Trading and Cannabis?

Anyone here who smokes/vapes/eats THC or CBD while trading? Or maybe know anyone who does? How did it go? :open_mouth:

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I had to laugh about this one. It’s like “who goes in the bookies after a skinful for lunch in the local boozer”?

I think trading is far better approached with a clear mind. The last thing you want to cock up a plan that took months or years to put together is that THC parrot on your left shoulder telling you “go all in on Doge”. You know you will be a millionaire next week". Do it, do it, DO ITTTTTTTT!

I have a general rule in my “don’t push the button yet” written trading plan. It says "are you too euphoric or too depressed? Think before you push the button. I can’t tell you the number of times this has prevented me from committing to an “OK trade”.

So for me, definitely not recommended. Don’t trade drunk, high, bored or ecstatic. End of.



Ive pretty much traded under every state imaginable

The results were never pretty.

However I’d say that cannabis ranks quite low on the damage scale

Alcohol can be pretty lethal.

And as for MDMA, or mushrooms I couldnt see the screen correctly, let alone place orders.

On bolivian marching powder trading was just a hassle.

These days I think the best way to trade is sober and on occasion a pill of modafinil.

When it comes to trading drugs really are for losers


People do this? Why?

I don’t know why anyone would do it either. I’ve tried edibles and I think I’m 100x dumber on it lol.

BUT, I’ve read reviews on these things saying they can function better being on them. But perhaps they have a more creative job than trading.

Need to try mushrooms. How was that experience like and would you do it again?

Ha. I believe it.

I did see a discussion somewhere about some traders smoking weed while trading. I just can’t see it being effective which is why I asked here lol

I have no idea about cannabis use. But I know I don’t like the people who sell it in the UK.