🎅 We’ll be giving away prizes WEEKLY! - CLOSED

Christmas is just right around the corner, and we’re so ready to welcome the season of giving with-- you guessed it-- another giveaway!

Time flew so fast, and all of a sudden, it’s Christmas and we’re bidding goodbye to another decade! We’ve accomplished so much this year, and even launched our brand new technical analysis tool! And of course, we’re thankful to each and every one of you for continuously sharing your time and knowledge with the BabyPips community.

Now, before the cheesiness becomes too much to handle, let’s get right into the giveaway details!

Here’s how you can join this SUPER EASY giveaway:

  1. Hit the Yes button in the poll question below. This is so we know to include you in the giveaway pool of entries!
  2. Write at least 3 posts within the giveaway period. No, not 3 of the same exact post - we’re not looking for spammers! (For the newbies, you can write 3 posts anywhere in the forums. You can even introduce yourself in this thread!)
  3. Have an avatar. Yes ladies and gents, you gotta have a profile picture! You don’t need to use your actual photo - you can pick ANY photo other than the default letter that all anons get.

Piece of cake, right? And just like that, you get a chance to win Amazon gift cards and BabyPips.com tees!

To make things even more interesting, depending on what your user Trust Level is, (check out Pipstradamus’ write-up on this) your Amazon.com gift card prize changes!

Here’s the breakdown:

  • TL3 (“Regular”) winners will win 100USD
  • TL2 (“Member”) winners will win 50USD
  • TL1 (“Basic User”) winners will win 30USD
  • TL0 (“New User”) winners will win 10USD

And we’re not yet done! Since we’re such big fans of Christmas, we’ve decided to switch it up a notch! We will be picking winners and giving away prizes WEEKLY!

Yep. You got that right. We’ll be giving away prizes starting this week! One (1) winner per week will be selected randomly from the pool of posts created within the giveaway time frame. But who knows? We might pick more winners. :wink: So, you better stay tuned for even more surprises!

We will announce the winners on this thread every Monday before Christmas!

*The prizes will be in Amazon.com e-gift card format, which means we’ll have to ask for the winners’ email addresses. On the other hand, for the BabyPips.com shirts, we’ll have to ask for the winners’ mailing addresses.

Failure to respond with your addresses within 2 days will result in disqualification and selection of new winners.

Don’t forget to smash that “Yes” button to qualify!

  • Yes
  • No

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Good luck!


Amazing! I want that BabyPips t-shirt :smiley:


That’s lovely!


Hey guys!
Cade Forbes here coming in as a new trader from Louisiana. Looking forward to sharing and reading new ideas from everyone! Also, I’m really hoping I get that t-shirt😬


Hi, Baby Milk is more fruitful than Baby pips. Thanks for new idea


Wonderful!!! I’m in!!

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Hi this is Gracious from Zambia… thank you babypips team:smile

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I need a baby pips shirt to hang up on my wall of fame :exploding_head:


Great job Babypips.com

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Oh so merry!!

Looking forward to all the new ho-po’s (Holiday posts!!)

I’ll have to start writing!


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Awesome. :grin:

Now I just need an avatar! Any ideas?

want that t shirt

Looks like Christmas has arrived​:gift::+1:t4:


amazing this is so awesome

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New trader from Canada, looking to grind out the Forex courses and hone in my trading skills! :grin:

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Are you Chidi Anagonye from The Good Place?


Hi babypips… Im in track again