UNCLE_TED forex mentor review? I NEED A MENTOR

Okay, so I’ve been trading for around a year now. I took a couple of months off out of pure frustration.

I’ve came back very eager. My lifetime goal is to provide for myself and make money to live without having a boss… With the amount that I survive on right now I see this being very achievable as I’m a bit of a minimalist.

I think I need to have contact with a mentor and after looking around @Uncle_ted (instagram) seems to be the only one that isn’t chucking for sale posts up every day and boasting about his rental lambos.

He a webinar coming up for a one off payment. But I’m not 100% if it’s a scam or not? Has anybody paid for one of his webinars before? Did you learn much from it?

Has anybody got any mentors they would personally recommend and can prove they are genuine?

Thanks in advance.


Where are you based Brad?

Hi, I live in Edinburgh.

Anybody has an answer on this?

At the end of the day there are plenty of part time traders here on BP, and a select few full time traders that I am aware of. As I said on a previous post to a newbie here, it’s your choice to use some initiative and figure out who you should be listening to based on the assumption that they provide more ‘[I]value added[/I]’ responses.

As an experienced trader myself, admittedly not full time, but close to approaching the decision to make it my primary income; it is clear who here should be given more weight when it comes to listening to what they are saying.

As ever there is no right way to trade, but many many wrong ways to do so.

After asking the right questions I have no doubt this will become more clear to you - the joys of an open forum where [U][B]real experience[/B][/U] is unfortunately always behind the scenes.

Never heard of him.

The industry being what it is, I advise you not to pay without talking independently to at least two people who have done it and recommend it.

Also be careful in forums … please excuse the warning, but do make sure, if choosing a “mentor”, that it’s one who is (a) where you want to be, and (b) whose primary income-source is from trading rather than from mentoring. Personally, I’d strongly suggest you accept no “mentoring” from anyone without first independently verifying the benefits of that person’s mentoring from previous mentees to whom you speak yourself, and [B][U]don’t[/U][/B] rely on prepared “testimonials” of any kind.

(I mention it partly because in this forum there’s rather a long history of people promoting commercial “mentoring services”, and some/most/all of them, frankly, are doing so only because it’s a much easier income-source for them than trading would be, given their own knowledge-level: all too often, they “talk a good game” - though sometimes not even that! - but actually know very little of any real value and have no teaching skills at all. :33: )

Late answer. But no, Uncle Ted and his group Forex Family should be 100% avoided. He has claims of taking 2500 to 100.000 in Forex. But never seen any evidence. Matter of fact, type his name on Youtube Ted Safranko. You will find a testimonial video of him as a binary trader who made 6 figures. In the video he is showing support to a scammer named Nenad Korof who is in jail now for scams and illegal prostitution activities.

Uncle Ted has a background in psychology NLP. He knows how marketing based on psychology works. He knows how to brainwash people. Because of that he has huge following on Instagram.

Over the years he has also created and promoted dozens of fake traders using his name. For example Alex Hill FX from Birmingham is a Forex Family mentor. Alex has been exposed multiple times for being a fraud on Instagram.

Or another Indian Forex Family mentor Raghav Tewathia who took money from 100’s of students and ran away. Ted was the one who promoted Raghav. There are more names like Elyas, Sami, Waqar and Rakeel. They all have been exposed for being frauds. There is a lot of dirt on Ted’s name and his group forex family which is full of fugazi’s.

There is nothing real about them. Things such as ‘free knowledge’ It’s all marketing based strategies by Ted who knows how to brainwash people. That’s why despite getting exposed, Uncle Ted is able to run his business.

Since last year Unle Ted has a brokerage named Traders Domain which is unregulated and offshore. Too risky to trade there. But It was always Ted’s plan to start more businesses and making his huge following on insta pour money into his businesses.

And by the way Ted almost blew his own account there because his results were available on the brokerage’s website on the leaderboard. Ted’s instagram profile reads ask for a track record if you want to take mentorship. Yet Ted himself has taken off his account from the leaderboard of his brokerage’s site and shows random trading results on Instagram and calls it track record.

Ask him for a myfxbook track record then watch the excuses fly. He will only show random trades or account balance of his own broker Traders Domain. Why? Because he owns that unregulated and offshore broker. He can manipulate results. So, don’t fall for his brainwashing talks.

And by the way, Uncle Ted also had a meeting with Astro Forex boys Shaun Lee and Aman Natt in Canada. Right after that Shaun Lee took 4K to half million on Ted’s broker Traders Domain. The only track record of Shaun Lee available so far. Astro Forex and Ted both ended up promoting each other on Instagram. Astro Forex got more courses to sell and Ted got more traders on his broker. Basically Ted gave Shaun Lee a fake live account.

Real traders are not on Inatagram. Just think about it. If you’re really that rich from trading, why would you be wasting time marketing your courses? It’s all marketing. These guys are all fake. Stay away from them.


A proper trading understanding can actually help a forex trader to attain the expected success. A wide variety of educational tools, forex e-books, audio books, You Tube or online trading courses, etc. can help a trader to acquire knowledge in the present time. If you want mentors, then you can also take the help of Babypips school.


Bullseye it comes more apparent that a person is now just trying to sell a “course” and that’s how he makes his money. Not truly off of trading - there are so many individuals like this .

I joined the forex family under Ted Safranko aka uncle_ted_ in 2017, the education is basically the same as the education here on babypips, sells at resistance in downtrending markets and buys at support in uptrending markets

I would not recommend anyone to join this mentorship as didn’t teach me anything new, you would be better off just taking the education track here on babypips for free.
Also the forex family has many other mentors, and they all charge you if you want to be part of their groups but it comes down on more and more of the same


To be honest Rakeel from Forex family does live trading Mon-Fri on mixer (search for rajabanks) its really helpful and completely free! This also features live Q&A. All you have to do is show up! Just these sessions alone can be a massive boost for you and you don’t really need the mentorship unless you want 1 on 1 sessions and access to their google drive with lots of content like pdf’s, webinars, Market fluidity etc. A lot of people are talking crap on here but really nobody is doing what Forex Family is doing for us beginners. Check it out for yourself and see for your self.


Thank you for sharing your experiences. I find them very useful to know. Certainly, I would agree that there are many mentors charging for their services, but new traders can easily attain this knowledge through any online trading course provided for free

Rakeel does live trading while hiding behind Tradingview. You call that live trading? How do you know if he really won or lost a trade? Live streams aren’t free either. He is going to be charging 30 USD monthly. It was all planned.

All Forex Family does is lie and make money by selling courses. They don’t have any other income other than selling courses just like your boy Rakeel. The ultimate dvd seller. He always says his knowledge is shared for free but then never forgets to remind people that his dvd is for sale in form of different packages. These forex family guys are marketers, not traders. 10+ mentors without a verified track record on a regulated broker. Nowadays Forex Family has their own broker named The Traders Domain which is a white label partner of B2broker. You can check the website of B2broker. They clearly say that you can edit, add or delete trade history as a white label partner. So how do you know the profits posted on social media either by Rakeel or Ted are not fake? I talk facts. It is you who is talking crap. Probably due to lack of knowledge.


To be honest mate, everything you have said are just claims and not solid proof of anything. Yes he does it in TradingView but that doesn’t mean he is not taking trades to be honest if you have watched the streams you will see where he enters and exits with explanation to why he has done so. Anyone wanting to take the trade can do so…nobody is getting forced to take the trade. More times than not the analysis done shows the results. If you do a google search you can pretty much find the google drive Rakeel famously mentions in all his webinars uploaded. You can also find market fluidity dvd on YouTube. So it’s all out there. I’m not saying he’s not a scammer however you also have not proven how he is one. All you have done is make claims as mentioned above.

You claim they are all marketeers but you tell me anyone who is running a business that is not a marketer. If you have a valuable product then there is so much you can give away for free if you know the value of your product. That doesn’t mean they are scammers.


Lol you’re really stupid for saying that it doesn’t matter whether he is taking trades or not while hiding behind the tradingview. Rakeel claims to be a profitable trader, but his ■■■■ track record doesn’t lie. People lost 6 figures copying his trades when he was offering copy trading. The issue is not only being a marketer. The biggest issue is that Rakeel is selling education that has not made rakeel profitable in 3 freaking years! Imagine people in financial problems, taking rakeel’s advice and losing even more money. That is my issue with people like Rakeel. When you mislead people by acting as if you are profitable with some bullshit wick fill strategy and you sell it, to me you are a scammer.

Or will you ignore the fact that Rakeel started selling courses 3/4 months after he started learning how to trade? Rakeel has a marketing background. He has always been a seller/marketer.

Take a look at the instagrams who exposed your daddy with hard evidence


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Sorry bro, I hate to say it but hes right, they’re con artists including Rakeel. Dont waste your time or money.


To be honest I said how do you know if he is trading or not? However I have looked at your evidence and if all that is true then they are scammers. I solely put my hands up and say I was wrong. However the question remains if you are putting down the forex family for mentorship, then the original post requires someone to help the user out in finding a good mentorship.

Well, I used to follow rakeel’s activities on Instagram a few months ago. When he was trading in public, he was only showing wins on instagram but on the leaderboard you mostly saw losses. So, there is the conflict of hiding behind tradingview and calling it live trading. We couldn’t see which trade he won or loss when he claimed to win most of his trades on insta or live streams. The leaderboard was telling a different story with mostly losses decreasing the account balance and up to 70% drawdown.

As for finding a good mentorship, Babypips has its own free course that covers everything from A to Z. Any newbie can read it and apply on charts. If you keep practicing, after a while you will develop a solid trading plan. The best thing is to study and practice charts into details. Watch the patterns on charts that keep repeating and start focusing on entry, stop loss and take profit criteria. Trade those patterns as much as possible to get an idea what works and what does not work. You really have to know when to take or avoid a trade. Also work on managing risk, which risk management plan will bring you success with a mixture of good and bad days. Because no one wins all trades. If your win rate is low, then using higher risk-reward will save your ass. Like 1:4 or 1:5. If you find one pattern with a 70%+ win rate. It’s bingo!

It’s better to figure out things on your own with free education rather than paying frauds like Ted or Rakeel to lose more capital and time. I mean their trading is like trying to play football (soccer) with a tennis racket. It makes no sense. All their so called profitable traders are selling courses and not one person can show consistency with a verified track record on a regulated broker. Just avoid the forex family frauds. You’re better off without them


I’d definitely say if your serious about trading, do follow the market fluidity guys, to me they seem pretty sound and you learn loads just by following their trades live everyday, you don’t have to part with any money and just follow your gut about how honest Rakeel is. I haven’t parted with any money and never felt pressured to, they have never tried sell me any course. Listen the hate dished out here is way over the top, that person obviously has an axe to grind or has he’s own personal issues, and taking advice from somebody called TickingTimebomb, seriously need i say any more.


The Forex Family and all it’s mentors have been exposed for being scammers. Ted Safranko, Raja Rakeel Zahoor, Alex Hill, Raghav Tewathia, Waqar Ajmal, Alex Kirui. Short list of scams they pulled below:

Ted Safranko opened a whitelabel brokerage called The Traders Domain where he b-books its clients to make a profit, also Ted offered mentorship under the name The Forex Family, he stopped doing this when his webinars were leaked to YouTube.

Raja Rakeel Zahoor sells DVD’s and mentorship called Market Fluidity, the DVD’s have been leaked and like said above, it’s all just the same basic stuff of buying support and selling resistance.

Waqar Ajmal also known as emasdontwork. He’s a fraud and offered mentorship under the forex family too, he has made claims of making 100 million dollar profit from forex but still lives with hit parents and on top of that, he works as a Fraud Analyst at Fidelity National Information Service.

Raghave Tewathia took $500 mentorship fee from a few hundred people and then ran off, all under the forex family group of Ted Safranko

Alex Kirui is a scammer from Africa, also a mentor in the forex family, while before he was selling fake gold nuggets and minerals and also had binary options signal service.

Alex Hill claims to be a fulltime trader and mentor in the forex family, but meanwhile works a fulltime job

None of these people have track record, all of them have done managed account management and blew people’s accounts, all of them took money for mentorship and then some of them ran off.

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