohol (chronic alcoholic in the end).
Alcohol is seriously the WORST by miles and the only one I ever had real serious problems with. I was rich and lost every thing - finished up in a wheelchair on 2 bottles of Vodka a day.
Alcohol is really difficult to stop once chronically addicted and the withdrawal is unimaginable.
I did rehab and have been sober, now and forever, for nearly 4yrs.
I have never traded on Cannabis it makes me dopey but I think if you are are a very buzzy person it may slow you down a little.
Heroin can make you very methodical but I’ve never tried for trading, just a nice chill out.
My best recommendation - STAY OFF ALCOHOL !


Congratulations! That’s a lot of work, glad you did it!

Re: cannabis, only tried delta8 gummies and got extra dopey on it, I think I’ll be too dumb to even put a trade on tbh lol


I am very fortunate, I have absolutely no craving and can mix with drinkers - many ex-drinkers can’t do that and have cravings for life. It’s, for me, impossible to have one social drink though, because it would rapidly escalate and I tried that before!

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Wow. One drink truly is all it takes! You have great self-control!!!

@ponponwei It’s not self control, it’s just locked in my memory what I went through and I have no wish to go through all that again. I was in a terrible state ‘Knocking on heavens door’ :wink: :sunglasses:

Ha. Fear > Self control. Makes sense!