Warm Greetings from Dreaming BIG guy from Croatia (I need help with Order Flow Trading right now)!


Having got that extra important bit of desire to learn and master forex trading thanks to studying through
the whole School of Pipsology, my main personal quality of dreaming BIG in direction of reaching my desired
financial freedom the quickest way possible led me first to binary options trading and then soon afterwards
forex trading.

By the way, I’m currently studying through the book “Order Flow Trading for Fun and Profit” and am, at the moment,
facing the challenge of not understanding a few bits and pieces about the matter of stop loss orders and stop hunting
in relation to the distribution of liquidity and price change as the result of the liquidity consumption.

Therefore, if you’re an experienced or pro trader who’s very familiar with the order flow trading and the above mentioned
subject of stop hunting and price change as the result of the consumption of the liquidity, I’d really appreciate if you could
PM me so that I could ask you a few very specific questions on these topics.

In advance many thanks.

Warmest greetings from a dreaming BIG guy from Croatia! :slight_smile:

Well done on working thru the school on here. That instantly puts you ahead of most of the new members here and gains you kudos and respect from the others who have walked the same path

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you guys have forex and binary options in croatia? damn and i always thought croatia has no electricity and never heard of internet or the like…

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Mate were you perhaps thinking that @bruno.fxwinner lives here

i suppose PARTS of croatia perhaps don’t
but for the most part

this is croatia
Mate those hotels have electricity and internet… trust me
Split is a tourist resort to rival tourist resorts


uhh looks pretty.

have you been there?

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I was in Split (and Dubrovnik) last year and enjoyed both. Dubrovnik would be my preferred choice of the two, utterly unique


did they had electricity? ive heard some storries about east europe. south europe apparently similar.

not as nice as we have it in the west like in UK or France :sweat:

No they didn’t, but as we used a luxury hotel both my wife and I were given our own wooden bucket to fetch water from the well.

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wow a private bucket! how awesome is that!

did you shower each other then?

damn, cant do any vac in a place where id have to shower my own wife :sweat:

my wife so fat i must roll her in flour to find the wet spot when we want sexytime :disappointed_relieved:

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Thats nothing. My wife so fat her bum cheeks have different post codes and separate passports

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No… Not me personally
but my friends have

I’ve been to serbia, I’be been to Montenegro , that’s also pretty nice.
Croatia is beautiful in many ways
montenegro is beautiful in other ways
serbia in other ways
bosnia in other ways again

but, No i’ve never been there, but i mean to go there.
my dad is from a village that resembles the top photo,
but croatia is not really like this for the most part, Croatia is a big tourist attraction, this isn’t the 60’s anymore where croatia was farmland hehe

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I’ve never been to Croatia, but those pictures are beautiful. I think I’d love to visit one day.

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yugoslavia is a beautiful place mate, definitely
if you get a chance to go , GO THERE

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hey eddieb,

Thanks a lot for thumbs up! :slight_smile: By the way, I’ve never thought of learning forex. What actually made me end up in here was learning about the Auto Binary Options software from a promo link inside the email of a dating and seduction coach All this binary options stuff sounded to me like one of the quickest ways to earn some solid cash that I wanted to invest in creating my dream lifestyle revolving around luxury travel and stunning women. So, here I am.

Since I am still a complete beginner to the whole trading thing and would love to cash in on financial markets sooner rather than later, I now wonder whether you or somebody you know would be interested in trading for me for a few months, until I master my own trading skills through demo trading.

If yes, just tell me how much money I’d have to give you and how much commission you’d be looking for.

On this note, I’m also taking the opportunity to thank the rest of the BabyPips members who responded to this thread and praised Croatia as a beautiful place to visit. Thank you all for that from the depth of my heart!!!

I’m now pleased to learn that my compelling headline writing style works and that copywriting might be another skill that I should master besides trading. :slight_smile:

In advance thanks a million for all your support and help.

Have a very fun day!!

Thanks a lot, Martin_K. Yes, it’s not just Croatia but all other countries from the region of the former Yugoslavia are gorgeous.

Hey dianajs, thank you so much. Hope to see you in Croatia one day!

hey MrDE, yeah, believe it or not, even such a small country like Croatia has all the conditions for folks to trade forex and binary options, and not just the gorgeous seaside and stunning women.

I’m very pleased that you like the photos of Croatia that Martin_K shared in here.

it is indeed
When you strip away the BS and the politics and the idiots,
you’re left with a beautiful country and nice people , and yes… HOT WOMAN hehe

it was better in the 70’s, no question about it , but hey, it’s still pretty good today.
i find that the hatred is not as bad today as it was back in the 80s

but again, … if people know how to ignore the politics, the land is bloody beautiful, i can’t stress that enough.
and that means all the land
indeed mate
Ziv bio

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You’re right. That’s why I try to stay away from topics like politics as much as I can.

Thanks a lot again for praising the beauty of the land and the women, too.

Wow! You didn’t tell me that you can write in Croatian. Thumbs up!
You’re awesome!!

Ziv bio!

You didn’t ask

Ja sam rodjen u Australiju, Moji su iz srbije, ja sam naucio (kako smo tada zvali) sprsko hrvatski od male noge.
razumem cirilicu i latinicu, ako zelis ponekad da se cujemo na preko internet, nema problema, a moramo da se sretnemo ovako
moras mi poslat privatnu poruku, pa da ti ja na brzinu dam moju adresu… razumes.
ovde ne voliju kad se ljudi sastaju van ove stranice, tako, ako hoces, Nije problema. ja imam iskustvo u ovo, i mogu ti pokazati neke stvari ako zelis

budi mi ziv is zdrav :stuck_out_tongue:

is that good enough :stuck_out_tongue: