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Hello my name is Simon and I am an Engineer employed as Analyst at UBS. I have been trading for about 7 years and I recently applied for a profile in Zulutrade to broadcast my analysis and trade idea.
I will provide to all my live followers an email everytime I will enter a trade, explaining the idea behind the trade.
I am not a gambler and do not act blindly. Sometimes we will get some losses but thank to an high reward to risk ration in the long run you will see consistent results.

On this page each of you can provide me email address and any other question.

Maybe the email address should be sent via PM.

Have a good day

I smell a rat on this thread. Trader at UBS for 7 years, you signed up on Zulutrade, and your asking for emails without providing proof that you even know how to trade, that’s not even a decent lie. See you in the banned column

Maybe you miss something, I am not asking email, but my followers, if the wish can provide an email where I will send explanation for each trade. No spam or anything else. So what is the problem? If somene wants to know the idea behind the trade he or she is welcome.

I think you are missing something. You come to a public forum, on your very first post you ask for people’s private information. If you have something to share, share it publicly for everyone to see, then they can decide if they want to give you their private information.

I just wanted to provide an optional service to my followers on Zulutrade, nothing else. I am not asking private informations but if a follower wishes I provide this service. But if he or she doesn’t want to receive anything, email isn’t necessary. I hope to have answered properly.

When are babypips going to separate out zulutrade and the likes into their own section. This is becoming a joke, not trading at all.

What they are saying is either share your analysis on this forum or leave. It is simple as that. We do not like spammers in these forums.

So after I send you my email, how much do I have to pay every month?

Do you offer private tutoring as well? My budget is stuck at $50K/month so anything higher and I’m afraid I can’t afford it.

PS. What’s your name? I worked at UBS on contract as a trader, who’s your boss?

I don’t ask for money. I have now a profile on zulutrade and you can follow me there in demo without any charge or with a live account. Who follow me with a live account can, if they wish, receive from me the analysis behind any trades. I don’t want money from you and I don’t want your email. If you want to receive my analisys then select me as SP on zulutrade and sent via pm your email here. Otherwise follow me on demo or so.

My boss is Mr. Poggioli, You know?

I am short on eur usd with, SL is set to breakeven+2 pips, at the moment this week is closing by +150 pips with only 11 operations and a floating +20 pips ( eventually BE will be hit ).
My purpose is to reduce DD keeping the lowest possible according to my trading strategy, and mantaining the highest ROI I can.
LowDD and high ROI are the key in the ranking.

Have a good week end.



Massimo Poggioli?

Why start a Zulu SP?

I recon you missed the trade it closed half an hour ago, it was my only trade of this week, 400 and some pips.

Because it could be interesting for me, it’s a challenge and if you have a good and solid strategy you can earn something.
Have a good week end clark.

Yes, M. Poggioli. He is a very hard worker, I’m learning much from him.

Just entered long on usd jpy targeting 80.6

This is the very last trade for the week.

Thanks to all

The short eur usd hit the SL at BE+2 pips so I am only long usd jpy with on position, planning to add one more at +70 pips.


Hello everybody, just entered short nzdchf and I am also short on aud usd.

Hope this week to earn followers by accumulating pips with low DD and high AVG pips/trade.