Trading with 50:1

Hey everyone, I am into finding an alternative to FXTM or better. Would like to hear your suggestions on deposits, withdrawals, executions etc. Leverage I am preferring is upto 50:1. Thanks

Whoa! What do you wanna do? Blow up your account?

I have never gone beyond 30x in all these years, what’s your reason for suicide?

50x is way too much unless you are a professional traders. Would suggest you to stick 30x, even less to 10x

Please stick to 30X. There are many regulated brokers that do not provide their retails clients with a higher leverage than that. Do keep in mind that fore market is very volatile and there is a reason for such leverage restrictions.

Offshore brokers are the best. Some of the best if you ask me are fresh forex and aafx. Leverage is another level with 2000:1. Spreads are also low, especially of aafx.

Why not FXTM?

10x ain’t gonna fetch me nothing man, I’m too low on cash.

What’s your take on offshore brokers, giving awesome leverage.

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High fees :frowning:

I doubt if anyone would actually use such high leverage. 2000 is way too much. Max 100 is my range. Brokers i’m using are offering way more than that (888 with xm and 500 with fxview) but I don’t get aggressive when it comes to leverage. I’m fine with weekly 2-3k that I make with both these brokers in total. Withdrawals have never been an issue so i’m cool

EU brokers will not give more than 30x as per the new law. Your options are very limited amigo. Have to move to offshore accounts.

Where are you from exactly?
If I checked correctly, FXTM is an european forex broker and like the user above me said, there won’t be any regulated broker offering more than 30x, according to the law, unless you happen to be a professional trader.

You get what you pay for. Don’t mind paying it for the service I’m getting.

I would suggest no more than 30x, when I traded for 5%ers they had max lev of 30x and there whole job is managing risk.

I don’t know what you guys mean, they are actually one of the low cost brokers around. I don’t use them but don’t they only charge $2 for commission?

And if I am not wrong, many European brokers do have offshore options which I believe can offer higher leverage. Just not sure which one to trust.

Sorry but I didn’t get you, which broker are you referring to?

Yes, offshore broker do have higher leverage. And same thing here. I think I am fine with just lower leverage.

You got so many options, what are some other criterias you are particular about?