What are you watching?

The terminal List on Amazon Video. Almost done.

Pretty crazy. Any former military think this thing is anywhere near possible to happen in real life?

What am I watching next?


I am binge watching billions :star_struck:

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Tonight I’m starting House of the Dragon with my husband. We’re a little behind but I’m hoping it’s as good as I’ve heard!


Can’t believe I still haven’t watched Billions !
Is Stranger Things worth watching folks ?


I’ve only seen the first season, but the first season was binge-worthy, for sure! I say stock up on snacks on Friday, turnoff your phone, and binge watch until Sunday night!

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Huge fan of Damian Lewis in Band of Brothers and Homeland. Haven’t had a chance to get into this. Thanks for the reminder!

I’ve enjoyed this entire show across all seasons. Definitely gets darker every season.


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Loved that show!

Currently watching Rings of Power. Not bad!

This movie helps me get my head on straight.

Is that Bruce Leroy?

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He reminded me of something important, too: to seek safety, one must go into the heart of danger.

That means in order to profit, I must take the risk. I have to lean into it–not run away from it.

I got kind of upset over the last few days and decided I was going to start taking ALL the valid signals I see without thinking twice. Apparently my fear of losing is so strong that I pretty much abandoned that idea right away. And if I followed it, I would have profited nicely.

So, I’m caught in this cycle of tricking myself into doing the opposite very often. By doing the opposite I think that I’m outsmarting the market. I think I’ve avoiding losses by trying to avoid the fear of loss. But I’m actually making it worse.

I must go into the heart of danger.

At quick glance, I thought you said Power Rangers! hahaha
I watched Power Rangers not too long ago by the way. It’s amazing. I watched the episodes when they introduced Tommy, the green ranger.

He came in as the new guy, got hypnotized by Rita, whooped all the Power Rangers by himself, broke in and sabotaged their command center, then after it was all over, he joined the Power Rangers and became their leader.

What a roller coaster!

Sho nuff! Haha funny movie!

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LOL. Oh man it’s been a while since I last had my fair share of Power Rangers!

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I have currently started watching ‘How to Get Away With Murder’ on Netflix. It’s so interesting! It is worth watching, and I swear it is as binge-worthy as Stranger Things, GOT, and every best series!

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I also used to love How to Get Away with Murder sooo much! :blush: Until it got too complicated for my slow brain to process. :sweat_smile: But House of the Dragons is also something I’ve been hearing so much about. I’m curious about it, but I think the whole GOT series got me traumatized with a super bad ending </3

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The Empress. Netflix. Follows 19th century Bavarian princess and her introduction into the Hapsburg Empire of Austria.

Great drama!

Ah may I recommend Rings of Power then!

so currently i am watching series about dahmar. seems to be interesting

Same! No matter how cringy they seem to me now, they were my idols in middle school. Lol.

Never cringy! Lol. Have you already seen the last episode? :slight_smile:

I just finished watching the Marvel series Hawkeye. It’s really really good. I liked Ms. Marvel, but after watching Hawkeye, it should have been better. It could have had a more serious edge to it, and more action.

Moon Knight was really good too. Falcon and Winter Soldier was decent. The Loki series was the best one, in my opinion. It was action packed, the storyline was super complex. I enjoyed it the most. Oh, and the soundtrack was great, too.

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