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Hello babypip’ers


I will also post up some market analysis and general information i think may be of use to you

Anyway… [description below taken from my zulutrade page]

[B]Professional full time trader. The system is traded manually using support and resistance only. Never automated! Traded across a broad portfolio of currencies, commodities, indices and precious metals. Sufficiently hedged to avoid the risk of anything like a financial crisis etc. - IMPORTANT!!! PLEASE FOLLOW LIVE FOR A MINIMUM OF 6 MONTHS, FOR AN ACCURATE REFLECTION OF PERFORMANCE![/B]

-removed, so that it doesn’t confuse things for new account-

So… anyone looking for a trade i would suggest looking to short the USD/CHF

I would expect the price action on the USD/CHF to clear .8860 and potentially as far as 8825 before it begins to pull back to get ready to continue down.


There should be a buy on the AUD/CAD in the next hour as the CAD news was good, therefore weakening the AUD in the short term, however i would expect it to find support around 0.9955 and then continue its rise to and probably past 1.0050


The AUD/USD and AUD/NZD are looking weak over the short term. Think theres at least a couple of hundred pips to be had on them over the next week or so.


If anyone did enter the USD/CHF short, i would now pull up the stop to breakeven,

Hello there,

thank you for actually posting your signal here. few trades but not that bad at all actually !!
I can see you are a long positioner!! Keep on trading like this and your followers will multiply :slight_smile:

Nice work so far WestFX, I still have a lot to learn though.

Nice work WESTFX! I agree with EDDY MO! followers will come…

Thanks for the kind responses guys.
Hopefully we can all make some money together!

ps. The USD/CHF short is looking like it should come in soon, so hopefully some of you will have executed that.

Be aware of the Euro CPI numbers at 10am this morning, as they can cause waves. I would recommend avoiding any euro related trades until after that news has passed.

As I said above the USD/CHF did pass the .8860 mark and went to around .8850, giving a nice profit on the USD/CHF short i advised. Hoepfully some of you benifited from that.

If anyone is still in it with there stop pulled up [no risk] then I would expect it to continue lower as stated before it begins to retrace.

Well you keep on trading good, for sure we will be keep on copying you!

Well sooner or later there will be losing trades but thats just inevitable.
Overall my trading is very consistent and low risk.


Morning all.

It looks like the USD/CHF is continuing its weakness and should push past the previous .8850 low of yesterday. Its doesnt really matter though, as the USD/CHF ZULU trade has its stop pulled up, so theres no risk [this is the second USD/CHF trade, the first closed in profit!]

Happy days!

PS. anyone got their eye on any trades?

Hey there it goes without saying that. I dont believe in a trader that doesn’t have at least one loosing trade. Afterall we cant beat the market all the time.
I was thinking why don;t open a thread in the official zulutrade forum - this way you can reach many more followers.

Hi Eddy,

Which Zulu forum do you mean?
Do you have a link?

I was talking about this one: http://forum.zulutrade.com/

It has a lot users and discussions is a very good way to talk about anything connected with the platform, from traders to strategies, and account settings :slight_smile:

I was talking about this one: ZuluTrade Forum • Index page

It has a lot users and discussions is a very good way to talk about anything connected with the platform, from traders to strategies, and account settings :slight_smile:

Ok thanks.
Ive put a thread up on there too, but its delayed a little while each time you post due to the moderators checks, which kind of voids it as a trade tip thread.
But still useful though. :wink:

-removed, so that it doesn’t confuse things for new account-

I Just thought id comment on this as i didnt earlier. I totally agree and think its a common misconception that a losing trade is a bad trade [i know some of you are thinking, well it is, isn’t it??], but its not.
Its not a bad trade if you have a system which has a 90% success rate. With a system thats 90% correct you will have 10 losing trades for every hundred and thats the system doing its job!
When I have losing trades the only thing i’m concerned about is understanding why its happened. If its within the systems parameters then its genuinely doesn’t bother me at all.
If however there are a large string of losing trades and this starts to wander outside the system parameters then that would be a concern.

That make sense?