What are the simple things that make you happy?

Just to brighten up the mood a bit! :smiley:

What are the simple things that make you happy? :blush: :blush: As I was about to sleep, I realized how the smell and feeling of freshly changed sheets really make me happy! :stuck_out_tongue: Also chocolates of course. :stuck_out_tongue: Hahaha.

How about you guys? :sunny:


a Woman always has to bring up chocolates… huh ?

well #1 on my list… YOUR EMOJI’s hehe

after that
What makes me happy is HEALTH AND HAPPINESS ( i can’t stress this enough)
after that

HEAVY METAL MUSIC, you put up the horns \m/ \m/ you rock on and there is nothing better.

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Candy is my weakness, specifically sour punch straws :grin:…even though I need to stay away from them, sugar is basically like crack, we consume it pretty much everyday smh lol I agree with Martin on being healthy because without your health, what do you have? All the money in the world can’t cure you from an incurable disease. All this forex training and busting our butts trying to come up with a profitable trading strategy won’t matter, so taking care of your health is a MUST

But for the most part, just having my mother around makes me happy, on top of my little puppy Hershey, who just turned 9 months the other day lol


ok since you brought pets into i t :stuck_out_tongue:

this always put a smile on my face

THE ONE THING MICROSOFT EVERY DID RIGHT as far as desktop backgrounds were concerned

the puppy background

Now… if you don’t have a smile on your face… YOU’RE NOT HUMAN :stuck_out_tongue:
Look at him… he’s so bloody proud :stuck_out_tongue:


Yup I can relate to that ria - just simple pleasures :- Like ----------


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Smells can be a great way to feel suddenly happier -

a just-opened bottle of French red wine

fresh sheets - yes that’s a lovely one

that dab of perfume behind your beloved’s ear

strong black coffee and fresh croissant on a sunny terrace in the south of France

new car

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Awwww look at him with that big ol leaf that was given to him in order to take the picture, looking soo happy :joy: i love dogs lol


Hahaha! :stuck_out_tongue: You’re such a heavy metal music fan. :stuck_out_tongue: Makes me wonder whether you play instruments yourself. :smiley:

SWEETS RIGHT?! :blush: :blush: They are amazing. :candy:

Aww. :blush: That’s so nice of you. :slight_smile: My mom’s just as crazy as I am so I love having her around too. :smiley: And happy 9 months to the little pupper! :dog:

My guess would be that he is quite an artist on the violin ! :wink:

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HAHA! :stuck_out_tongue: No doubt. :stuck_out_tongue: I love the honesty here @Falstaff. :smiley:

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You seem like quite the romantic, @tommor. :slight_smile: And of course, a new car. Hahaha. :joy: Who wouldn’t be happy with thaaaat? :smiley: What’s your dream car? :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol - How do you think I got my username ? :wink:

I just did! Hahaha. :stuck_out_tongue:

“Falstaff is very fat.” is what got me. HAHA. :joy: But yeah. Didn’t know we had a poetic playboy over here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Simpler for some than others, no doubt :sunglasses:



I’d just be happy with a new Mondeo. Now that’s my idea of romantic.

Spoken like a true broker. :stuck_out_tongue: Hahaha. :smiley: But I kinda wanna hear from the person behind the account. :smiley: HAHA. :joy:

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Who knows? :stuck_out_tongue: The missus might get to see this and surprise you. :stuck_out_tongue: Hahahaha!

The answer is still the same.