Trading FX & Living in New York?

Dear all,
I have an idea to form a team of traders who live in NY. If you are trading FX and living in NY, please post here.
I believe in teamwork and the power of combining minds and ideas.

I have the same name in TradingView as well if you would like to chat there or view my profile.
Thank you,

Unfortunately, I do not live there. But good idea. When we bring our minds together, we can discover new solutions and make better decisions. Good Luck!

Good Idea.
But I am not living in NY.
But why do you need NY people to work with?
I think traders all over the world can work together as long as we can be connected through Internet.
What is important is capability of making a consistent profit in the long run.

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Hello Paul,
The only reason that I want in NY is that we can physically get together and have a much more effective discussion.
If you are looking at this as a Project, each person can potentially focus on certain things, and we all come together and set strategy and make a “Punch” out of it.

Individually, we don’t have much of luck as these days with technology growing, we will fall of the train.

However, alternatively, if I can’t find people in NY, I may do it virtually.

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Dear Amy,
Please read my response to Paul and I hope it make sense to you.

How would a team of traders work? Would you all be taking the same trades? Or is it a team of people managing one account? Trading separately?

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In order to meet up regularly, wouldn’t everyone have to live pretty close to each other? What if you guys are all in New York, but live six hours apart?

Unless you all live within the same vicinity, you guys may as well live in London, Sydney, Nairobi and Tokyo.

Getting people to meet is difficult enough. I suggest virtual meetings. You’ll meet more people that way.

Good luck!

I completely understand that I am looking for unicorn. However, this is the best option at first. if it comes to virtual, then it doesn’t matter who and from where.

In my opinion, a team of trader will divide the work and they will manage their own account. what will be shared is the responsibility of intensive analysis on Economy, Monitoring news, Market sentiment, and of course, chart analysis.

sharing knowledge and very closely collaborating among a small group is more effective than chat room and rely only on your own knowledge.

Big financial companies and banks, programmers and many more competition will soon inject AI and trading will be almost impossible.
when you think about U.S and world economy it will be scary too.

Considering all of that, it maybe worth it to try and create a strong team. that is my idea.

you can right now go to chat GPT and ask to write you a script and program that does anything you desire. I personally have tried. that would be another option that a team can collaborate.

on the other hand, anyone can do it too !!

Are you looking to connect with people in NYC or upstate?

I live in Brooklyn. But, if there is a will, there is a way.

I’m upstate and I don’t get to NYC too often, but at least you’re in the same time zone

How many members will be there in your team?
Will it be the team of fundamental traders? Or technical traders?
Or the team develop a trading robot together?

Let me ask you a question. Are you interested in my idea?

It depends on what’s involved. If we’re teaming up to share setups and have more eyes on the market so that we don’t miss setups, then I’m interested.

If it’s going to be bunch of beginners that aren’t able to carry their own weight, probably not.

What was your plan for a team?
What qualifies someone to be involved?

I agree with you 10000%.I will not waste my time on teaming up with beginners. if you are interested, please check my profile on TradingView and check my postings and let’s chat private there.

I have seen you posted a lot of trading ideas to the tradingview.
Great work.
You must be a technical trader and you trade exotic pairs a lot.
I found that you have diversified trading signals and timeframes and currency pairs, so you need more people to check because you can’t do it by yourself all day. Right?

I am interested in participating in this event if it is remote.

if you are saying that I am deceptively fooling people in the name of “Teaming” to take advantage of them, you are wrong, buddy.
I keep the top 15 to 20 pairs in my portfolio. I do my major analysis over the weekend and pick my top 5 pairs so that I identify opportunities and then I trade them during the week, potentially. I am a swing trader and the style fits into my strategy and lifestyle.

Can I use extra help if I find the right people to team up with? absolutely. it’s about helping me, helping you.

Yes, I heavily rely on Technical analysis and i am missing other dimensions such as Economy, Market Sentiment, and Price Action … that is where a team comes to play so that nobody misses anything.

Am i the shining star and best trader on the block? NO. But, am I a beginner? absolutely NO.

that is the whole purpose of teaming up to fill up the gap that we all have and complementing and supplementing each other.

I hope I was able to honestly and transparently answer your concern. I am not building a team based on scams and deception and lies. that would be the most stupid thing. I am not asking for money, I am not combining accounts, I am not asking what strategy you are using, or at least in the beginning.
if we all do help and lift a corner of each dimension of FX trading, then we may be able to be more effective.
Last but not least, I won’t waste my time working with beginners either, as I am expecting professional input from the team, not hand-holding.

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What is your experience and trading history? are you able to demonstrate great work and bring any value to the team?
please elaborate more on your experience. As much detail as you can.
Thank you,