Trading experience 30$ to 900$ in 3 months

I’m new here

I’ve been studying forex for over 2 years now.

Last year, I switched from demo accounts to small bonus accounts on FBS, XM, Tickmill…

I’ve managed to double most of them and blow one :slight_smile:
I’m posting the one that went better, from 30$ to 900$.

There were a lot of risk , and a lot of drawdowns. Sometimes it seemed like I was going to lose it all.

Then I started using 0.01/ 0.05 lot max.
This way I could control the losses.

I`d like to know if someone has done some thing like it and how ?

This is the account:


I’m assuming since you linking, you’re looking for buyers to copy. You probably won’t last long here if that’s the case. And why ask if you’ve already done it? How does that help you?

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Yeah, I’m Selling it 10000$ if you can pay! :slight_smile:
Don’t judge people!

My interest is looking for people who have done it, so I can understand the process and know that is wasn’t just “LUCK”.

I mean, In another thread someone asked if it was possible to go from 30$ to 500$ in two months. I read all the comments and skeptical people said is was impossible.

Some said it is not impossible, but very unlikely. As winning lottery.

My point is: I want to know the results of other people trading like this, if they have done something similar and how they did it.

This way I can understand that luck has nothing to do with it . Got it?


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Trading like what, exactly?

From $30 to $900 in 3 months is gambling, not trading.
A thing that you can do successfully once or maybe a few times in your life, but it’s not sustainable in the long period.
Trading is another pair of shoes.


All kinds of trading is similar to gambling. You just have to decide how much you are risking in order to win.

Why do you say it’s not sustainable?

Also, how do you trade? What are percentages you get monthly?


Like starting with small amounts growing in exponentially over time.


Have you started with 100k winning 5%/ month?


If you are trying to sell trading signals or invest people’s money, you are doing a good job, this is the way to go. Open 50 accounts, $30 each, and wait for the lucky one to give you these results. You will trick many people.

If your expectation is to be a trader and not to scam people, +2,900% in 3 months is not sustainable.
But… good luck if you can sustain that, you will be the richest man in the world, richer than Jeff Bezos in 1 year and a half, starting with $30 :slight_smile:

My live trading account is in the signature in my profile.


You are just a clown for opening this thread and sound like you are really a serious trader. Meanwhile you are just fishing. I thought the post actually sound interesting, until I saw the screenshot. Why a screenshot, why not provide a link to your accounts on myfxbook let us see how much you’ve blown away. After gambling, you picked the convenient one so we can join you to blow our money away. smh

@dvd1930, You have to try to do it yourself, take no notice of the “If I can’t do it… then no one can” crowd that permeates these threads… plan it out, stick to the plan and make it happen…

Is it easy, no, trading these markets is never easy… Follow links below…

@the_halfblood_cake, Hey Federico, please note the running balance total… same (1) account for 57 days…

Yes, the trick is this.
You open 50 accounts with $30.
You burn 49 accounts, but at least one will be lucky enough to give you a very high return with an acceptable drawdown.
Discard the 49 accounts you have burnt in these 3 months and publish the one that had success.

Et voilá… chicken is ready.

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:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: “If I can’t do it… then no one can” :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

If you had bothered to even read the tread… and by the instant reply… obviously you haven’t, you’d realise that the total risk on the whole 57 day experiment was $10… a coffee and donut…

So are you saying that you can sustain +2,900% every 3 months? Because, in this case, in 2 years you would have the net worth of Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates combined!
I feel so bad for Amazon and Microsoft. Why bother with years and years of work, if you can just invest $30 and be the richest man on Earth in one year and a half :slight_smile:

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What does this have to do with anything?
He’s asking if it is luck or it is sustainable. You can risk $10 and you can risk $1 million. The answer is still the same: you can certainly do it a few times in your life, but it is not sustainable.


Read the thread…

Ok, then we simply don’t agree.
Risk management is a parameter that he decides to set. He can decide to reduce it with more money or not.

I was replying to a simple question: is it luck or it can be sustainable? You know my answer. If anyone has a different opinion, welcome, I have nothing to add :slight_smile:

Yes, it is duable.

I had similar scenario where I have traded GBP/JPY trading pai.

In a few days I have increased $100 up to $1300.
I have open one trade by trade whenever I have been in profit with the last one.

But it happened that I have lost all of it over night.

It is possible but there are rare traders that can continue trading in a such way.
It is mandatory that yoi are displined and without emotions.

The trend must be very strong so you do not lose money by reversals. With strong trend there will be only small corrections.

I would not advise to trade like that because eventually you lose all what you have.

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I also just realize that you are even mentioning another thread.
Sorry but I don’t read everything here.
I made a little joke, nothing personal, I hope you can appreciate a bit of sarcasm :rofl:



Hi @GetKnowTrading, yes it can be done, just have to think about what you are doing…

As most pairs are ranging 60 - 70% of the time… I traded that system in a ranging market, like most of my strategies these days… as soon as a trend starts to develop (ie: price breaks out of a set channel) I’m out with a close all… the edge is to ensure that profit increases at a faster rate than DD… by using the chaos of price action against itself… pretty simple to achieve… ie: the GBPAUD over the past 77 hours…

57 days of journaling that was wasted on most on this site, unfortunately… hence I limit my time here.

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I’ve no interest in selling anything…
Don’t judge people!

I gambled, not gonna lie, But after 3 month it is still up. Can It be only luck?

Here is the link…