What altcoins are you currently interested in?

There are so many to choose from, and it seems like new ones are being developed weekly.

My current interests:

  • Chainlink
  • Polkadot
  • Avalanche
  • Loopspring
  • AAVE

How about you?

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It’s a bull market right now, they are almost all on the upswing. I made 50% gain so far this month.

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That’s excellent! I’ve seen similar on my end. I’ve been heavy ETH, which has been fantastic.

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I wish I had more ETH. I’m late to the party but doing well. BNB is making some good gains recently.

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All in with CasinoCoin.

I know nothing about this and haven’t done any research. Is this real?

yeah, fork of xrp. has made me 10s of thousands of dollars already and it’s not even over a penny yet.

Pundi & Chainlink

I’ve chosen them for the long run.
Pundi is already integrated in a lot of country’s in south america and asia.
Chainlink has a lot of coöperations with multinational companies.

Have been spending my time reading up on CAKE/Pancakeswap and Binance Smart Chain as of late.

Good thread. Lets resume and grow it. Im looking at Elrond, Vechain, Enjin and Cardano may be.

Currently on my radar - Solana blockchain, SRM, Safemoon (trying to understand the social media hype).

The revolving top 50 currencies/tokens by market cap keeps me learning. There’s something new every week to learn about.

Just scam coins like doge and shibu

Elongate interests me. Started off as a meme but donated a lot to charity.

Who is on the SOL and MATIC train?

ETH has been my target since the beginning of this year. Ether is surging as a result of the introduction of an ethereum exchange-traded fund (ETF) on a Canadian exchange, which is viewed as a significant move toward mainstreaming crypto currencies.

Hopefully you were able to acquire some on the cheap recently. Discounts down into the 1700s could be had 2-3 days ago

There are several ETFs under review by the SEC at the moment:

Already filed BTC ETF applications, but missing the support of an exchange

  • Simplify
  • SkyBridge,
  • Galaxy Digital/Mike Novogratz

Already filed ETH ETF application, but missing the support of an exchange

  • VanEck

BTC ETF applications with exchange support

  • Wise Origin/Fidelity
  • VanEck
  • Kryptoin]
  • WisdomTree.
  • Valkyrie

Also, One River Asset Management has just filed for a BTC ETF. Guess who is advising them? Former SEC Chairman Jay Clayton, who himself denied many BTC ETF applications.

Cardano is really dope, I bought 1000 Cardano 2 months ago.

So what IS the social media hype on safemoon? I have non crypto friends asking me about this lol.