Want to be rich in 5years momma!

Hi Everyone, I just attended an online seminar for Forex but I didn’t have money to pay for the course. So I found this website and I hope to learn a lot from this. Make it my passive income and be able to become a full time trader.


I think it’s good you decided to check out other resources first. :sweat_smile: There’s so much free stuff available online and you can use those to learn more about forex. :smiley: Rich in 5 years? :blush: I would say that’s a bold goal but I wish you all the best! :smiley:


Oh and of course, it also depends on what your definition of “rich” is. :sweat_smile:

You chose wisely, as they say. The course sellers are very good at selling the dream. You could have attended a seminar on property investment that would have told you about Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad, Poor Dad, or about Donald Trump’s property empire - without mentioning that his father bankrolled him when he was 20.

Reality is a little less glamorous, but since it has taken your interest to pursue Forex that is not a bad outcome. As @ria_rose has referred to, it depends on your definition of “rich”. Rich is a concept - I once heard that Hillary Clinton had retorted “we are not rich”, when their net worth was $100M. I guess compared with most of their billionaire friends, they were not rich.

I prefer to use the word wealth instead of richness, and wealth for me is having the choice to work in whatever field you choose without feeling pressure from your chosen environment (family, friends, past obligations) to feel like you need to work in a job that you dislike and that does not motivate you on a daily basis.

In this respect, I have been rich all my life. I was unaware my parents were working class and struggled to make ends meet when I was a child, because I did not attach value to “money”. We always had a home to live in, my parents did not have any vices like gambling, alcohol addiction, drug addiction etc. It was not until I were about 19 that I realized how lucky I had been to be born in a developed country with parents that supported my education. These days, things are not so rosy for many people, even in developed countries and especially not in underdeveloped countries.

My advice - choose your rich, choose your timeframe (10 years may be more achievable than 5 years), and set about making realistic intermediate goals for how you will achieve your “rich”. Remember the power of compounding, try to make each year goal realistic and achievable, then break down just next year into 12 months and make a list of actions to be completed that take you towards that goal. Forget years 2 to 10. Only concentrate on year 1. This sounds so obvious, but I can tell you I have taken 20 people through this learning and 18 failed, two succeeded by such a large margin compared with their original goals we laugh about how over-achievable were their past goals (with hindsight). Though neither of them trade Forex, they have found their rich. I do not do that any more. I just wanted to prove to myself that this can be achieved without a degree, without being corrupt, just by being yourself. Best of luck on the Forex journey.

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It is a great decision to join babypips for learning. You can get a lot of stuff here to learn Forex and achieve your goal of “Rich in five years”.

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Hi Ria,

Haha I think it’s a bold goal :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ll do my best to reach my goal, It’s my birthday today and I am trying to become the best version of myself.
Maybe I’m already in that “What Have I done with my life stage?” Hehehehe

Hmmm for me Rich is being able to have what I want, and have more so I can also share more of my blessings.

This is good news, you won’t waste money… :rofl:

Do you wan’t to have more money in 5 years?
I give you a simple system.

  1. Buy Tesla
  2. Wait 5 years
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Hi Mondeoman,

Thank u so much for what you have shared.
I was born from a very poor family in my country I have 10 Brothers and sisters and I am the breadwinner.
I was given to a relative so I could continue schooling.I didn’t get to finish my college because of Financial difficulty. Regardless, I persevered, built a house for my mom,sent 3 siblings to college and one is also starting this August. I guess I’m sharing this because looking back at my life I have helped my family, but now I don’t have my own house. I work full time right now and I have other job on weekends.My husband unfortunately has been unemployed since January and so I have to earn more.So I want to become Rich, I have been scammed by bitcoin traders ugggh I hate them and myself for believing them.They have no consience at all. So going back haha, I want to become Rich or weathy enough,because I want to continue helping my family and also have something left for myself.I want to have my own house and lot, my own business while working,and I want to secure my daughter’s future and retire comfortably.
I turned 36 today. I Appreciate your advice, Yes I am Writing my plan and trying to break it down monthly.
I have stocks and mutual funds right now, but I read that with Forex I could earn more.
I wish to talk to you again in 5 or 10yrs. Hope to become part of the 2 over 10 of the people you know who have made it there! :grinning:

Hahahaha, is this for real?hahahahaha

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Thank you Gove1971

Wish to learn a lot :slight_smile:

Hi Jen0609,
I am humbled by your response. Whether it is in Forex or other matters, I am sure you will achieve much in your life. I worked in AsiaPac in the 1970s and 1980s in the oil business, lived in Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Brunei and Sarawak. I met so many great, decent people like you struggling to feed and educate many other family members, hoping that one or more of their siblings would achieve great things. In the developed world, many young people have no idea of the struggles of other nationalities.
I was told a long time ago that an Indian national in the UK is ten times more likely than an indiginous English to become a millionaire. That is because when you have so much to gain, and not much to lose, you strive to win so much more than if things are always available in a developed country. No doubt you will succeed. You have my total respect. I am not sure that Forex trading is a straightforward way to make money for someone in your position and limited employment prospects for your husband. Have you thought about any small business for your husband instead of a job? Do you have access to microloans?

I am so sorry to hear you have been scammed by Bitcoin traders. I always think (when I have been scammed) that it is better to experience that early in life than later. You learn the lessons faster and so have less to lose than if you waited to be scammed. Don’t wait five or ten years to talk again. Use the opportunity of this forum to ask for help from others. We may not have experience in your circumstances, but it can help a lot to discuss ideas with forum friends - sometimes easier than those in your local neighbourhood.


Hi Mondeoman,

Thank you for your response and for believing in me. Yes, it is a challenge to be born in a developing country, but I know I can’t complaint, because I believe I’m still very lucky compare to other people in some other parts of the world who don’t even have access to clean water and food and some who were born with disabilities. So, about the Bitcoin scam incident it was because I was desperate at that time and thought that maybe that was the answer to my prayer. I know that was so careless of me haha but I am happy that because of that I was forced to find another way to earn money and told myself I will never be scammed again. I would really like to start a small business, but I am afraid of losing my capital and also I know it will take a lot of my time. My husband for the mean time helps me takes care of our 1yr old daughter. Hopefully, I will find the strength to already start a business. That is part of my 5yr plan too :slight_smile:
As for Forex, I am comforted that it is legit hehe. I’ll learn everything first before I dip my toes in water.
I will do my best and I wish u all the best too :slight_smile:

Wishing you the best for your goals Jen! :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome to the community, @Jen0609. Good decision. It’s best to utilize first all the free resources you can get your hands on. Good luck on your fx trading journey.

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Thank u!:slight_smile: I’m still learning and don’t want to trade yet until I complete the lessons.

When you feel comfortable, you may also trade with a demo account to practice what you’re leaning. It makes the learning process more comprehensive.

Forget about “read Babypips they have great education” people. Babypips is maybe good if you don’t have an idea of what the Forex is so you can learn some basic terms just to get into all stuff. There is no chance you could learn something very useful here and make money from that information you got here. Good luck.

You can’t become rich because you want to be rich. You can’t become rich because you have decided you can be rich.

In forex trading you will need a strategy. If you are the fisherman, the strategy is your boat. Without a boat all the fisherman can do is stand and watch the sea go by.

The strategy will decide if you can become rich and how long it will take.


Tommor your analogies are getting more poetical maybe it’s the time of day