Westfx on zulutrade

Yeah, moving back up the rankings will definitely help. The main difference between amateur and professional traders is how the react to losing positions.
Any of my followers will see that its doesn’t effect me and that will soon start moving strongly up the rankings again.
Ive got a lot of orders wanting to be triggered.

Glad to hear things are going well for you, keep it up!!


Glad to hear things are doing good and for you as well!
Myself cant complain, there times i win there, I have lost many times as well, i just try to keep my traders optimized trading positive all the time.

The most important part of forex is risk management and thats what most people fail at.
Master risk and the rest will follow.

I agree!! I think it has to do with the greed - once they see money getting it, the masses cant simply control it and start increasing leverage and margins meters, without protection - well it is obvious what will result from this! :slight_smile: Bursted accounts, negative trades and broken prides :wink:

Very true.

A big part of being a profitable trader is knowing how to lose money. I know that might sound strange to some people, but most amateur traders fall apart when they have loses, the pros dont.

I agree on that totally!Nice line of thinking…can you post your signal provider’s name?
I am really curious to check out your trading results!

I just saw your pm. What do you mean by long-term positions? I was a bit confused to what i wrote…
as for my status here, i guess it came out of the quality of what i was posting on my trading experience with zulutrade over the years.

Hi Eddy,
Sorry for the late reply, i was on holiday in beautiful malta!
It doesnt matter now mate, i have the answer.

Ps. Ive changed accounts on zulu following an experiment to confirm a few things about the way the zulu ranking algorithm works.

Anyone looking for a trade might consider shorting the cad/jpy once it has pulled back to around 93.22 expecting it to drop at least 100 pips lower.



a mirrored trade [buying] on the eur/cad when it gets down to around 1.51 would be a good idea as its negatively correlated to the cad/jpy.


the gbp/usd has about another 75 pips down before it climbs another 200 or so pips.

Happy trading.

-removed, so that it doesn’t confuse things for new account-

Hopefully those who took the cad/jpy short i suggested should be in the money right now. Its currently around 45 pips up and should give about 100 today, depending on the cad cpi news that is out today.

Remember to avoid the cad cpi news at 13;30 if your trading technicals.

I never thought id say this when i was young…


-removed, so that it doesn’t confuse things for new account-


If you choose to trade today, spreads may be larger and price action may be less predictable.

Following you now. We’ll see how you do!


Glad you could join me on my rise to number 1!


Morning all.

Remember, spreads may be larger and price action may be less predictable today.
However, the rest of the week should be pretty straight forward as there is minimal high importance news due to be released.

Anyone looking for a trade might want to buy the gbp/chf once it retraces down to around 1.4700, expecting it to push on past the previous recent high of 1.4840.
A healthy 100+ pips to be had there.

Happy trading.