Videos about MetaTrader Manager and Administrator settings and plugins

Who am I:

I have been working for various brokers in the past in various positions, gaining lots and lots of inside knowledge of the inner kitchen. I’ve seen people who put millions and ones who put their last 25 dollars in their accounts, only to loose everything in an unfair fight. It has been some time now, i wanted to take all the industry’s dirty bastards down. So this is day one.

What I will do:

I will keep on posting FACTS - videos, files, articles and what ever it takes to stop what is going on now - cheating, manipulating, lying and scamming people of their money. I will open similar threads on various forum to attract as many attention as possible. Any help will be of great appreciation.

What I won’t do:

I won’t give you a list of good/bad brokers - it doesn’t exist. I will not argue with you or try to convince you of something.

If all you have to say is “i know this” “I’ve seen that” it means this thread is not for you. Please move along, to your happy place.

A fraction of people are aware of the what is going on. The ones that are aware, haven’t seen real proof up until now.

Since Youtube has removed the videos, due to “right infringement” - courtesy of MetaQuotes, i have re-posted them in various websites - Vimeo, Veoh, Dailymotion, Facebook only for MetaQuotes to remove them from all of them.

I have opened identical threads in other popular forums. My threads got closed down in:

Since all the popular video websites, have blocked my videos i have found a free wordpress theme and uploaded all the videos to a dedicated website

You will find the removed videos, together with MetaTrader Manager and Administrator help files uploaded there.

Any help sharing these videos with our friends in other forums, deprived of the privilege at the moment, would be of great help. So chop chop, do you share of the deal.

To all you haters, talkers/non-doers, ranters etc. - either you are employed to do that, or just plain crazy.

Straight forward post, I kind of like it. I’m interested. :slight_smile:

Just saw that video… WOW… is that what actually happens? Can’t be…

Thank You.

I would be grateful if admins of this forum could move the thread where it belongs. has removed this thread and told me via email, that they will not show this kind of material. So they are officialy Pro-Metatrader. What a shame. I will upload a new video in a matter of few days.

Quick questions if you don’t mind, why are you doing this? Can you tell us a little about yourself? What is your motive?

I have been working in various positions with various brokers. I’ve seen people who put millions and people who put their last 25 dollars into their account being scammed out of them, one way or another. Only 1 out of a thousand has an idea of what’s going on. The vast majority of people are sheep, clueless of whats happening.

Brokers will try to earn as much as possible. This is no secret. There are numerous companies who help them do that. Metaquotes, the great businessmen they are, provide their software built for Brokers to do that. They themselves provide a number of plugins for extra cost, like the well known Virtual dealer, which creates slippage. Besides them there are companies like Boston technologies - they have their nice plugins officially described in their website.

I will upload demo videos about the well known features of MetaTrader, some of which are known, but never seen in action. So no more BS from this point. Only facts.

Second video

This video shows, how easy it is to modify orders. You open them at one price, but at any given moment, they might change. So if you ever been paranoid about someone modifying your orders, you might have been right.

They are a bunch of Russian hacks and yes very closely aligned with MetaTrader.

I thought it was just a plugin for MT4? Virtual Dealer? Or something like that, by Boston Technologies, if I remember.

These are no plugins. These are built-in MetaTrader Manager features. They come with the software by default.

There are few virtual dealer plugins - one is made by Metaquotes and another one is made by Boston Technology.

Makes you feel a little sick. I havent been at this long but I really like metatrader because I find it the easiest to use, but if shady crap like this goes on can you give a list of good platforms. I dont want to make it look like you are promoting a product but can you point people in the direction of safe products?

Third video

This video shows how a Dealing desks operates. It can reject, approve, hold your orders or create some slippage for you.

Fourth video

This video shows Virtual Dealer plugin in action. One of it’s settings used to create slippage is shown.

Fourth video

This video shows Virtual Dealer plugin in action. One of it’s settings used to create slippage is shown.

OMG! This is outrageous! Makes me sick to the stomach seeing these videos. That means the Metaquotes guys are in collusion with the brokers by providing them such tools?? NO?

Forex-Tsd has removed this thread, in e-mail they commented that they are afraid of MetaQuotes taking legal action against them. ForexFactory has moved my thread to the “Under evaluation” forum section and suspended my right to post freely. Be sure to spread the word amongst the people - share these videos. I’ll keep on making them.

Can you shed more light into how you get gain this information and is the tool you’ve shown in those videos available for download freely?

The thread is back. I’ve updated my first post. Be sure to check it out.

Funny how videos that are critical of Metaquotes are pulled from YouTube on copyright grounds but videos that aren’t(there are thousands of them on youtube) are left untouched.

EcnJesus a couple of questions please :

  1. Is the reason why you got hold of these videos and tools because you worked with a broker before and currently still are?
  2. Are these tools available to be downloaded freely? If they are can you provide links to download them please?
  3. Are ECN brokers also indulging in such corrupt behaviour?

Last question, why don’t you bring this evidence to the authorities e.g. FSA or ASIC or the equivalent? These are damning evidence you have got here!


P.S. I understand now why some countries e.g. Singapore do not allow MT4 based brokers. I wonder if the MAS is aware of this…


You are right. If my videos, were blocked, that means all the rest should be blocked also - since i have created those videos my self, that means they belong to me.

I was and still am employee of an Fx broker. No they are not available for download, unless you pay requested amount by MetaQuotes. Any broker using MT is capable of doing just that.

FSA and ASIC are fully aware of MetaTrader capabilities. They aren’t interested in removing the cause of the issues, they are getting money from fining. Also, they regulate brokers, not software providers.