What about Expert Advisors?

Hi All,

Is every body tried with a successfull Expert before. I want use an Expert but I couldn’t choose a good one.

If any persone can help me to knowing me whwn can I take or buy or subscribe one, I’ll be appreciate so much

There are more than a dozen of them you can download for free in the “Trading Systems” section of this forum.

I’m also currently working on creating my own.

I haven�t had good experiences with EA�s, this could be of course because I�ve been using the wrong ones, but I�m still skeptical about it, especially about a �set it and walk away� system. Would like to know more about it though (I don�t think is against the rules)

Yes friend the same thing was with me. I also used the wrong one.

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I did the google search but got a bunch of different results, one of them is a website called myalchemyworks, is that the one? It says something about Eternal Investment Expert Advisors

Which expert advisor have you been using sam111?

why you don�t try an EA made by yourself? Actually trying to set one may improve your trader skills. You�ll test many tools that you just have seen in your platform. Gabby

That�s a good idea, do you know about any online tutorials or books where I can learn about that? Is it difficult?

Sounds like a good idea. I always love to learn new stuffs.

once you know how to set your ea, you�ll start making your own decisions and especially figuring how strategies work. Actually an ea may trade with your strategies even when you are not in front of your pc, but try it before on a demo, it�s a safer decision. Adelin

I’ve heard you can also set alarms on your ea so it can let you know when trading opportunities. Does anyone know hot to do it?

I just learning how to set up strategies, but I can�t figure out one that can work while I�m away from my computer, what�s your winning percentage with ea�s?

Hi all! I�ve heard about forex as a good way to trade, but I�m not really sure about doing something like that with my money� Could someone tell me if there is an option to have a good result? Thank you!

Hi Heather,

you should read the school of pipsology.
that will get you started on your way to determining whether you’re ready to pursue trading.

All of the free EA’s that I have used did work that well, thats why they are free!!!
I have bought two of the fap and fap turbo. the first one works and makes money but it does not have a set SL, so it ends up with loosing a whole month profit within a day or two. on the other hand fapturbo has two kinds of strategies one of i have never used on a live account because it is too risky and causes a large draw down on the account the other one works better though.
I’m still new to forex, but here is what I recommend, learn how to trade manually and build your own EA. :slight_smile:

i’d forget about fapturbo, issues are arising already.

and its just the beginning

What issues buttmunch???

Personally, I like to make my own. I am not a programmer, but can usually edit the with some research. I prefer to trade with price action and always am looking for trading slots and price signs to future movement.

I initially built an (Unsuccessful) EA based on the “Babypips” system, in the school. Anyway, here is a tool I use, it helped me build my EA’s

In addition, I also look for EA’s and inidicators that may be related and borrow the code. I always make sure to document where I got the code, as a matter of respect, even though I have no intentions of making money off of selling my EA’s since I would rather make money trading them :slight_smile:

Finally, if I am stuck I will ask in the programming forums on here and other sites about how to accomplish a very specific task. I have never really asked: I want to this and this with an EA can someone write it for me.

I personally feel that I can use EA writing to enhancement my trading technique and help me learn the markets.

Going to any trading school to know more about trading this market it is better to open a practice account and take knowledge of trading.