Trading experience

And also because the experienced scammers know how to conceal the scams they do until you’ve traded with them for a while.

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Exactly, you are right! Logical point.

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generally i have seen regulated broker are not appropriate for retail traders , because their minimum deposit too much high that beginners level cant afford.

This is totally wrong.

Minimum deposits have absolutely nothing to do with whether or not they’re regulated.

Where DO people get this rubbish from?!?! :grimacing: :scream:

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I’m afraid some of them get in from this forum, because others see people here posting it, and imagine that it must be true, and start repeating it.

If it’s not corrected, it becomes self-fulfilling.

That’s why there’s so much rubbish around. There’s no quality control (not just here - in any forum), which is why learning to trade from “online sources” is a disastrous approach.

If you read through “TomCooper’s” other posts, you’ll see exactly what I mean. (I don’t recommend it, though!).

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Regulation rarely mandates minimum deposits in my experience. I’ve seen plenty of regulated brokers that offer micro and mini accounts, I don’t think this is an issue.

Unbelievably bad advice
Are you related to Tommy Cooper by chance?


They just choose usernames that sound English or at least Anglophone, I guess. There are at least a dozen of them here, all posting nonsense, all with pseudonyms something like this.

(Tommy Cooper was my first thought, too!).


Hi @anon36562949

Yes, you can trade with a professional broker, If you beginner then starts from the small amount

So in this case you will recommend to use a broker with no regulations at all? And we’ll depend only on a single trust? Besides, as others have mentioned, deposit requirements and regulation directives have nothing to do with each other. The broker itself determines how much should be the minimum deposit.

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i am not dead against at all broker regulation , but there is any guarantee that regulated broker doesn’t cheat with their clients ?

If they do cheat you, you can at least complain to the regulatory body.
If they aren’t regulated who do you complain to? Oh yes, you come on Babypips crying about it like hundreds of others have done

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@TomCooper Well yes, of course if you felt cheated you can file a complaint to the official authorities and regulators so they will investigate the matter and you will receive some kind of an answer or compensation. So if there are no regulations, you can’t do anything.
@eddieb hahahah excellent point :smiley:

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its a good reply Mate with nice description. Thank you so much

of course millions of traders are doing work in this market all are not being cheated. If it is true forex will loose its trust people will not join any broker. We know all are not cheaters. Very good trusted and regulated brokers are present do trading with them to build your confidence in trading then you feel more satisfied.

Trading experience will come if you have the market knowledge and winning prospect on the Forex market. Failures improve the experience if you do not repeat the mistakes again and again. You have to learn as much as you can as it is key to success.

I have a very good experience in trading. I initially lost some amount but that was worth it. I learn some crucial lessons from my failures. So, my advise to you is not be disappointed by the failures and take them as steps to victory. Am i right?

A successful trader learns from every second he spends on the Forex market and every trade he executes. Your knowledge must be viable in order to gain good experience as it is important in Forex trading. Am I right experienced traders?

What do you mean trading with a broker? You need a broker in order to trade the stock market. If you meant you would give your money to a broker than it’s another story. You can deposit your money and trade it yourself or you can give it to account manager and leave him trade with your account.

I think is good to improve experience, trading with broker and might if you work for them, it become two opportunities, because will get salary from company, and also will possible become profitable trader along with experience,