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When we told you we were cooking up something exciting, you bet we were dead serious!

Today, you can start using MarketMilk™, our brand new technical analysis tool to help you with your trade ideas! If you wanna know more about it, check out this article on WTH is Market Milk???

But, you know what would be even better? It’s if you go and explore it for yourself!

And as if having access to real-time fresh market insights doesn’t sound enticing enough for you to head over there right now, we’re holding a giveaway to encourage the BabyPips community to get their daily dose of Market Milk!

The rules are pretty simple, all you gotta do is reply to this forum topic with your answer to this question:

What’s your favorite part about MarketMilk™?

Oh! And don’t forget to add a screenshot of this section 'cause do you really like it if you don’t have a pic of it? :thinking:

To join this week’s giveaway, all you have to do is…

  1. Answer the question and add a screenshot of your favorite section. Tell us what you think about MarketMilk™ and what you love most about it! You must include a screenshot of your favorite section for it to be a valid entry.
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The giveaway period starts today October 4, 2019, and ends on October 14, 2019 at 11:59 PM EST.

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Good luck! And head over to MarketMilk™ NOW!



I love the watchlist feature. I find it very useful since it gives me easy access to the performance of the pairs I usually trade.


This is awesome. I love all of it. I do wish I better understood how to read the “Trend Strength” graphs on the bottom of the trend section. Does the dot represent each SMA and the crosses represent the current price?

Needless to say, the volatility section is my personal favorite, but I also like how easy it is to switch between majors by simply clicking on the first box under the “Symbols from the Majors” tab.

Really cool! Definitely using this page for my regular analysis from now on.

Well done!!

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The MRS loves Amazon!!

What an incredible tool. I can just quickly tap on the symbol details and go to the trend section, and gain quick insight on the probable market direction in just a short while… I love this new tool.

Hold on guys! :smiley: Hahaha. I’m just starting to familiarize myself with it! I’ll be back with my entry. :sweat_smile:

Hello, my name is Constantinos and I’m wannabe FX Dealer, I started with some basics and hoping to complete all the lessons one day… I had been far from the lessons for long time yes mom I know…

The First thing I found interesting, at least from my side, is this

I can keep track of the changes for some instuments in a very user-friendly way in my eyes

Very nice!
Easy and fast to read.
Easy and fast to navigate.
You guys did a great job.
Thank you.

My favourite? Here it is:

Great layout and colour scheme!
Ease of use
My favourite part The watchlist- Over bought/sold section where i have realtime access to accurate indicators at one place!!


I love that the MarketMilk™ Overview allows me to see to see a trade’s Performance by the pips. I’m so new to Forex, that I have yet to even be conceived. My mentor suggested that I study Babypips’ lessons and take the quizzes. I’m just getting started and I think that part of my trading style will be to “watch the pips”! Until I learn more, I’m planning on heavily following the 3:1 reward-to-risk ratio.

I love the fact that it’s simple, understandable and user friendly, though still learning more on how to use it…
I really love the background and the team, it’s a good one, thanks babypips

Colors are catchy. The Visuals (charts, graphs, etc) are super easy to read. With the watchlists, I can jump through all the pairs on a specific page super quick. So it’s saving me clicks and time that I would normally have to do for each pair. So for RSI as an example, my current strategy looks at pairs in the overbought or oversold levels. Super quick to hop between the watchlists to get all the info.

I’ve finally gotten to play with Marketmilk a bit more. :sweat_smile: Haha. :slight_smile: And I just have to say that I LOVE IT. :heart: It looks super cute, but is still super informative. :smiley: Thank you guys for working on this. :blush:

Hmm. :thinking: Hard to pick a faorite! :confused: But if I have to, I’d just go with this part where there’s a trend breakdown according to different indicators, and there’s even a short review of what the indicator means. :blush: I think that would be super helpful, especially for those who are still familiarizing themselves with the different indicators. :smiley: Haha.

But yeah! Overall, super love it! :heart:

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Damn, you guys aren’t playing!

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What I love most about marketmilk is this promo.
Jokes aside, I’d never comprehended the meaning of the word “babypips” until market milk was made then did I connect the dots that babypips.com is about enabling “forex Padawans” get some pics until they were competent enough to hit it huuuuggggeeee on their own.
I love the way “babymilk” summarises all basic market info in one glance.

following this

OMG Haha. :smiley: Can I just share that I used this for my USDJPY trade and I’m super close to hitting my TP now. :blush: Thank you so much Market Milk and Babypips! :smiley: Haha. :smiley:

This giveaway has mysteriously made me want to take part in the forums here!

Hello, I’m new! I’ve been holding gold for years, bought some shares with mixed success and over the past year or so I’ve been trading some crypto and trying to learn. I started the babypips course but got distracted, I’ve been to a day of lectures on TA by the STA and I’ve read 3 books on trading so far so I basically know nothing! :slight_smile: