VIP-brokers refuse my withdrawal! VIP brokers scam!

VIP Broker were dissolved in May 2017, when did you start trading with them?

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That doesn’t look very hopeful then ! :unamused:

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Why does no one do due diligence on brokers? Its too late complaining on here after the event

Fair comment @eddieb but it’s not easy to know when some firm is about to go down the pan!

British Govt was stil letting contracts to Carillion last week when they went down for around £5 BILLION !

the answer is… They’re Newbies, they dont’ know any better
if they did , they wouldn’t come here asking questions like, “what’s a good broker”

it’s a catch 22
and the bucket shops know it

The problem is, they don’t ask!
They come here saying “I’ve been scammed” afterwards. Its too late then.
One of my first questions as a newbie here was asking for recommendations and advice on brokers
It’s not rocket science

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@eddieb[quote=“eddieb, post:26, topic:128784”]
One of my first questions as a newbie here was asking for recommendations and advice on brokers
It’s not rocket science

TRUE… but, clearly you are different
there are two kinds of newbies from what i’ve observed

the ones that ask but don’t really listen to the answer out of laziness
the type like you were, that ask and ACTUALLY LISTEN
so there is that

i agree, it’s pointless to even post it
i mean, how many posts are there that contain the words “I’ve been scammed by my broker” i wonder ?

and still it happens hehe… go figure

yeah… there is that as well
other times they ask but don’t listen
other times they don’t know any better and figure HOW BAD CAN IT BE IF I JUST JUMP INTO ONE
and then they end up here with a post like this

what are you gonna do … huh

i am from malaysia and start to deal with VIP-BROKERS in dec-2017

i started my trade with vip brokers in dec-2017

If they went bust in May. The Liquidator should NOT have taken on any new business. He should have refused to deal with you. You need to make him aware of that either yourself or through a Lawyer.

Was your account open in May 2017 ?

Hi, sorry to hear about heartbroken story. Here I can think of is to find a lawyer from the country VIP-broker registered. Let the lawyer call this company, and send letter to the company with the solution you aimed, and threaten to sue the company to local court. Not sure it works or not, but I think a threaten from neighbor is more horrible than the one from a foreign country.

Do you know there was a liquidator?

Valid point @tommor

The reference given in the Company house doument is ;

The Accounting Centre, 36 Queens Road, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 7NE

And Op refers to one “Tom Michel” (which could be “Mitchell” or a variant) - so those are places to start.

Whoever has banked the money has acted illegally, as there is no possibility a contract could have been formed with a defunct company. So as long as money was received after May 2017, the OP should be able to recover it as it has been taken under false pretences - ie fraudulently.

That of course will depend on what the OP has signed - but at first sight seems the likely situation.

Police first - Lawyer second if Police refuse to apply the law.

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i am deeply sorry for your loss.

but i must add, it is your own fault when you look out for repuatble brokers and you start making business with a company named “VIP Broker”.

the name itself is signaling with red lights flashing “scam”.

No serious company will call itself “VIP-Something”

VIP is a shorting you find in companies like bookmakers or poker websites or escort services all around the world.


Hi I’m in the same position have you had any luck or managed to make contact with Vip brokers I invested a lot of money and now they are ignoring my emails to request withdrawal and the phone just cuts off or just rings out

Hi Falstaff

Are we sure this is the same company? As is owned and operated by Wilkinson developments Ltd based in the Marshall Islands. Would you know how to find this out as I invested a lot of money in December and can’t make contact with them since I requested to make a withdrawal, I had thought at the time I had done due diligence checks on this company but clearly not enough or looked in the wrong places. Now I feel very stupid and the whole situation is causing unbearable stress and can’t take it anymore, and now I’m broke so any advice from anyone on this forum would be greatly appreciated

Many Thanks

The only info I have is from the link provided by @eddieb a few posts back. If you dig about in Companies house, you should be able to find that information, but some of their information has to be paid for.

The places to start are Companies House and the “Accounting Centre” as above - Oh and of course Your Bank should be able to tell you where the money has gone.

woking123 woking123
January 31
Hi I’m in the same position have you had any luck or managed to make contact with Vip brokers I invested a lot of money and now they are ignoring my emails to request withdrawal and the phone just cuts off or just rings out

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mekus22 mekus22
January 8
I lost a deposit of 5000 dollars with VIP brokers. They refused withdrawal and do not answer my calls and emails. I have started a chargeback of the deposit I made through credit card but the ones by bank transfer may be difficult because my bank said they can’t help.
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Nothing so far. On the 30/1/18. One of them called and told me that my broker Tom Michael had an accident. That he reserved Bitcoin for me at the cost of 15,000. Usd that i only deposited 5000 usd He insisted that I must pay the balance of 10,000usd before my withdrawal request can be processed. Which I saw as another level of scam. I told him I never instructed anyone to enter into Bitcoin reservation for me. I only made deposit and immediately I noticed they are scam brokers I demanded my deposit withdrawal. That’s the situation now. I am still searching for a way to get back my deposit.
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i too had a call saying to top up usd 5000 to release my earning–sems to a contract agreement with VIP BROKERS.

have you heard about --who says they can help to recover the deposit done with VIP BROKERS via the banking channels.

MyChargeBack require a fee to do this. do you think this true

A Chargeback is a term that Credit Card Companies (M/Card - Visa etc.) use to reverse a transaction for a stolen card, faulty goods, service or maybe even scams…

As long as your deposit came out of a Credit Card you can ask for it to be reversed…
Try contacting your Card Issuer’s Bank. There should be no charge using your Bank to chase down your Funds as long as you can prove you have been scammed. have just become a middle man so they can charge a fee to unsuspecting Card holders…a Scam in itself…

It’s a nightmare for eBay Stores around the globe… because if a customer doesn’t want to pay, they just contact their C/Card company and claim that the card was stolen…PayPal on behalf of the C/Card company force you to refund the purchaser in full (+$15 service fee) and then issues a new card with funds restored back to the buyer…

I don’t know how successful they are for across border claims, but within border they win every time…