Wedges Bullish and Bearish

So with bullish and bearish wedges, despite being called bullish for example this means it is likely a breakout to the upside is likely but it could also be a breakout to the downside as well/

this is right

it’s about probabilities (isn’t everything, in trading?)

but you have the principle right, certainly

in practice, they’re difficult to interpret, and i do think it’s probably significant that Bulkowski (the widely acclaimed/accredited “arch-guru” of chart patterns) doesn’t think much of them

but i may be biased by always having found them very difficult, myself :blush:

these threads may help you:


I stopped looking at patterns a long time ago, results are too inconsistent.

The only patterns I pay attention to now are double/triple tops/bottoms (indicating SR levels) and channels (indicating trend), on the 4H or higher timeframes.

Used in combination with long term price action, I personally find these quite reliable.


Ah ok that makes sense. I think a lot of patterns are diificult to interpret and can be unreliable however what timeframes should I be focusing on for identifying patterns?

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yes, i agree

some more so than others (i find higher/lower highs and lows helpful and easier)

i think it’s just a case of "the higher the timeframe, the more reliable and less ‘noisy’ "