Trading books recommendation

some of those are almost certainly not useful at all, and certainly not on intraday charts

the few that are useful are far more useful at the day-to-day level, but that’s true of all indicators

support and resistance are certainly useful (again, more so on slower charts)

all of the above, and more … which is part of the reason why at least 95% of them are not profitable traders

Tommor is absolutely right, and is in fact understating the reality, if anything


Sorry, I can’t name any book which I’ve read which is specific to forex.

All TA has been developed on D1 charts. Very little credible work has been done which can be verified (in the public domain) which shows how well these tools and features can be used on less than D1. Considering this plus the fact that most intra-day traders are losing money, I think we’ve got to say this stuff is not being used well at less than D1.

I don’t know of any TA tool which has been developed for daytrading and which works well there.


Well, I do agree with the first part, but not all of them are just a medium for ads.

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The Big Short by Michael Lewis.

Just picked up Naked Forex by Alex Nekritinon a member recommendation. Will be starting this week!

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“Naked Forex” by Nekritin and Dr Walter Peters, is that? I also recommend it - you’ll enjoy that.

it’s based on the Peters systems for trading forex without any indicators. Walter Peters used to describe and discuss those methods in his own forum, a very long time ago (i’m showing my age again!), but i’m pretty sure that forum is no longer available on the web: these days everyone’s interested in multi-indicator systems (which is of course a big part of the reason so very few ever become profitable)

Oh sorry! That’s it, got the title wrong. Thanks for the fix.

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Some of the trading books I have collected:

Other book that I have collected that are not directly related to trading but great for mindset:

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