Weekly Journal, updates from Edgewonk every Tuesday

Hey all, going to start a new journal page to post weekly from my new account using Edgewonk.

Plan to pull the previous week of data and post them every Tuesday morning.

Plan to have each data .crv be from the previous week, so for example the one for the upcoming week of May 29th through June 4th, will be posted on June 7th.

My previous journal is here:

i still may post in it from time to time, as people respond in it, but I wanted to have a new more focused journal for weekly updates.

So this is the first date range from my trades, going from May 11 through May 28th.

Threw $600 in an account on May 11, up to $1,900 now, roughly a 218% return in like 11 trading days.

so this is what that time period looks like, the data seems off from what actually happened, not sure if there’s settings that are messing with the data from the .crv file I pulled from Oanda.


Still, cool to see it finally after so long with such limited information.

That 74% win rate is probably a good running average, as I grow my account, my win rates tend to go up, because I can spread out my risk better, and still hit my weekly profit goals, I am a much more aggressive trader on accounts under $5-10k.

Cheers! And happy trading!

boss you da boss , i really need you to mentor me i believe you, am kinda tired of losing please help me out

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This is amazing entry. Success in your Journal.

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Thanks, appreciate it.

As someone primarily self taught, mastering yourself is the biggest component to being a successful trader.

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Was busy with work and sick last week, didn’t process any trades, hopefully this week is a little better.

Had an ok week, still adjusting my trades after only been trading for the last month and a half after taking a break to invest funds in stocks from my last cycle.

Will see if there’s any good trades today, but I don’t expect much on a Friday usually, I mainly trade Tuesday through Thursday.


How did you all do?

Final trade summary for the week


How I trade is a simple thing. The best way to trade well is to control the mental side.

I am a contrarian price action intraday trader.

I scale into my trades with a top down approach from monthly/weekly.

Look for good setups versus daily levels and entry off the hour, maybe down to 15 min if I really want to watch for the “shakeouts”.
But this usually is the type of thinking that is like trying to save money by driving to a much further away gas station to save a penny per gallon. When your bigger problems are all the other things you spend money on.

Really simple setups, why complicate things? I use naked charts even, TA didn’t help any of my relatives with stocks, etc or the guys I learned forex from.

I do read a lot of macro trends and news each morning, and read Bloomberg/WSJ/reddit.

I have no ulterior motives, there’s tons of people who trade better than I do/make more money.

I am still learning and improving.

I just got comfortable trading over a $10k account size in 2020.

I trade really different compared to a lot of people. One of my favorite things to do is I like to do trades with $100 and hold the trade open until it is up at least $20+, I love getting that 20% return with leverage from such a small amount of risked capital.

This is how I started:

This is now almost 8 years ago.

I met a guy at my work at the time, who was trading on his phone in between things during the day/night and making money and paying for stuff.

I was intrigued and started watching him during a business trip up in Savannah. I sat in our hotel room for a few hours while he made over $1k.

Then he took us all to a nice dinner.

He started telling me about his background and drug habit he used to fund from trading, because he didn’t want to steal from anybody.

He got clean, but kept trading.

He started to talk me through his trades, I had downloaded the oanda app and started practice trading and looking for setups. I was making money.

A day of positive trades later, I threw in $100 in a real account.

By that evening it was up to $170. I added another $100, then made another $50. Added $250, made $100.

Then I added $250, lost $35, then made $75, then $50, and on and on.

After a couple of weeks I was up a couple thousand dollars.

I put in $2k and then I hit a massive trend run with the eurusd long, and for 19 trades in a row was getting $500+ a trade, I ended up with a profit of $12k, pulled out the bulk of my account balance now up to $19k.

Ever since then, off and on as work allows, I trade $500-2k a month for at least a $500 profit. I have had bad trades, and lost money on some months, but I am still up quite a bit.

I like to set different accounts up and trade different ways.

I spent one year trading with $500 a month and my goal was to make at least $100 a week.
I averaged out over the year at $77 profit which is about a $2,500 profit from only a $500 starting balance each month.

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New week is up! Had an amazing Friday :slight_smile:


Here’s the month to date trades so far since 6/1 through 6/19:


Tradervue is such a nice improvement over edgewonk, it even has a p&l over time, scatter plot graph, something I always wanted, so cool!

And it gives awesome daily breakdowns too

Yeah these charts are super helpful visually!

Had time this week to trade:

Posting more charts, since you guys seem to like the more granular analysis :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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This was last week in focus:

Attached Image (click to enlarge)

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this was a good week

about a 30% ROI

The reason my profits look like this, is because I scale into winning trades, so my profits go up quick on days when I am right, like how much I made on Friday, relative to the other days.

And had more time to trade, since I didn’t have to do much at work. Middle of the week is the hardest time for me to trade, due to work lol.

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Very nice!!! :clap:

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Planning to open an account with myforexfunds in the next few weeks.
Going to go with their $10k accelerated emphatic option for $970.
Good starting point for their scaling system.