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Dear Master Tang

The price is actually 119.95.
What do you believed is a fair price ?
Do you think it should be free, if so what is the incentive to produce such a tool, can you make a such a tool your self ?

Also looking at your posts I see you are a scalper, you should really give it a go to 4xGuardian because the Virtual Plug In is most effective against your trading stile and there is a 30 day money back also.

What I don’t think is fair is your fear based marketing strategy.

Sell what you want, it’s a free world. Just don’t act like you’re a caring, benevolent watchdog, when in fact the plan was to hock something all along. It makes you no different than the rest of the scammers in this business.

Could I program something like that? Why would I want to?
I spent my time learning to trade profitably.

I guess I was editing my post at the same time you wore making a reply.
To awnser your question of Could I program something like that? Why would I want to?

The reason is that you are a scalper ( I got that from your post on this forum ) and your trading strategy is very vulnerable to the Plug In.


You have developed that tool?
This website has been online for a long time, offering various ‘4x’ applications.

What you probably meant is that you have recently signed up as affiliates of that site (which offers some pretty useful tools, as a matter of fact), to make some extra money?


Yes I’m one of the developers.

And Thank you for the praise on our other tools, we have been working on this tools for since August but then late last year ECNJEUS contacted us via the site and give gaves us some great information about how the plug in is implemented on the Broker side, the video you see on this tread and the manual for the plug in and the account manager that he post on his site, plus several private email with him.
After taking in account his suggestions we made changes to the tool until we got it to cover all possible aspects like the fact that the Broker can refresh the data on your chart to change prices on previous bars, really amazing stuff.
Also my post have been deleted from FFactory, TSD and DonaForex. And I’m sure they will be deleted from here soon.

Okay, that’s pretty cool.

I’ve thought about purchasing ‘[I]4xPartner[/I]’ for some time now, because it looks to be quite comprehensive. To make sure I have not misunderstood: one of its features is a scale-out function with freely choosable targets, right?

The ‘[I]MT4 Master Collection[/I]’ looks interesting, too.



I’m a scalper? And you know that just by reading my forum posts?


Is this post talking about your trading style

Or some one else .

Yes you can scale down our trade in 2 different ways, just goto the page and look for documentation link on the top right of the screen.

I got it from this tread you started

Master Tang - 04-16-2010 09:09 PM #1

Confessions of an ADD Trader

Okay, I admit it.

I’m a scalper.

A pip here, a pip there, sometimes 20… Or more… I don’t intentionally look to scalp, but it is often that way.

The idea with this thread is not to try to convert anyone to my style of trading, or yours, if you’re a scalper too. But rather dispel a few myths I have seen, and share a few trade ideas…

Think that’s all I look for?
You’d be very wrong;)

Key words in my post there are “I don’t intentionally scalp, but it is often that way”.

I get minimal small gains quite often in my strategy. It has nothing to do with trying to scalp, but is a byproduct of my trade management.

I owe you no explanation, but you however, still fall into that “spammer” category. You come on here along with “Jesus” posting the broker apocalypse crap, and then kindly posting your $149.00 save.

And yes, I saw your “sale” price of $119.00.

Answer this. If someone really doesn’t know how to trade, is your little program going to help them? Or just sell them an illusion, making them think they are getting ripped off by their broker?

Spread changes, platform freezes, and all other variables you mention as tricks brokers use to pocket a trader’s money happen all day every day. How is it that some of us make money in spite of it? And without tossing you $119.00 for the privilege?

If someone really doesn’t know how to trade, is your little program going to help them?
This is not an expert advisor that makes trades for you. I hope that is clear

Or just sell them an illusion, making them think they are getting ripped off by their broker?
[B]If you trades takes 5 seconds to execute, you get re-quotes, slippage, the prices on your chart change after your trade closed unprofitable, these are not illusions, this is real and it is costing you money.

Did you visit the NFA web site and checked the fines to Capital), FXCM and Ikon are real, brokers do take advantage of traders, they used the Virtual Plug In, they only ones that get this upset when this is exposed is then not traders [/B]

Read more:

You must think I am a complete dolt. I know the difference between an EA that makes trades, and your miracle watchdog you are peddling. My intentions were to state that people who trade badly, but at the same time get platform issues, and an occasional requote will think that your program is telling them their broker is cheating them. When in fact, they just can’t admit they haven’t a clue how to be profitable in the first place, and now have an excuse. How would that be productive for them?

Most of my entries are pending orders. I have had ONE order out of the last 200 or so that did not fill at the requested price.

I have also had several t/p orders that did not fill at the requested price, they in fact filled for positive slippage. You’re not convincing me so far.

See that word “used”? It’s past tense. They got fined heavily for their transgressions, consequently, I’m sure the FTC is watching them and other brokers very closely.

Your whole sales pitch is predicated on the fear that brokers are crooks, and ripping people off right and left. Have you also built an underground bunker for the 2012 apocalypse?


Sorry I’ve not been around here but I’ve been having issues with Vodafone 3G since yesterday afternoon and it appears the it’s only JUST started working this morning (for how long: who knows).

Out of interest sake: does THIS 4x??? piece of software or EA DETECT and TELL THE TRADER that “yes: the virtual dealer plug-in is installed and running on the broker’s server without a doubt” or is this just some or the other EA (or utility or whatever it is) that attempts to ‘outsmart’ the virtual dealer plug-in if it is installed and running on the broker’s server??? If it’s the latter then I don’t see the point and it’s then just ANOTHER ‘fleecing tool’. But I’d like to know nevertheless.

I’m still of the opinion that even WITH the virtual dealer plug-in ‘alive and well’ at a broker: if you LEARN TO TRADE you’ll still make money. There’s only SO much that plug-in is capable of from what I gather.

I have to admit though (and as I noted on the thread on this same topic on FPA): until I saw that manual I really thought that this plug-in was like the Yeti or Abominable Snowman. Over the years I’ve seen threads and posts about it come and go and very quickly become corpse threads. But that manual is irrefutable evidence of its existence let’s face it. And I’m ashamed that a) it’s available and b) that brokers will go to those lengths to make a few extra (thousands is not more???) USD. As if it were not bad enough that most people lose in this business because they’re not prepared to put in the time and effort!!! A broker will be profitable no matter what even if they’re ‘squeaky clean’. That’s just an unfortunate statistic. Greed I guess is the reason (of using the plug-in) which ironically is also one the of the reasons that most traders lose.

That said: maybe I’m just (still being) naive. I keep WANTING to think that it’s designed as an AID for an overloaded manual dealing desk OR if it performs the same function as an ‘underhanded’ manual dealing desk or both.

Anyway: I’m not going to repeat my ENTIRE (new) view on the subject here as I have on FPA so keep looking at that thread too for those interested (the only reason I say this is because I’m not even sure if, when I click the ‘Submit Reply’ button, that this post is going to go through). Time to get ye olde trusty (but very slow) backup Internet connection out!!! LOL!!!



Dear dpaterso

The software we develop is to detect the presence and possible the setting being used by the plug-in, the reason is to find out if your trades performance is been affected by it, so you can take the appropriated action, you should file a complain with the appropriated authorities and closed you account with the offending broker. Because is a fact this is a real problem here are some of the finding of the NFA, I have added the case number in case you like to read the whole document in there web site.

NFA Case 10-BCC-029 - IKON

In November 2007, IKON purchased an add-on to the MetaTrader platform called the “Virtual Dealer Plug-|n,” which it began using in December 2007. The slippage settings that IKON established for the Virtual Dealer Plug-ln were asymmetrical for maximum losing slippage (slippage unfavorable to the customer and favorable to IKON) and maximum zprofitable slippage (slippage favorable to the customer and unfavorable to IKON), which caused disadvantageous trading conditions for customers and, in some instances, provided an automatic favorable advantage to IKON.
ln order to determine how the slippage settings affected customer orders, NFA analyzed all trades executed on MetaTrader platform on four “non-farm payroll” dates - December 4, 2009, January 4,2010, February 5,2010 and March 5, 2010. On those days, NFA’s analysis confirmed that IKON’s slippage parameters did not allow for any profitable slippage (slippage favorable to the customer)

NFA Case 10-BCC-015 - Gain Capital (FOREX.COM)

NFA’s 2009 audit of Gain found that the firm engaged in leverage and margin practices that were harmful to its customers. For example, Gain adopted a policy whereby, every Friday, it lowered the leverage for all of its accounts that were allowed to trade at 200:1 leverage - which included the micro accounts - to a 100:1 leverage. The effect of this weekly adjustment was to increase the margin requirement on these accounts from 0.5% to 1%. As a result of Gain’s practice of adjusting leverage/margin levels on Fridays, the
accounts of many of its customers became under margined - even though they were adequately margined prior to the leverage adjustment. In order to bring the under margined accounts back into compliance with the higher margin requirement, Gain would liquidate the largest losing position in these accounts.
However, sometimes the losing position that Gain liquidated contained multiple 416. contracts and the liquidation of only a portion of the losing position would have been sufficient to satisfy the new margin requirement. Nevertheless, Gain would arbitrarily liquidate the whole position which would not only result in the account being over margined but preclude the customer from possibly realizing a potential gain on that portion of the position the forced liquidation of which was unnecessary to satisfy the higher margin requirement.

Most of the positions that Gain liquidated on the aforementioned three dates - in anticipation of adverse market moves over the weekend - would have experienced minimal gains or losses if they had remained open over the weekend instead of being liquidated. However, because of the liquidations that occurred on these dates, affected customers realized overall losses totaling nearly $425,000.

  1. Gain used an add-on tool to the MetaTrader trading platform - called the Virtual Dealer Plug-ln - for both its retail and institutional servers. The Virtual Dealer Plug-ln allowed slippage tolerance to facilitate the execution of orders. 28. Gain established the following slippage parameters for the Virtual Dealer Plug-ln
    used for its retail server:
    Delay: 1 sec
    Maximum Volume: 1 second
    Maximum Losing Slippage: 50 contracts
    Maximum Profit Slippage: 2 pips
    Maximum Profit Slippage Volume: 5 contracts

Gain established the following slippage parameters for the Virtual Dealer Plug-ln
used for its institutional server:
Delay: 1 sec
Maximum Volume: 1 00 contracts
Maximum Losing Slippage: 20 pips
Maximum Profit Slippage: 3 pips
Maximum Profit Slippage Volume: 5 contracts

  1. The above delay setting allowed for a one-second delay before a customer’s order on the retail server was filled and the maximum volume setting blocked an30. order from being filled if it exceeded 50 standard contracts (five million in notional value). The maximum losing slippage setting represented the maximum
    permissible slippage of the market price to the client’s detriment and the maximum profit slippage represented the maximum permissible slippage of the market price in the client’s favor. The setting for “maximum profit slippage volume” dictated that if the volume of a customer’s order exceeded five standard contracts and the market moved in favor of the customer after Dlacement but before execution of the order, then the customer’s order would be requoted. The Virtual Dealer Plug-ln did not have a maximum losing slippage volume setting and, therefore, if the market moved against a customer and in favor of Gain two pips or less (the maximum losing slippage setting), the customer’s order would be executed up to 50 contracts (the maximum volume setting). Gain’s slippage parameters dictated whether, and at what price, a customer’s
    “market order” would be filled depending on the size of the market move that occurred after placement but before execution of the order.
    (“Market orders” on certain forex trading platforms, including the MetaTrader platform used by Gain, are not market orders in the traditional sense of that term but more akin to limit
    orders and must be executed immediately or cancelled.) With Gain’s slippage parameters, if a customer placed an order at X price and before the order was filled the market price moved within two pips of X, then the customer’s market order would get filled at X, not the prevailing market price. On the other hand, if the market moved greater than two pips, then the customer’s orderwould be rejected.

NFA Case 11-BCC-016- FXCM

12.In the event that FXCM is able to offset a customer’s order at a better price than the “tagged price”, it was FCXM’s pratice not to give the better price to the customer but instead give the customer the “tagged price” and retain for itself the difference between the tagged price, which the customer received, and the better price that FXCM recieved in the offsetting trade.
13. On the other hand, if FXCM offset the customer’s order at a worse price ( negative, unfavorable to the customer), FXCM gave the customer the worse price rather that the better price that was tagged when the customer submitted his/her order.
15. From January to September 2010, FXCM derived approximately $520.000 from positive slippage, none of which it passed on to its customers.
18. During January trough September 2010, there were over 40,000 margin liquidation order that experience positive slippage, resulting in a gain of aproximately $130.000 to FXCM on these orders.

Well thanks for going to all that trouble (with the information I mean). But that’s not what I was asking. I’m fully aware of all of the above.

To everyone else:

I’ve really been ‘stewing’ on this and like I said over at FPA: I guess the best that we can do is ensure that new traders are AWARE of the SIGNS really. You really don’t need to panic and pay somebody ANY amount of money that may or may not be able detect the presence of absence of some or the other plug-in (and be even MORE ‘out of pocket’)!!! Put another way: if this (and other) plug-ins are so ‘near and dear’ to either MetaQuotes or the brokers that use them for dubious purposes you can bet your ar*e THEY will be one step ahead of any piece of software that anybody can write to detect the presence of absence of such plug-ins (much like the ‘virus business’). Put another way: if a broker is ‘bad’ you can be almost sure that their ‘antics’ are NOT JUST limited to using this (and other) plug-ins. There’ll be OTHER ‘warning signs’. So for now here’s my contribution (see the link below). FOR ONCE you can skip the “I’m in love with my broker” parts. LOL!!! It’s the main points made at the beginning of the review that are important here. I think at some stage (maybe even this weekend) I’ll either make it a separate post (thread) or turn it into a .PDF and we can then we can all ‘add to the list’??? A sort of ‘what to look for in a broker’ list (as contrarian as they may be)!!! Put another way: it doesn’t take very many trades to see if you’re getting ‘raped’ or not IF YOU KNOW WHAT TO LOOK FOR (which unfortunately I didn’t for a LONG LONG time and many tens of thousands of USD later). And the irony here: my first broker didn’t even OFFER MetaTrader as a trading platform (the one that ‘taught’ me all of these ‘lessons’ that are referred to in my review) so you can be sure that these ‘moves’ are NOT just limited to brokers offering MetaTrader BUT the ‘behaviour’ and end result are exactly the same. Bottom line really (as I said): if a broker is ‘rotten’ then they’re ‘rotten’. Software or plug-ins aside. Such software or plug-ins will be but ONE ‘tool’ in their ‘arsenal’ to ‘fleece’ you.

DeltaStock Review And Rating, | Myfxbook



And a note to the NEW Admins that don’t know me:

This is NOT solicitation or advertising!!! Read the thread before deleting the link!!! You know who I’m talking to!!!

I love you post,I think I will send people here so see how much they can be saving, the title will be How to Save Thousands of USD

Also if you start a tread about what to look for I will most definitely be a contributor, my experience detecting the plug in with GAIN capital and creating 4xGuardian will be of most used. It could also help me improved my software and will let people decided if they like a automated solution or do it manually .


Alright let’s not get off to a ‘bad footing’ here. I’m not interested in your product and I’m not interested in what you do with it and quite frankly if you’re a trader and you’re so concerned about other traders (and assuming your product works) then you should be distributing it freely in an effort to try to ‘clean up’ this business. By selling it you’re basically (in my opinion) no better than (as Master Tang noted) the brokers that use these plug-ins to increase their profits. I mean: once the software has been written well, then, what more is there for you to do??? That’s different from, say, for example, me charging annual fees for membership to my forums etc. because I spend hours and hours doing on-line training etc. on an ongoing basis and that costs time and effort and data and sometimes phone-calls so there ARE other costs involved too. What’s more: no offence but don’t let’s let you nor I become TOO friendly because there is NO WAY I’m going to endorse your product in any way, shape, or form. So let’s get that straight right here and now. If you were GIVING it away (and it works) I’d HERALD you. But trying to get new traders to pay for software that may or may not work and on the OFF chance that their broker is using plug-ins against them??? Nah. That’s as low as the brokers themselves that use the plug-ins for dishonest purposes.

And after putting much thought into this issue since the user manual ‘fell from the sky’: I’ve now decided that actually it STILL DOES ‘boil down’ to trader education. If I place a market order at X and it’s executed, with no re-quote, at Y, well there’s a simple warning sign right there. That’s not rocket science. If a trading platform freezes almost always just before or at news data release times: there’s another sign. Again: not rocket science. Slippage or re-quotes at news data release times or during periods of high market volatility??? Again it ‘boils down’ to education. In a fast moving or very volatile market: slippage IS JUST going to happen. Again: education. There’s a belief among new traders that if they place an order at X then it had better be executed at X otherwise they’re being ‘fleeced’. Nonsense. In a slow moving market or if trading the longer time-frames: then it shouldn’t happen (or should I say it should happen less often). Pick up any book on the trading of stocks or futures or commodities. I challenge you to find ONE that, while explaining a trading system, doesn’t contain the line ‘So I placed an order at X and got filled at Y’ or when giving statistics for a given trading system there is always a note that says ‘commissions and slippage are not accounted for in these results’. Education!!! Unfortunately when I started out: there was nobody as ‘outspoken’ about these things. Or maybe I waited to long to start asking WHY I could only close losing trading ‘in the twinkling of an eye’ but never close a profitable trade before being re-quoted a good few times by which time the profit had all but been lost. Who knows.

And then also: there’s this thing about scalping and making a few hundred dollars in a few seconds of trading or trading the news. For some reason: most new traders seem to THINK that they’re trading the same way as they’ve seen on TV or in movies i.e. that on-line trading is the same as, and exciting as, being a floor trader on the floor of an exchange. THOSE are the REAL ‘scalpers’ and short term traders i.e. huge positions but only looking for tiny moves. In and out. Day in and day out. Minute by minute. First: they’re ‘right there’. Second: they’re not trading FOREX. Third and when it comes to electronic trading and trading the news: the reason those huge spikes occur is not because a bunch of on-line Retail Spot FOREX decided to press the buy or sell button all at the same time. Those spikes come from people a LOT more ‘in the know’ and are trading with ‘the best of the best’ computer systems and news feeds e.g. the banks and the likes of the Goldman Sachs’ of this world. By the time even your average Retail Spot FOREX broker gets the data the move is ALREADY over (even milliseconds count). So you as ‘Joe Retail Spot FOREX Trader’ are probably at least third or fourth in line. The best chance you have of making money when trading the news is to fade the move that you see. Of course: with the existence of these plug-ins you’ll probably get re-quoted and re-quoted (maybe even WITHOUT these plug-ins if the moves are volatile enough). So again: Education!!! Trading the news or scalping is NOT for the inexperienced trader ESPECIALLY if they’re trading with a broker of ill repute which, as I’ve noted, is not rocket science to notice IF you’re INFORMED and AWARE. Education!!!

And besides: you’re selling something (or tying to sell something) that costs more than your average new Spot FOREX Trader is going to open their account with e.g. $100 with 50 000:1 leverage. That IN AND OF itself is a recipe for disaster and that’s got NOTHING to do with plug-ins or anything else. That’s for those that fall into the ‘get rick quick trading Spot FOREX’ fraternity.

So there you have it. As I’ve noted: if a broker is ‘bad’ they’re ‘bad’ and there’s nothing that you nor I or your software is going to do to change that. For every ‘bucket-shop’ that closes down you can be sure there’ll be another five to replace them from some ‘hole’ in Cyprus of Belize using the same software and plug-ins.

That’s my final ‘take’ on this subject and the only one that makes sense to me. Educate the masses and, well, if they fail, then at least (hopefully) it’s for a good reason e.g. THEIR OWN shortcomings as a human being because we’re ALL human beings and THIS business is the ONE business in the WORLD that is the ‘equaliser’. It’s the only business in the world where at least, on a personal level, it’s obvious that human beings have certain common inherent characteristics or weaknesses and only those that can overcome those weaknesses will be successful in the long run.



You and ECNJesus are really good at misrepresenting what was said. What Dale was saying has NOTHING to do with getting cheated by an MT4 broker.

ECNJesus never properly answered my question to him, and used a quote of mine completely out of context. You cherry pick a statement from Dale, and use it to back up your theory, although it’s completely irrelevant to your “product”.

That’s pretty lame, and fairly transparent as to your motives, which aren’t as benevolent as you would have people think.

I can’t say I’m suprised but certainly saddend by this latest revelation. Whatever happened to ‘men of honour’ and ‘my word is my bond’? It seems gone are the days when a simple nod from one pit trader to another over a crowded floor was good enough to buy or sell at a FIXED price! I must admit it comes as a suprise if as suggested FXCM have been caught using this type of software? Software that as far as I can see has but one purpose… to manipulate prices in a brokers favour? Given that they are large enough to be quoted on the NY Stock Exchange and are regulated in both the UK and US one assumed that they would have been above such things. I did wonder why I recieved an unsolicited large refund from FXCM late last year! Perhaps those with larger accounts might consider having their lawyers draft an iron clad contract expressly prohibiting such software use as a condition of remaining a client? After all we have to file plenty of thier paperwork. What a sad state of affairs. :33:

EDIT: Hows the paperwork going Dale… a hard rum drinking, no ‘BS’ man like yourself I’d have no problem being my broker! LOL!!!