What annoys you most in Forex

Exactly this ! When I stopped trying to be a day trader and went to the Daily TF and seeing trade I made better progress and dont have to chart watch as much

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It’s the biggest part man so true . Even when your strategy is working if you doubt yourself you will exit trades too early , entry too late the worst enemy you can have in trading can be yourself!


Crappy marketers who don’t know how to trade, but they reel in vulnerable people and milk them via commissions and terrible signals.

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Yeah quite true if they were successful traders why bother looking for subs to a subscription service

being there so many time, that is why i alway take part of my profit at TP1 or TP2 and let the rest running

Oh, I don’t like it when the market calms down so much that you can’t find an entry point, yeah, that’s not often, but this kind of calm always annoys me, I like it when there’s a certain dynamic and everything goes as planned. How naive I am, Lol…

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Commissions. They annoy me as I usually trade a lot of pairs and it adds up. Call me thrifty.
I also used to feel pressured to grow my small account which affected my psychology and with time I lost it. I did that several times until a friend pointed me to a prop fund Blufx & having large funds to trade with, made a world of difference in feeling little to no pressure and risking properly.
Forex rocks I must say!

The huge amount of scam is the most annoying thing in Forex for me.

For me, it’s the Get Rich Quick Scammers out there boasting of how easy the forex life style is. They lure naive people in with a false sense of turning $100 into $1000 in a week. It’s not possible, not without high risk.

There are some really gifted traders out there who do make large sums but they do it with dignity.

The most annoying thing in the market is when you do a huge analysis, prescribe a plan of action in detail, and then on the eve of the trade some speculation happens, charts go crazy and you just sit there and don’t know what to do next, ahahahah.

All the spam ads! Spam and scam ads!

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Also posting their selfies witth all their bling blings, cars and money! :angry:

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What got me just now is how the JPY made an upturn.

I thought it would continue to drop because of the virus. Now it’s going up?

This makes no sense to me.

Can anyone here explain this to me please?

Actually, momoisnyc answered that already. Apparently, JPY is a haven during crisis.

Thanks momoisnyc!

What I hate most are the loses. I hated them when i started because it was my firs run. I still hate them though. Sometimes things do not turn out as I want them to and I hate it when my strategies do not work. Forex trading is one heck of a profession. it requires strong people to go on.

The period of waiting after one has began the Forex trading sometimes become very long. This causes boredom as you wait hence you develop impatience. It realy brings annoyance especially to those individuals that are first time beginners, waiting is too tiresome.

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I agree. It makes me anxious!!!

My best trades were the ones I set before going to bed. I wake up and either I hit my stops or I rack in some decent pips.

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Feel me in

I Consider Stop-loss a friend in FX, I cannot imagine trading without one because the trade can turn against you in twinkle of an eye based on random news that is not even captured on economic calendar.I think when you don’t put stop loss you are likely to have big whipsaw in your P/L.Anyhow that is what i think but it appears your case is different.

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