What are you watching?

The terminal List on Amazon Video. Almost done.

Pretty crazy. Any former military think this thing is anywhere near possible to happen in real life?

What am I watching next?

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I am binge watching billions :star_struck:

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Tonight I’m starting House of the Dragon with my husband. We’re a little behind but I’m hoping it’s as good as I’ve heard!


Can’t believe I still haven’t watched Billions !
Is Stranger Things worth watching folks ?

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I’ve only seen the first season, but the first season was binge-worthy, for sure! I say stock up on snacks on Friday, turnoff your phone, and binge watch until Sunday night!

Huge fan of Damian Lewis in Band of Brothers and Homeland. Haven’t had a chance to get into this. Thanks for the reminder!

I’ve enjoyed this entire show across all seasons. Definitely gets darker every season.


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I love Stranger Things! Can’t wait for the next season. Now I’m watching The Umbrella Academy. I only started it, but I like it already.