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New video - how to change trading history.

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I imagine most if not all retail forex brokers are doing this type of thing, perhaps not with this particular software but they will have their own in house tools to do similar things. Now you can see how slippage and platform freezes really happen, not to mention changing charts after the fact. You cannot trust any broker offering retail forex or spreadbetting.

Do you know if this happens for the ECN brokers as well? I hope not! Else there is absolutely no one you can trust.

ECN brokers or companies that say they are ECN brokers? Do you see the difference?

This is some SCARY SH#T right here. makes me want to run away to futures and stay there.

You know what is even more scary? What are the “improvements” they have done in MT5???

I bet they’ve improved it to a point where it gets even harder to notice this outright cheating in MT5!

What i find worrying is that in the time-frame while the MetaTrader exists no-one has ever stood up for traders. Sure, some stuff was leaked before, like the VD pdf. But as I’m assuming, people don’t take this kind of stuff seriously. They are, for some reason, always hoping that this stuff might be fabricated.

So what’s actually happening on both sides?

It’s quite easy to setup a brokerage company. First thing you need to decide is what kind of broker you want to be - regulated, unregulated, mm or ecn. The amount of investments you will need depends on your decision. The most cost effective is regulated/unregulated Market Maker. Since the unregulated brokers always seem more SCARY and unreliable then the regulated ones, not much difference separates them. The regulators are more or less a badge they hang to attract you. So the basic steps of getting on your feet as a broker - buy yourself a cool domain name with letters FX in it, get yourself a black box - your market quotes which are stolen from some bank and finally get yourself a team of soulless fu**s who will gladly take the last 25 dollars from a Nigerian widow - and I’m not exaggerating here. So since you are a market maker, you don’t need real liquidity, only thing you need is for people to think that this is real liquidity. Even if you had the balls to make a 100 k investment to get your self some real liquidity provider, you ain’t gonna use him much, since 95% of all trading will never go outside your company. The fact is that the 95% of people will loose with some or a lot of help of the broker. The other 5% thou, might damage you a lot. Either he sends your orders to the liquidity providers, or he makes you loose.


You poor bastard. If you had the privilege of being born with enough brain to get yourself well educated enough, to never trade - you are lucky. You are very lucky, if you have found a way to cheat when trading (cheating - a low risk, guaranteed income). You are even more lucky if you have made up a great strategy, which allows you to be profitable at all times. And you are the luckiest person in the world if you are THE Trading Guru. But if you are reading this, most probably you are not lucky. You have been cheated and scammed. And your fight against the wrong broker for the money is like a bunny vs napalm bomb. You blame yourself for the loses, you read the ****ty material - books, forum posts, articles which the brokers themselves post, for you to find a way to blame yourself. The forums are full of insiders, pretending to be your friends, to be one of your kind. Writing good reviews for themselves and throwing poo at each other. So if you are still persistent enough to trade with the classic setup mm+mt4, or any mt4 broker in that case - i wish you best luck. You deserve to loose.

You’ve got to be pretty stupid to keep on trading with metatrader after seeing your vids. Thanks you

Good point, what other viable alternatives are there besides Metatrader?


Well: you’ve at least got to give me credit for have ‘big ones’ for posting on THIS thread!!! Talk about ‘walking into the lion’s den’!!! LOL!!!

Obviously I’m watching this thread with keen interest as are many others I would imagine.

The one thing I’m STILL not clear on is what exactly your motives are for posting these videos??? Somebody DID ask you that but you basically just repeated exactly what you had already posted in your very first post in your answer to them???

I’ll give you this: if you do indeed work for a broker then YOU TOO have got ‘big ones’ (and I can only assume you’ve got another job lined up OR you’re an expert at ‘covering your Internet tracks’)!!! LOL!!!

Let me explain where I’m ‘coming from’ here.

I’m not saying that this is all ‘bullsh*t’ at all. In other words: I’m not saying that these ‘software features’ don’t exist. But it’s HOW THEY ARE USED or FOR WHAT PURPOSE they are used is what makes the difference. It BASICALLY ‘boils down’ to the integrity of your BROKER and has NOTHING to do with MetaQuotes or MetaTrader and believe me: I don’t have ANYTHING to do with MetaQuotes or MetaTrader and, as a matter of fact, dislike MetaTrader myself i.e. it’s a ‘one size fits all’ trading platform and is only popular because it’s been marketed so well and from a broker’s perspective it’s a question of ‘offer MetaTrader or lose out on clients’ because the irony is that most new traders WILL ONLY want to trade with MetaTrader.

I think that you’re creating some ‘false panic’ here to be honest. As an example: what is a broker supposed to do if there is a bad tick on a chart that causes a spike??? Just leave it there??? If a broker did THAT: have you any idea how well THAT would ‘go down’??? Basically if the broker had no way of correcting such errors it would render just about every trading system (whether it be indicator based or price action based) totally useless until a given period of time had elapsed.

Now I’m not going to go through each video ‘frame by frame’ and and try to ‘attack’ what you’re saying here. That’s not my intention at all. But it’s the same thing as, say, how one uses a hammer. One person could buy a hammer and use it to drive in a nail whereas another person could buy the same hammer and use it to bash somebody’s head in. See where I’m coming from???

Alright: it’s probably time for ME to now ‘duck’ so as to avoid having MY head bashed in by the aforementioned hammer!!! LOL!!!



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I’m not sure what more motives are you looking for. In this industry it’s pretty hard to find a honest person. It seems that everyone just feels perfectly fine with what’s going on around. Well I’m not. Earning 2 to 5 k doesn’t mean you can close your eyes and think that all that’s happening around is as how it should be.

Cmon Dale, enough of this “guns don’t kill people - people kill people” theories. The only reason why MetaTrader got popular is due to it’s “flexibility” when it comes to fulfilling their client requests. At the point when they’ve got lazy and rich prancing to the requests of their clients, other companies have opened up and started offering numerous plugins and tweaks to the platform. And now it’s an illusion that everyone needs MT4, it’s popular, it’s irreplaceable. BS!

Sure, the videos that i showed, do not mean that EVERY broker is doing the same thing. They only show, that every brokers has numerous capabilities of doing whatever they want with their clients and covering up afterwords with the help of metatrader. And you know perfectly well how tempting is to earn a little more. No one in this business is for charity purposes.

If more people from the industry would have balls to come forward and tell the truth, it would be great. I’m sure you yourself have witnessed numerous things that could have done differently, more honestly.

Trading today is like fighting Mike Tyson blindfolded and drunk.

Who cares about his motives, the public now have video proof of what goes on and how brokers could rip people off. This is further supported by the fines against FXCM and Gain Capital for doing some of the things shown in the video. For me there is no argument, its all a big con.


Well: you ‘took’ my post like a gentleman. Thank you.

Believe me: I DO understand where you’re coming from. I get JUST as ‘pis*ed off’ because of a LOT of stuff that has happened to ME and what I’ve seen happen to other (normally new) traders. I was on the ‘receiving end’ of ‘moves’ that you’re showing in your videos for at LEAST my first year of trading until I got a little ‘wiser’. And the WORST part is that my first broker was SO DARN GOOD at it (oddly enough it wasn’t EVEN MetaTrader) that I found myself blaming MYSELF or doubting MYSELF!!! Alright: I’ve always said that there is NO doubt that I would have lost the same amount of money that I did in my first year(s) of trading ANYWAY. But I do KNOW NOW that it would have taken a WHOLE LOT longer had I not been ‘assisted’ by my first broker and, who knows, maybe I would have been able to become profitable sooner without having to incur the huge losses that I incurred initially.

But it’s not (as you well know) limited to MetaTrader. Just take a look at the link below and note the ‘features’ available:

ActForex enterpriseFX platforms: Trade Forex, Future CFDs, Equity CFDs, Currency Options, ETFs, and Forwards with ActTrader™, ActBinary™, ActPhone™, ActPad™ and ActDroid™

Just click on the various ‘tabs’ on the page and note the ‘features’!!! LOL!!! Give them their due: at least they’re ‘open and honest’ about them and don’t deny their existence!!! LOL!!!

Trading today is like fighting Mike Tyson blindfolded and drunk.

Now THAT I like and TOTALLY agree with!!! LOL!!! Thank you.

Here’s a link on MY forums that may be of interest to the ‘uninformed’:

Technical Trading Systems at TechTraderCentral - What do you need???

Your ‘efforts’ are admirable I’ll tell you that much. As I’ve noted in another post somewhere: ANYBODY that ‘walks the walk’ and doesn’t just ‘talk the talk’ trying to ‘sanitise’ this otherwise ‘filthy’ business has my vote!!! If for no other reason than that it makes life REAL hard for an HONEST broker to solicit clients because it becomes very easy for people to ‘tar’ ALL brokers ‘with the same brush’. As I’ve just noted on another thread: new clients don’t just ‘fall from the sky’ (or did I say ‘the trees’???) and it’s THANKS to brokers that ABUSE the software ‘features’ that make a ‘job’ like mine all the more difficult.




Sooo… I’m guessing I should not be expecting you to be sending to me an application to open a ‘brand spanking shiny new’ LIVE Deltastock MetaTrader 4 Spot FOREX trading account then??? LOL!!!



Thanks for the op to reveal this. Well, I KNOW that brokers play with tricks. Almost all of them. If they come up with a slimy ad that you can win a big prize while overtrading, spread widening, stop hunting in the smaller pipette range, slowing down order execution which means slipping and I don’t know what sort else. I’ve seen on Alpari with my very own eyes a spread of eurusd which is usually 1.6 pips there widening at night til 15 pips! Now I made money with them, so I am not the disgruntled customer because I have lost anything.

I always give advice go with an ecn. Even if it’s not a interbank feed, which is simply not doable with less than full lot size, things are in general better. Plus then you can always compare the price with the futures prices. Go to the chicago bot exchange and look there what the price was if you have doubts it was stop hunted just by your broker:


That’s a regulated exchange and the price is exactly what it should be! Other option would be to download a history price feed and compare that with the broker you trade with. Plenty of options to KNOW what is going on. Tho, that puts the scalpers again in the group with the lost battle, because it could be hard to compare prices if you have tens of trades a day.

Tho, that doesn’t make all the false accusations being right. Most traders still lose based on their own trades and not on brokers tricks.

In my opinion spot forex and spreadbetting are little more than legalised fraud. Just look at the fines I mentioned before, there is nothing to stop any other broker doing the same thing. In fact if you look at FXCM they were only fined for defrauding US clients, no mention of clients in other countries, so they just kept those ill gotten gains.

If there are honest brokers out there then why are they not trying to stop this by whistle blowing? What a corrupt industry.

Good morning.

Hey listen up Matlapb:

I was a bit ‘flippant’ in my reply to you of yesterday. I was just trying to ‘inject’ a bit of humour into this thread (unfortunately at your expense). My apologies (but it just seemed hilarious to me at the time anyway).

I think that we are all AGREEING with the thread starter (myself included) so there’s no problem there at all. I’m just trying to create a sort of ‘balance’ as it were and to avert ‘panic’. The Boston Technologies ‘Virtual Dealer Plug-in’ I cannot comment on as I’ve not ACTUALLY seen it. That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. Exactly what IT is supposed to do: I also cannot say. But as far as the ‘broker side features’ that come standard with MetaTrader: I’m really of the opinion that those are provided as just that i.e. ‘features’. Whether these ‘features’ are MISUSED by a dishonest broker??? Well that’s another issue altogether and part of the problem.

Regarding FOREX: well everybody here knows my ‘stance’ on the subject and I’m not going to have that discussion here again. All I WILL say at this time is that with FOREX: it’s a LOT easier for a FOREX broker to ‘cover its tracks’ IF it’s being ‘less than forthright’ than it is for, say, a ‘proper’ Futures Broker.

If there are honest brokers out there then why are they not trying to stop this by whistle blowing? What a corrupt industry.

The answer to that is easy: threads such as this ‘come and go’ (if you ‘mosey on over’ to Forex Factory there are posts dating back to 2005 and 2006 on the ‘Virtual Dealer Plug-in’). And, well, I guess, dishonest brokers know that this will be the case inevitably. Moreover: only somebody as ‘dumb’ or ‘thick skinned’ as me would get involved in a thread such as this!!! LOL!!!

But let’s be honest: it wouldn’t matter WHAT a broker said in this regard. NOBODY would believe them. I’ll tell you that the fancy little ‘title’ that’s been ‘bestowed upon me’ i.e. ‘Verified Broker Support’ has done MORE HARM for ME than good. Why??? Even although I honestly do believe that I represent the finest and most reputable NON-US Broker on the planet: nobody takes me seriously. Most people assume that I’ll do anything and say anything simply to solicit clients. So expecting a broker to get involved here to defend themselves (ESPECIALLY one of ‘ill repute’ with many ‘less than stellar’ reviews and ratings posted on the likes of FPA) is asking a bit much I’m afraid!!! It’s just ‘not going to happen’. They’re all hoping (and know) that this thread will eventually become yet another ‘corpse thread’ (I love that description) and SOMETIME, some years from now, somebody will ‘stumble over it’, ‘resurrect it’, it’ll last a month or two, and ‘that will be that’.

And let’s also be honest here: the ENTIRE FINANCIAL INDUSTRY in ‘corrupt’. Right from the ‘lowest of low bottom feeder bucketshop brokers’ to the ‘upper echelons of Wall Street’. ‘It is what it is’ unfortunately but it’s the way the WORLD has changed i.e. it’s not limited to the financial industry only (and I’m 46-years old now and I never ever thought I’d see the day when I’d say ‘gee: just LOOK at how things have changed in the world’).

ON THE OTHER HAND (again a bit humour while at the same time a crass attempt at creating some type of ‘balance’ on this thread) I’ve attached a document that many will find amusing although BEWARE: amusing as it may be there is ALSO a very SERIOUS MESSAGE contained in the document (and yes: I’ve uploaded it many times before but for those that haven’t seen it here it is).



By the way: I found a link to this article a while back and no sooner did I want to refer to it again in a post and it too had disappeared ‘as if by magic’. I managed to retrieve it from Google’s Cache and saved it for ‘posterity’!!! Sometimes Google being ‘slow to index’ is a GOOD THING!!! LO!!!

Forex Brokers - Tales from the Back Office How Brokers View - Forex Articles.pdf (67.2 KB)

So tell me, what purpose serves a feature to inject prices?

The pdf you attached is obviously a fictional story. Can’t really think of a single person who is out there to help traders :]]]]]

I see you being nice and hip and trying to relate to traders as being their “homie”, one of them. But as i see it, your just trying to get yourself a nice advertisement. There’s one stain on your company - the market maker platform, made to be ECN platform.

Oh here we go. See: I KNEW this was a bad idea for me to get involved!!! LOL!!! Well: too late now.

The .PDF??? How the ‘f*ck’ am I supposed to know if it’s fictional or not??? I found it on the Internet. ‘Don’t shoot the messenger’.

As for me being ‘nice and hip’??? Let me clear up something for you. I’ve been at this ‘lark’ for six years (as of today MAYBE even a few days more). My ‘official involvement’ with a broker is only just over a year old. I’ve been posting as a TRADER ALWAYS (right up until now whether you believe it nor not). My ‘trading life’ is an ‘open book’ here (and quite possibly TOO ‘open’ but there’s nothing I can do about that now). I’ve spent all these years trying to HELP new traders to NOT ‘lose the farm’ (by repeating the mistakes I made for a few years in the beginning) regardless of what broker they trade with. And I’ll tell you this too: the moment I start getting REAL clients with GENUINE complaints (not the ‘bullsh*t’ bad reviews and ratings posted by OTHER BROKERS about Deltastock who ironically are the SAME types of brokers that ABUSE the software ‘features’) and those complaints don’t get sorted out to both my and my clients’ satisfaction then I’ll find ANOTHER reputable broker to work for and promote. Thus far (and after a four year ‘unofficial’ relationship with them) I’ve had no complaints. Not one.

And please: ‘Market Maker’ is SUCH a ‘dirty description’ don’t you find??? Deltastock is the ‘Counterparty’ to all trades WHICH IS CLEARLY STATED ON THE PLATFORM not relegated to some ‘fine print’ in a thousand page document that not even a lawyer or professor could make sense of let alone a new trader. So please. ‘Counterparty’ if you don’t mind. ‘Counterparty’!!!

And seeing that YOU have decided to become personal then hey: I shall now ‘claim the same right’. That is why I asked you what your motives are as they are unclear. What??? Did you ALL OF A SUDDEN get an ‘attack of conscience’ after ALL these years of working for brokers and the like??? Please: that doesn’t (and didn’t) ‘fly’ with me hence my asking you that question.

And before ‘concocting’ your next reply let me quote another very dear friend of mine:

I might not push first, but I am happy to push hardest, if the need arises.




Just ‘quoting’ your post. You know: just in case you decide to edit your original post and I then get accused of ‘losing it for no reason’.