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Hi everyone, please shere me your experience. I am trading with the company right now. I have a brocker, I want to know you ides about brokers, i mean is it good idea to trade with broker or not?


As far as I know, you need a broker to trade FX or stocks. So maybe a better question would be which broker to use.

There is a section here in BP which focuses on brokers:

yes you need broker for trading ! start small no big deal

As far as I know there are no other way to trade but with a broker. My recommendation is to research whatever broker you pick very well before you invest real money with them. Make sure they are regulated, have a good reputation and have trading conditions that fit your needs as a trader.

In forex you have to take risk , your risk starts when you choose a broker . It may be good or bad broker but you have to invest either low or high amount. I will say just invest 30% of your planned money with broker to test their services . With good experience with them you can multiply your capital with them.

30% of 1000 EUR or USD an 30% of 10,000 EUR or USD are very different sums. I wouldn’t recommend investing more than a few hundred dollars or euro for testing purposes only.

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So far as I know, as a retailer, you have to trade with a broker. In forex you can not trade directly with LP. The questions comes how should you choose a reliable broker. You should have sound knowledge in choosing right broker.

Yes, of course it is a good idea to work with broker since as we all know that forex is a highly competitive and large business area. So it can be difficult for novice, retail traders to trade smoothly without the help of a trading platform.But you are planning to trade with a broker, you should conduct a proper due diligence so that you can work with a regulated, reliable and trusted broker.

A good broker is a need of every trader. we have to work on thier trading terminal and accept all terms they say us for trading. Then trader is comfortable when he does practice with demo he can easily understand how real trading will be deal by broker. he can do experiment by investing a little amount and work for couple of months for a specific broker to see how they are in their dealing.

of course its a good opportunity to work with a broker , in Fx trading broker is a big deal.

For online trading you must need a broker. Without broker online trading is not possible. Before choosing a broker you should check their regulations and other background. Then check what facilities the broker are giving. Choose the one that fulfills your need.

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We connect to market with broker , they give you platform on which you have to do trading . I had very nice experience with my broker they are good in each service. one learns step by step when he works on forex . his practice and experience all give a skill for good trading.

I seem, you are a retail Forex trader! So, there is no way without Forex broker! By the way, select your trading broker based on their live trading activities!

sometimes broker cheat with their clients when particularly there is a big investments. and when it is time to withdrawal , so choosing a broker is a difficult task from so many scams.

One must always research their broker in detail before they commit to them financially. There’s plenty of information out there, including right here on Babypips, one just has to expend the effort to find it.

no way to deny your information , but as a newcomer it is not an easy task when choosing a broker , because there is no trading knowledge about brokers performance and their cheating activities, so always they fall a great trouble when it is time to choose a platform.

Choosing a broker is a difficult task for all traders, even the experienced ones. The newbies have the compounded difficulty of having not knowing how to research a broker though.

I have been trading for over a year. I am now making some consistent money, I want to ramp it up a lot but I struggle for time.
In terms of brokers I use JAFX and have done for most of my time trading.
I did not like AVA Trade.

As a retail trader, there is no alternative way. By the way, I am not interested on non-regulated Forex brokers, since these companies are unable to ensure enough capital security.

So true, it’s not easy task! Because, market maker brokers are so active with attractive offers & features.