Videos about MetaTrader Manager and Administrator settings and plugins

They sure do sound desperate! Props to you bud and keep it up!

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Jesus Wept.

Is this STILL going on!!!

You know: there seems to be some type of paranoia going around and it’s getting worse day by day. MetaTrader Plug-ins, stop hunting, spreads widening, the list is endless. Nobody is denying the existence of these plug-ins or anything else that goes on in this business. But for goodness sake: there are people making GOOD money in this business. So stop worrying about all this ENDLESS NONSENSE!!! Find a decent broker, find a decent trading system (that was designed or developed by a professional trader i.e. not some ‘new trader experiment’ that’ll work for a few days only), if you need to find a mentor or somebody prepared to help you then do so, and then JUST TRADE!!! It’s not rocket science!!! Trust me.

Sorry bayuskam: my ‘ranting and raving’ is in no way directed at you personally but really. I see (especially of late) FAR too may people worrying about FAR too many arbitrary things instead of just ‘getting on with the job’. YES: there are brokers that use plug-ins (and NO Deltastock is NOT one of them). YES: MetaTrader ITSELF has utilities that allow for the changing of prices and all manner of other things but it depends on the broker i.e. it depends on how those utilities are used and for what purpose. They were not DESIGNED to ‘fleece’ traders. But yes: in the hands of unscrupulous and dishonest brokers they CAN be used to ‘fleece’ traders. YES: variable spreads CAN be used to hunt stops and ‘fleece’ traders. But AGAIN: it ALL COMES DOWN TO BROKER INTEGRITY!!! And LEARNING TO TRADE instead of worrying about ENDLESS NONSENSE DOES HELP!!! LOL!!!



OK so here we have a broker representative saying “yes, there are brokers who screw traders using various features and tools available, but not us, so don’t worry about it and just find a good broker and trade”.

It’s a bit like saying that crime exists, but just avoid it and ignore it and get on with your life.

5 years ago or more, it was a problem. Nowadays, not so much.

That is, unless you decide to open an account with PhlyBighKnightFX out of Cypress, or Belize, or any other questionably governed Republic.

Stick with the bigger brokers, and you’ll be fine.

I think brokers would be happiest with a trader that broke even all the time. They make the spread, the trader keeps trading, and doesn’t go bust. Forex is so much more under scrutiny these days thanks to Global, and Gain, that it would be business suicide to get caught biting the hands that feed them.

First: I’m a trader FIRST LONG before there being ANY involvement with my beloved broker. Second: how come I (and many others) can make money (and decent money at that) using ANY trading platform INCLUDING MetaTrader??? The reason: because those of us that are making money are trading at DECENT BROKERS that are not ABUSING certain software features or utilities that were never DESIGNED to ‘fleece’ traders.

I suppose now that this pathetic thread has once again started to gather momentum (no pun intended) let me include HERE what I’ve JUST had to post on FPA!!! Before you comment again: I’d suggest you read BOTH threads from start to finish.

Here’s the thread on FPA:


And here’s what I ADDED to THAT thread after quoting the post by bayuskakm over THERE:

[I]“I’m NOT saying to ‘turn a blind eye’ nor am I saying that it’s not a good thing to be AWARE or be WARY. There’s no question that this business if FAR from ‘squeaky clean’ ESPECIALLY when it comes to Spot FOREX. All I’m saying is to not forget why you’re here or what it is that you’re trying to accomplish. If all of the above was applied by all brokers ‘across the board’ then it follows that ALL traders would lose money and this business of on-line Spot FOREX trading would have been shut down YEARS ago because EVERYBODY would KNOW by now that it would be IMPOSSIBLE to make money because of all of these ‘tricks and traps’. EDUCATE yourself for sure. If you don’t do that and lose: then you do only have yourself to blame. If MetaQuotes has gone ‘too far’ insofar as providing utilities that MAY be abused by unscrupulous brokers: let’s face it there’s nothing that anybody is going to be able to do about it. If it’s of THAT big a concern: find a broker that has their own proprietary trading platform and trade with that. But don’t for one minute believe that a broker with a proprietary trading platform cannot ‘build in’ the exact same ‘utilities’ to ‘fleece’ traders if that’s the type of broker that they are. Do your due diligence when choosing a broker. That’s what FPA is HERE FOR!!! If a broker is labelled as a ‘SCAM’ by FPA and you go and open an account with them well, then, don’t cry.
[I]And I’m sorry to bring this up again but given that this and the thread on BabyPips has ‘reared its ugly head again’ at almost exactly the same time and given the longevity of both threads: I once again question the motives behind both threads being started in the first place.

And come to think of it that’s EXACTLY what I’m saying:

I live in one of the most crime-ridden countries as I’m sure you may know or may have heard. But it’s limited to ‘crime hotspots’ contrary to popular belief. Am I going to go and ‘hang around’ in those ‘crime hotspots’??? Looking for trouble??? No. Obviously not. Same applies to my CHOICE of broker.



So why does this discussion annoy you? Don’t you want to see improvements in the industry? Or would that result in more competition for your employer?

It is still possible to make money from unscrupulous brokers. It’s just that they may take a little more of a cut from your profit than you’d like them to via slippage.

Would you like to see an improvement in the country? Or you don’t care, or don’t think you can make any diffrerence, so you decide not to raise the issue with others nor even talk about it?

That’s Dale’s point. If people spent half the time they do *****ing about getting ripped off, and spent that time learning to trade, a broker couldn’t rain on their parade no matter what.

Take a look at my LAST post now on FPA and you’ll SEE why. In short: I refuse to allow my beloved broker to be ‘tarred with the same brush’ (that’s the short version of it anyway). And OF COURSE I want to see improvements in the industry. Hard as this may be to believe that’s my EXACT REASON for POSTING on this topic (and if I MAY SAY I’ve not seen any OTHER brokers ‘stepping up to the plate’ i.e. ‘too hot’ so ‘better stay away lest we get caught out’)!!! But the person that started all of this is, well, ‘throwing the baby out with the bathwater’ or rather is ‘firing at the wrong target’. GO FOR THE DISHONEST BROKERS!!! Not some piece of software!!! That’s the point I’ve been trying to get across to everyone all along. Personally: I dislike MetaTrader PERIOD!!! So it’s not like I’m trying to defend MetaTrader or MetaQuotes. As a matter of fact: MetaQuotes could not have handled this little ‘situation’ in a WORSE POSSIBLE MANNER EVEN IF THEY TRIED HARD. And not only that: I guess this discussion annoys me because I STILL don’t ‘buy into’ the reasons for it being started in the first place. As I’ve noted at least twice (either here or at FPA): the guy works for a Spot FOREX broker and has now had an ‘attack of conscience’??? Please. I wasn’t born yesterday.

Anyway: I don’t know you and I have no reason at all to have issues with you either. As a matter of fact: I SHOULD be saying WELCOME!!! LOL!!! You’ve been a member here since 2007 and you’ve only just started posting here TODAY!!! LOL!!! That IS a new record I’m sure. Anyway the point is, as I say, I should be saying “HELLO and we’re glad to have you here” (as opposed to ONCE AGAIN wasting time on this ‘corpse topic’)!!!



And thank you. That WAS the point I was trying to make (this morning anyway). Ask a new trader what slippage is and they’ll quickly tell you. Ask them what a stop order is and how it is actually executed in the market and you’ll get a ‘blank look’!!! But GOD FORBID they get slipped a few pips i.e. then the broker (via the software) is a ‘scam artist’. But teach them what a stop order is and how it gets executed and only THEN does the thought arise “well maybe my broker isn’t a scam artist because that’s how stop orders work”.



So I guess that you don’t mind if your broker adds unnecessary artificial delays to the execution of your trades in order to try to catch a few pips per trade for themselves.

Even at supposedly reputable brokers like Tadawul FX I get executions that last 3 or 4s despite having a round-trip ping time to their server at around 80ms. I don’t know whether they use the virtual dealer plugin or whether there is some other reason for slow execution, but I want to see more reputable brokers around with excellent execution, and by speaking out against execution delays (intentional or otherwise) so that the industry players are aware that it is an important issue, together we could help improve order execution time in the retail forex industry.

I’d agree that some MetaTrader brokers are worse than others. In my experience the worst ones were FigFX, LiteForex, and Prime4x.

Since you claim that DeltaStock is absolutely fine, can you provide any evidence, such as statistics like average trade duration, percentage of orders that are requoted?

You may not be defending MetaQuotes or MetaTrader, but you are defending the broker with which you trade at and also happen to work for. Every statement you make is going to have the “broker representative” label attached to it.

EcnJesus could be working for the interests of his employer too, which may be an ECN broker. In that case the discussion between the two of you has basically been a battle between competing brokers. Competition between brokers is good for traders, so I support what EcnJesus has done.

Here’s the Virtual Dealer Plugin documentation: VirtualDealer versus Manual Execution: What Is Better?

Here’s the video:


Well you should try Deltastock then!!! I work / live in South Africa and connect to the Internet using Vodafone’s 3G Network. My ping times to Deltastock’s Servers average around 400ms and MY orders get executed faster than that!!! LOL!!! So with a decent Internet Connection you shouldn’t have ANY problems whatsoever!!! LOL!!!

Yeh: ‘shameless punt’ I know (although the facts and figures are correct)!!! LOL!!!

But I agree with you wholeheartedly. This business needs a real good ‘sweeping’. There’s no question about that. TadawulFX??? Well. I’m not into OTHER broker ‘bashing’ (as long as OTHER brokers don’t fu*k with Deltastock’s Reviews and Ratings that is). Actually and to be fair: I have it on VERY good authority that they’ve ‘cleaned up their act’ of late. That’s by no means an endorsement though by the way. There is a rather ‘worrying’ post floating around here where somebody says he ‘thinks’ he’s been scammed and that they could possibly have had something to do with it. But, well, I find it very odd that it’s the ONLY post I’ve seen of that nature. If a good few dozen or hundred people had been scammed: you can BET it’d be all over every forum on the Internet by now. So I’m not sure what that’s all about. Sometimes: it’s not only the brokers that are the ‘baddies’ believe it or not!!! LOL!!! I’m not saying that IS the case with this post to which I refer i.e. just saying.



I’m thankful you at least added the term ‘[I]supposedly[/I]’ to that sentence.

If I got execution times of more than 1000ms more than once or twice a month, I’d change broker immediately.

I haven’t bothered to obtain precise execution times from my broker yet, because there has never been any need … execution has always been instant, i.e. as soon as I clicked the [I]Buy[/I] or [I]Sell[/I] button, order confirmation popped up without delay; the day this changes I’ll attach an exec-time-EA, and if the EA logs more than one or two per cent trades with an execution time above 500ms I’ll change brokers.

Why don’t you people just stick to proper brokers instead of falling for every bucketshop that promises 1:500 leverage and a deposit bonus?


For a minute there I thought I was going MAD i.e. that same video had just popped up on FPA and I thought ‘WTF???’!!! LOL!!!

I have read your previous post (sorry: we were overtyping each other i.e. I was busy with my reply to you above while you were already typing your reply to me above that)!!! WHEW!!! THAT was a long story.

I’m not going to quote your entire post as, well, I guess, once again, I agree.

But if nothing else: there’s MORE than enough ‘fodder’ for new unsuspecting traders to at least be AWARE of what IS POSSIBLE anyway. If that is ALL that these two threads have accomplished then that’s good enough I guess.



Holeee sh*t!!! And I thought that MY posts were going to ‘ruffle some feathers’!!! LOL!!!

Well done. For a long time (well in my six years anyway) there’s even been doubts as to whether or not this exists (just read some of the old posts around here)!!! Better yet: it’s a MetaQuotes document i.e. it’s always been suspected that it was a Boston Technologies plug-in. This is going to make somebody’s day at FPA!!! LOL!!! (That rhymes)!!! LOL!!!



I was scared the first time I saw this. Now i don’t know what to do. I have a tin foil hat on now and padded all my walls. WAAAAA

Well for what it’s worth:

I’ve read that document at least four times now. And there’s no denying it is scary stuff. To make things worse: I’m betting that’s documentation for an OLD version of that plug-in!!! LOL!!!

One thing that definitely ‘sticks out like a sore thumb though’ is that most all of those available functions will affect mostly scalpers and news traders from what I can tell. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. That’s just my perception anyway. I’m not saying it’s RIGHT to use some of those functions. But I can see the impact that is possible on short term trades or quick scalps or news trades.

Backing off a bit here (me): you see my ‘world’ is a bit different. I’m used to gaps and slippage and the odd requote here and there. With CFDs (or even proper Futures) trading it’s ‘just the name of the game’. Sometimes gaps are in my favour as is slippage. Sometimes not. And I don’t trade timeframes any shorter than the 1-hour timeframe (and given all the stuff I’ve got on my plate at the moment I’m back to the daily timeframes anyway). And of course: I don’t use MetaTrader so that helps!!! LOL!!!

But yeh: I can see how this could be alarming especially for short term Spot FOREX traders (and NO: it’s not me ‘starting’ again with my Spot FOREX vs. Equities and Commodities trading i.e. I’m being genuine here).

All of the above being said though: firstly it’s an OPTION and secondly it can be TURNED OFF (so far as I can tell). I know that’s not much consolation.

And after all my ‘going on’ I think I have to make something clear here. When I was talking about built-in utilities in MetaTrader I was talking more of things like being able to manipulate prices or ‘fix’ charts due to data errors or timing errors and stuff like that. Not delaying the execution of trades and some of the other things noted in that document. To be honest: I have to say that I’m surprised even at the WORDING i.e. it’s pretty specific is it not!!!

The only thing I ask myself is this (and I’m not making excuses for what I’ve learned today): is that plug-in DEFINITELY designed to ‘fleece’ traders OR is that plug-in simply doing what a normal dishonest dealing desk broker would do ANYWAY (with dealers i.e. no software) or am I just being naive here???

I need to sleep on this.