VIP-brokers refuse my withdrawal! VIP brokers scam!

My dad had invested 65000 USD and until today they refuse my withdrawal. The broker Tom Michel refuse to withdraw unless another 5000 USD is added into the account. This is total scam company.many times we tried to call but nobody answer or line disconnected. How should I solve this problem?


I’m guessing - but my initial response would be to call the police and report a “FRAUD” - Then the big TV shows and newspapers, in that order.


depending on what country you are in, Look at how Corruption laws work and laws pertaining to FRAUD AND DECEPTION

get a copy of your contract with the broker
even download the Terms of use

Get yourself a lawyer and the sue the crap out of them
now… if they are offshore you may have issues
it may also be the case that you don’t get your money back, unfortunately


mate… since i typed the last line, i just spent around 5 mins trying source information that is useful for your case
it turns out it’s not hard to find that they are a scam
many people are complaining and many have your same issue

i know this sux
but, its looking like you probably won’t get your money back… sorry mate


From their website:
19. Governing Law and Exclusive Courts
WWW.VIP-BROKERS.COM is owned and operated by Wilkinson Development LTD. Trust Company Complex, Ajelake Rd., Marshell Islands, MH96960.


This Agreement will be governed by in accordance with the laws of United Kingdom without regard to its choice of law principles. Any legal action or proceeding arising in connection with this Agreement will be brought exclusively in courts of United Kingdom

This last bit is BS as they aren’t regulated by the FCA.

Report them by all means, you most likely will not get any money back but you may get them closed down.

Good luck


Will try my best to do what i can .anyone else has any suggestions do let me know.will keep this updated till this problem solved.i don’t want anyone to be trapped like my really making us to be depress and mentality we are so tired. My heart shattered into pieces knowing this happened to my own father. They just rob his money…Don’t let this to happen to anyone.

Mate, find their car and where they work and we’ll meet them after work and beat the crap out of em hehe
Key their car up, spit in their sandwiches and coffee
put a banana in their tailpipe

Mate, we’ll even start a thread on how many ideas we can come up with to Firetruck them up ok

Good luck with it mate, it sux i know, it’s your parents and it pisses you off.
i know, my mum once got her handbag literally grabbed from her on a train on the way home.

I’m not even going to say on this forum what i felt like doing if i found the guy hehe (use your imagination)
i feel you mate
good luck with it all, sometimes these things do work out, keep trying and let us know.

I lost a deposit of 5000 dollars with VIP brokers.
They refused withdrawal and do not answer my calls and emails. I have started a chargeback of the deposit I made through credit card but the ones by bank transfer may be difficult because my bank said they can’t help.

What are the police telling you about why exactly this is not criminal fraud ?

CRYPTO ADVANTAGE should aslo be targeted because i was automatically assinged to VIP Brokers who are clearly SCAM brokers, i send 10 emails everyday requesting my withdrawal every now and then I get an email saying its in process . fucking liars. someone in London needs to go to there offices. unfortunelty I am in South Africa so cant.

VIP-brokers, VIP cryptocurrency linked to each other. I am not sure urs.We need Interpol to investigate this to action fraud UK and all the available organisation including embassy and banks…till today they refuse to withdrawal…never reply emails…

All the people who has effected need to report to action fraud UK…use Interpol to track them.

How long u been asking for Withdrawal?

filled out cc authorisation form on the 18th dec, i had requested days before. when you try load docs on site I kept getting errors. the one and only time I got through on the phone they told me to send docs to compliane@vip-brokers. i think I am going to register again withour making a deposit and wait for them to call me then i can get info on person and question why they wont process withdrawal.

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that’s a good idea


have a microphone (and Camera if possible) setup, but definitely Audio.
when they call , put your phone on speaker and record the conversation between you and them

that way, if they hang up, you have evidence
also at the beginning of the call, get the operators name , Extension number if possible and Operator ID or ID number of the call

to do this without arousing suspicion,
do this…

in a very polite and submissive voice say something like…

I don’t mean to be rude, but the last operator i spoke to was rude and hung up on me , i was just wondering if i get a reference number for this call or your Operator or Employee ID Number.

then say …
i know you are probably not going to hang up on me… right ?
and he should say (yeah that’s right)
and then you say

"but i just want to be on the safe side, so if it happens i’ll know to tell the manager who hung up on me, is that ok… do you mind"
then act apologetic and say “Sorry , i’m not being rude, but, if it’s not too much trouble”

You’ll find that you’ll likely get 2 pieces of information

  1. some sort of a reference number
  2. a confirmation that THEY WILL NOT HANG UP

so if they hang up, you now have evidence

after that, ask whatever you like


this can’t be right
it has to end in or or net or whatever the extension is

and wouldn’t it make more sense for it to be COMPLIANCE or COMPLAINTS as opposed to compliane.

Make sure you have the correct email for the lawyer to correspond with them, THIS IS IMPORTANT

so my main point is… when they call RECORD IT

good luck with it mate

Which broker you are talking about?


mate, it’s in the title and all over the post

Ow; that was the name??!! I really missed it completely!

LOL… it happens i guess

does anyone know how to contact VIP BROKERS

pls help to provide contact number in UK
on website : 44-208-0891994–when called cannot get thro

If you’re in the UK contact the FCA, this firm is named on a black list of unauthorised brokers they have recently issued.

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