Trading experience

In trading there are many ways to make earning , one can become IB , can do alone trading or trading with managed accounts. Then if had a good trading experience and mentor abilities he can guide others with their knowledge. Experts forum posters are also contributing to improve trader’s learning with their posts.

IB? Introducing broker?

This is the platform which requires experience. If you had experience than this is one of the best place you ever had seen. But if you don’t than it might be a worst place where you never wanted to come. You can get experience from the demo account without losing your money.

Trading experience is also a key to success. You should have a huge experience if you want to become a successful trader. Experience also helps you in the difficult circumstances when you didn’t be able to get a right decision. You should also have some knowledge about the market for a good trade.


For me it would customer service . Ever person or trader is different so its up to you - what works best for you . good luck and happy trading & thanksgiving

Yes, there’s no harm in trading with brokers. Infact, online trading is impossible without broker. Brokers provide trading terminal which makes it possible for anyone to trade online.

Of course, take a decision which you think is right for you but it would be better if you take the help of a broker. There are n no of traders who are trading in forex and are associated with good brokers.

Trading especially in Forex or stocks is incomplete without a broker. But it is very essential to know about what kind of broker you are working with. Make sure you trade with the one that charges you minimum spread or commissions .

yes of course you need a broker for trading. you need to make sure to choose a broker suitable for your preferences though, ex dealing desk broker or non dealing desk.

For a trader, experience is the most important aspect that needs to be paid attention to. At least I tried to give it enough attention. When I started working with a broker from Amarkets, I paid a lot of attention to gaining experience on a demo account.

You must incur risk while trading forex, and your risk begins when you choose a broker. It could be a good or poor broker, but you must invest a small or large sum. To test a broker’s services, I recommend investing two - thirds of your planned funds with them. You can multiply your capital with them if you have enough experience with them.