Videos about MetaTrader Manager and Administrator settings and plugins

Confronting you will add no value to this thread. I have zero interest in you or your brokerage company. What i have stated before, was my opinion about your posts in my thread.

I’m here to show videos and talk to people, not brokers. I have specified in my original post what i’m here for.

People can do their own conclusions seeing the facts. I don’t need to prove anything more than i did already.

C’mon. You can do better than that SURELY???

All you’ve proved is that there are ‘good’ brokers and ‘bad’ brokers and it doesn’t matter WHAT trading platform they’re offering. Whether it’s MetaTrader or their own proprietary trading platform is irrelevant. And anybody that wasn’t ALREADY aware that there are ‘good’ brokers’ and ‘bad’ brokers BEFORE your starting YOUR thread hasn’t done their ‘due diligence’ and, well, then, they only have themselves to blame if their trading ‘leads to tears’ (I most certainly wouldn’t go so far as to say that they ‘DESERVE’ to lose their money as you have noted in one of your previous posts).

The ONLY thing that this thread has proved (to me ANYWAY) is that MetaQuotes has a really ‘cr*p’ Public Relations Department is all. Had they just ‘left you to your own devices’: this thread wouldn’t have gotten NEARLY as much attention as it has. Hmmmnnn… Maybe I should send them a bill for my trouble.

I’ll give YOU some VERY good advice though:

Don’t you even THINK of ‘popping up’ somewhere and saying something along the lines of ‘oh: now THIS, we-will-rock-you dot ecnjesus dot com, is THE ONLY TRUE ECN/STP broker on the planet that uses MetaTrader AND offers nano-lots too’ and ‘see my posts on THIS thread’ type of thing.



95% gets manipulated, and the other 5% can pick the broker’s pockets so badly it hurts.
That flies in the face of saying that the market is cheater’s paradise, and there’s no way to win, doesn’t it?

Just sayin’…


Nicely said.

So as it turns out, my videos have been blocked once more - courtesy of MetaQuotes. It’s a shame they keep on blocking those videos. Strange enough, the let other videos go on - and i was thinking they should block all the videos about MetaTrader? Maybe they don’t like my editing.

So for time being, you are still able to locate the videos at Facebook. Enjoy

I do not in [B]ANY[/B] fashion enjoy being misquoted.

Either put the entire quote up IN CONTEXT, or don’t quote me at.

I’ll ask it straightforward. If it’s such a stacked deck, how does 5% seem to win enough to hurt the broker?
Doesn’t that fact seem to cloud your theory a bit?

I saw that this morning already Master Tang and I was wondering how long it was going to take for you to correct ‘yours truly’!!! LOL!!! I was going to intervene on your behalf but I figured you’d do a better job.

Every time I see this thread popping up I cannot help but wonder if this guy didn’t get fired by MetaQuotes (and has nothing at all to do with a broker or brokers). I mean: that would at least make LOGICAL sense (well to me anyway). Think about it: post videos about MetaTrader, create a few threads and posts with links to the same, and then delete them, and then blame MetaQuotes.

On the other hand: if it IS MetaQuotes that’s having these videos deleted then they’re in dire need of some new Public Relations Officers that’s for sure. Either that or they don’t know this business at all. LOL!!! I mean: if this is the case they could take a lesson from most of the ‘bucketshops’ i.e. just ignore what’s being posted and it’ll quickly pass. As an example: I’ll put money on the fact that somebody will find a broker with not ONE decent review on FPA AND a scam rating and will still, on the next click of the mouse, go and open a live account with the same broker!!! LOL!!! I can think of at least two brokers that would have closed down by now were this NOT the case!!! LOL!!!



Metaquotes will not be able to take the videos down from just search there for:

MetaTrader - Virtual Dealer Plug In Video by ECNJesus

Master Tang, i quoted you exactly the same way as you quoted me. This is off-topic by the way. And stupid.

As for 5% - when a client is withdrawing let’s say 1 mil, this doe’s hurt the broker. Since earning this much for him, means collecting lost deposits of a lot of guys with 100-1000 usd accounts.

Dale, you don’t give up bringing BS over here do you :]] I’m surprised you haven’t got fired. Well, good luck representing yo

Pgiani, thanks for your help

Hello AGAIN.

First: you quoted Master Tang totally out of context. But I’m sure he’ll deal with your latest comments himself.

Second: I was JUST getting ‘done’ with this nonsense of yours and ‘as if by magic’ JUST THIS MORNING I happened to find that you’ve got the exact same nonsense running on FPA so I’ve ‘started’ with you over there too (unfortunately because I don’t post there other than in the broker reviews and ratings section my posts still have to be moderated but my latest ‘BS’ will appear on your thread over there soon enough). AMAZINGLY though: there’s a ‘pattern’ developing on BOTH forums. The experienced traders seem to all have the same opinions while the new traders ALSO all seem to have the same opinions. The experienced traders seem to be of the opinion that you’ve got some ‘personal issues’ with MetaQuotes whereas you’ve managed to ‘put the fear of God’ into the new traders. That in and of itself speaks VOLUMES (no pun intended)!!! LOL!!!

And for WHAT REASON, if I MAY be so bold as to ask, should I be fired??? Deltastock uses the software for the purposes for which it was designed. They don’t ABUSE it. I fail to see how making that clear is a reason for dismissal or am I missing something here???

Actually: I should be thanking you. Do you KNOW how hard I have to work to get the equivalent amount of exposure for Deltastock as you ‘hand me on a platter’??? LOL!!!

See ya around the Internet buddy 'ol pal!!! LOL!!!



I’ll just quote you in case you try to edit your post :]]] You are killing yourself and your company single-handedly.


Well: I’ve ‘kissed and made up’ with EcnJesus (as you, EcnJesus, probably well know by now I’m sure) so nothing more to say until (IF???) MetaQuotes ‘comes to the party’ as noted.

For anybody that’s been following THIS thread and topic HERE then here is MY continuation of it and MY logical conclusion to it:

Believe it or not: BOTH threads DO INDEED ‘add value’. That’s my MOST humble opinion anyway.



Yes, you misquoted me. Unequivocally.

I did not misquote you, I asked how, (by using your statement) that 5% could be profitable enough to hurt the broker if there was such a stacked deck.

And I’m puzzled by something else.

If the MT4 dealer could cause a spike in price that costs one trader money, wouldn’t that same spike be paying others?

I think congratulations are in order … Dale has singlehandedly killed the [I]Big Bad Market Maker[/I]!
Clint (I mean Mr Eastwood, not ‘our’ Clint) would surely be proud of you … for making his day.

[Okay, if anybody takes this post seriously, he is beyond help.]


‘I know what you’re thinking. “Did he fire six shots or only five?” Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself. But being as this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, and would blow your head clean off, you’ve got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?’




Yeah, that’s the movie quote I had in mind. :smiley:

Good thing about that Magnum is, even if you’ve fired all six shots, you can still clobber the bugger over the head with it … the damn thing weighs like three pounds.

I kinda like the way you guys battle in different forums, carrying it from BP to FF and back here … why be satisfied to fight in one place when as easily you can open another frontier, hehe.
No quarter given nor asked for.

If I were Dale I’d surely have a separate account for this kind of thread, though … the ‘Verified Broker Support’ tag is like a sling binding your defensive arm to your side, hehe.


Yeh. You’re not wrong about the ‘Deltastock titles’ on the various forums. I mean: Deltastock could be owned and run by GOD but still anything I said about them would be ‘taken with a pinch of salt’ because the assumption is automatically made that I only have mine and Deltastock’s financial interests at heart. What people tend to forget (or don’t know) is that I was (and still am) a TRADER who just HAPPENED to be lucky enough to find a decent and honourable broker and, well, then, one thing led to another. And then??? Well??? You see the ‘results’ on a daily basis on the forums!!! LOL!!!

But hey: you’ve got to give me credit for my ‘titanium gonads’!!! LOL!!! I didn’t see any other brokers ‘queueing up’ to get involved in a thread or discussion such as this one!!! Maybe they’re just more intelligent than I!!! LOL!!!



Hehe, it’s probably because they are full-time representatives, and you’re a trader who happens to have landed a (half-)job with a broker.

Many people just have problems evaluating arguments objectively, always suspecting a hidden agenda behind every statement.

The fact that a broker’s representative says, ‘[I]While the technical capability to fleece a customer is there, it doesn’t mean that every broker makes use of it[/I]’ is thus taken as soliciting or defending dishonest business practices … instead of as a correct statement which just happens to have been made by somebody with connections to a broker.

But then, narrow-mindedness has always amused me, rather than angered me, hehe.


P.S.: lol @ ‘titanium gonads’, btw … light but strong, haha.

Long story short - MetaQuotes has blocked all the videos i have posted on all the popular websites. This is why i have found a free wordpress theme and opened up a website, so they don’t get deleted

There you will find all the videos, that have been removed, together with MetaTrader Manager and Administrator Help files, which should prove the authenticity of the features that are shown in the videos.

Any video or anything related you would like me to produce, or upload - just ask.

Again, i ask you not to flame and no off-topic. Only the thread related posts.

If you have any possibility to share the videos, please do so.

Great website, great videos. Keep on going :59: