Westfx on zulutrade

Of course it does make total sense. Again statistically noone can beat the market forever.
Also, keep in mind that there is no zulutrade follower that will stick to a trader with 100% winning ratio.

ah… kiss off death, my first losing trade on zulu so far. Although interestingly its didn’t close down of my FXCM account and has just gone on to hit my break even stop. A bit irritating, but i guess thats the difference in spreads.

Always nice when you make money will you sleep!

If the EUR isn’t to rocked by the news at 9am then keep any eye out for EUR strength against the JPY today.

Up another couple of hundred places on the rankings!

It would seem that the JPY is showing some unexpected strength at the moment, I would avoid JPY until it clearly commits to either strengthening or weakening [I believe it should be weakening at the moment].

good for you mate!! Saw yo also followed my advice and open thread also in the forum as well. :wink:
happy pipping :slight_smile:

Thanks mate.

I did indeed. The zulu forum isn’t great for putting up trades or trade ideas because every post has to be approved and that takes time, but its good for exposure. So I appreciate the suggestion.

Hello all,

Keep your wits about you today, it could be a bumpy ride!
If possible I would suggest waiting until after the US GDP figures to trade as they and the CAD news could really move the markets.

Happy trading!

Well, there are forums that take moderation! I really have not noticed it that it took that long…anyhow it reached a lot of followers and traders, so remains good exposure source. How’s trading treating you? Winning trades?

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Hows your trading going Eddy?

Another beautiful CAD/JPY trade!

And…there should be another one soon. Look for price to retrace up past 92.00 and then fall to or past 91.00.


-removed, so that it doesn’t confuse things for new account-

I hope everyones making some money today.

If anyones looking for a trade, then shorting the USD/CHF when it gets up to .8875 wouldn’t be a bad idea.
I expect it to then drop to or past .8790, around the previous significant low.

Happy trading!


A few high importance news releases today people, hold on, it could get bumpy!

Keep on eye on the CAD news at 3pm GMT, the market appears to be expecting positive news, if this happens, the CAD/JPY could move considerably higher, up as far as 94.00.

Ok. The CAD news wasn’t negative, so expect price to push towards 94.00 before then retracing as low as 91.00 over the next few weeks.

As expected the CAD/JPY is still climbing, get ready for a short up towards 93.50/94.00.

And how much have you made from this positive change?? What about your followers on zulutrade? how much they benefit from it?

Hi Eddy,
I haven’t been buying it as currently i believe overall the trend is down and that it will weaken overtime. I am now in a CAD/JPY short however.

With regard to follower profit on zulu, despite having followers, I don’t have money following yet.

Currently im having a small drawdown which is totally normal and within the parameters of the system, but this has effected my ranking slightly. Once I resume normal profitable service next week I would imagine my ranking will improve and given a few more weeks then I will hopefully have money following.

Hows your trading going?

I suppose improving trading stats will help you also on the improving the ranking. This on the other hand will help you on improving the number of followers :wink:

I doing pretty much ok, could be better at the moment but profits are pipping, cant complain! :slight_smile: