What altcoins are you currently interested in?

I bought polygon MATIC. Interesting coin in my view, what do you think about it?

Very similar to DOGE. “To the mooon” :slight_smile:

The devs discourage day trading and award long term holders. That’s part of the “feature” and appeal. As well as moving 200% in the first days and weeks it was released.

Big fan of MATIC.

Great feature there.


I’ve been reading up on HEX as it’s been moving up the MCAP charts. The idea of trading on a DEX is still very intriguing to me, but at times I need to take a step back and reintroduce concepts to myself to make sure I understand what I’m looking at and where the benefits are (other than speculation).

Does someone here do the technical analysis on ALT coins on a daily basis? I want to compare my analysis with theirs and exchange ideas.

Hi Guys, what you think about this project Neptune Mutual. I read a lot about it but still wondering whether its a good decision to put $1000 into it or not.

I would be very careful with this project. Very early-stage, and I mean early. If the raw on-chain data are to believe, in the last 30 days, there have been less than 30 users interacting with this token, with total volume under $10K. Your $1000 investment would be more than 10% of all activity on the project. Unless you really believe in the longer term viability of this project and have money to burn, I’d stay on the sidelines.

Oh and we’re talking Binance Smart Chain or should we say Binance Scam Chain?

Binance is the biggest exchange in terms of trade volume, but it is also responsible for most exit scams. In 2020, it was proved that smart chain contracts on Binance led to 99% of significant fraud volume.

Have you guys heard of Baby Doge? Seriously, it’s a thing.

The next Shiba Inu or Dogecoin, they say.

I guess I’m really interested in elongate project, as well as some meme coins

What is the project about? Care to share your notes?

Looking at SOL now! Do you still own both SOL and MATIC?

SOL, MATIC and HEX were my most recent buys!

Are you staking Solana?

No staking at all for me anywhere. No ready to pull that trigger.

Hello everyone! So today the much anticipated EIP-1559 went live on Ethereum, and boy did it pump all the way leading to this day, and probably beyond. It seems that ever since we dropped in May some coins move faster than others do now. I guess it’s safe to say that fundamental reasons have a bigger impact to individual coins, and this makes me think of what will happen to Cardano in the coming months. With Goguen just around the corner, we might experience quite satisfying gains, regardless of whether the rest of the market escapes the current levels. What are your thoughts on this?


Cardano needs to make some progress on their dev roadmap or supporters will start to lose faith in my opinion, especially with Ethereum’s recent advances.

End of August and September will be months to watch. Perhaps the date to watch is September 25-26, when the Cardano Summit 2021 takes place.

Projects with a focus on NFT and DEFI were the leading altcoin gainers over the past four weeks.
Altseason is here!

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I agree with ya LucaAlessandro, I am very bullish on Sushi being the governance token of the DEFI exchange SushiSwap. It has gained so much momentum since its inception and is still holding strong. With the current market situation i feel it is at bargain price and could touch $20 easily.