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hello, it’s a pleasure to meet you, this is my first post here, I hope not to make a bad impression, especially for my not very good English. having said that, I have a question to ask.

I am looking for a person (even for a fee) to help me create my personalized trading journal with the following “settings”
initial capital

  • goal
    -% monthly
  • additional contributions

so let’s say that I have a capital of $ 1,000, my goal is $ 1,000,000 and every month I enter the% reached (different month by month) plus the additional contributions (even those different month by month).

what I would like to see inside the calculation is, by entering this data for each month, it would show me what the% still to be reached and how long I have accelerated the process to reach my goal.

thanks in advance to all those who can help me

You should really focus on learning, first. This great education site is well equiped to start you on your journey.

As for your ‘journal’, a simple Excel spreadsheet would suffice. Bear in mind there is no short cut to success. Let any monetary rewards take care of themselves, otherwise you’ll be on the fast track to blowing your account.

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hi, thanks for your reply.
I want to clarify that I am not a novice trader, but I already have my profits and I can get, constantly a 10% monthly on an annual basis, I am modifying my strategy to switch from intraday trader to swing trader, for this reason, I wanted simply figuring out the best piano to get compound interest.
since, with a swing strategy, I will not be able to reinvest my profits monthly

You can do it yourself or choose ready-made programmes to do it.
Even Excel can help in this case - there is nothing complicated there…

You’ve made the right decision to control your stats. Working without a plan in any business is less productive than working according to a structure, when you understand exactly what is happening and what will happen next.

You can try something like this maybe?