What annoys you most in Forex

At Forex I am annoyed by the strong leaps in the market, which, as practice shows, are not argued. You know, these moments when there is no news and everything is good, and suddenly from a strong level eurusd just flies up, and you look at it and think, well, why such a strong movement. Sometimes you feel insecure at times like this and that’s why I can get a little angry, but over time it goes away of course. Although you can’t call moments like this nice.

I mean those are the levels that you want to be trading at LOL

Losing !! That’s what annoys me the most.

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It’s good you don’t have a dog, then, eddieb

Fully agreed. Well said.

Forex trading is an EQ game, one needs to build up a good emotion quotient before one can become the real winner. To be able to cut short the route to that achievement, sometimes finding a good mentor will help.

No trader like losing, I don’t like too. But losing is part of the winning game. Every winner has to learn how to cope with losing before they can become the winner.

Yes. One has to get accustomed to the roller coaster journey ride of the forex market. My experience, don’t follow the market too closely to avoid the emotional upsets created by the roller coaster nature of the price swings. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Well said.

Market is full of uncertainties, no one can predict where it goes. Even if one is right, it is just because one happens to choose the right side, because trading is a probability game, it is 50/50 before you go in. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Thats a big bank or institution taking your money. Think like the bank. Profit like the bank

That’s just right. What one decision turns out to be, directly depends on what the market situation is. The same strategy can make you win also and lose also.

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I don’t always use stops but I’m sure most people will agree ,entering a trade putting a stop,then when going back to the charts later seeing a massive spike only for the trade to go on an almighty bull or bear

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What annoys me is that different markets and different time frames all require different strategies.

100% , get bombarded with rubbish

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really? you think so?


That’s my experience but maybe not someone elses.

The systems I use don’t give much wiggle room for wrong trades, or giving them time to work out.

It was Jesse Livermore who first noticed different markets have different personalities, and I find this particularly true.

For example I trade breakouts of 3 bar fractals on the Dow, but this type of thing gets me chopped to pieces in FX.

But I’m more than willing to accept that with other types of approaches my viewpoint is probably wrong,

For me while washing clothes, cleaning the house, cooking etc. My mind is still Forex trading because there are strategies going into my brain while doing these things and I am writing this in a paper

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Yes mate it’s those who give trading in general a really bad name and scamming people who already have hard lives , scum

That’s really quite admirable to multitask and still have the wits about you too stay on top of your forex goals .

It’s those bloody scammers, if they put as much time into learning to trade legimitly they could do aswell as anyone else