Virtual Private Service VPS

Do I need VPS? If soooooooooooo how many?
I think one might be enough right?

Why do you need a VPS?

Helloooo! :smiley: I personally think that using a VPS isn’t necessarily a “need.” :open_mouth: I think you’d do just fine without it, but if you really wanna use VPS, then just 1 would be enough. There are also some pretty interesting opinions from the other members here. :smiley:

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I guess if you do travel a lot like flamingo and other members, it would be something to consider. :blush:

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If you encounter bad latency with the broker you’re trading with, you might need it also as it will reduce some of it. I’ve just encountered it last night. It was a bad experience.

i have never used a vps, but it is my understanding that a vps is simply a rented computer that remains connected to a high speed internet connection.

this is a step up from renting a $5.00/month web hosting service, but with a vps you are allowed to control the whole computer AND to run programs on it.

if you can keep a computer connected reliably, then you dont need a vps.

regarding the latency issue mentioned above, nah, i have traded using an old schoold ibm thinkpad and a standard telephone company dial up line and it works fine…

the problem with trading forex isnt that you cant place your trades fast enough, but that you can make precisely targetted trades.

what difference does it make if you have a dialup connection or a super duper high speed connection, if your trade is going to remain open for hours or days?

i am trading now and i am connected to this website using a $100 netbook that i bought from a pawnshop(lenovo) and i get my internet connection using the hotspot that is supplied by my android phone.

no problemo.

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If you have fiber at home, and you’re a little tech savvy, why not run your own server at home? LTE failover connection, UPS power supply for power outages, couple of HDs set up in a RAID config, and presto.

I don’t know. :thinking:

Hi there! :blush: It’s good to hear your thoughts on VPS usage. It’s indeed a matter of personal choice, and it’s valuable to consider different opinions within the community.