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@dushimes Hawkeye is definitely the best series I’ve seen in recent times, great story, great action, I loved every bit about it. Clint is obviously the best character in the series, but I also liked Eleanor’s character as well, her expressions were amazing! Which ones did you like the most?

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Eleanor was a bit of a shock at the end, to be honest. I didn’t see that coming. I’m not gonna give away any spoilers here, but there are quite a few surprises.

Yeah, I’m glad he got some time to shine. But Kate was right. She said he inspired her because he didn’t have super powers. He was just a guy with a stick and string just trying to save people and do the right thing.

But I love how it goes a little dark at some moment. For example, when Clint is in the theatre watching the play about New York…just think about it. It was a tragedy for him. And now he’s reliving it while watching a musical perversion of it. Then at the restaurant after, someone paid for his family’s dinner.

It seemed like he didn’t want the favor because he wants to forget about that invasion but he keeps getting reminded of it.

And think about him being Ronin. Sure, he was killing criminals. But he went on a rampage. Now, I understand more why Colonel Rhodes said he didn’t want to find Clint for Natasha. What Clint did as Ronin wasn’t about justice, it was about rage.

The strange part is that Punisher is exactly the same way. Punisher is about both justice and rage. Punisher is on a killing spree forever.

Kate asked Clint about his best shot, and he said his best shot was the one he didn’t take. I loved that part.

There was also plenty humor in Hawkeye as well. I can’t believe who Kate and Clint got backup from!

So, do you like any of the other Marvel series? Is there a close 2nd place?

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@dushimes The series does surprise a lot. I like the different shades given to Clint’s character. The chemistry between Kate and Clint was the main highlight and you are right about Eleanor, it was a bit of a shock but was good from the story’s pov.

I also liked WandaVision, although it was a completely different genre compared to Hawkeye, I enjoyed it. What about you?

Right. They had great chemistry. And Clint was torn between seeing her potential and turning her away for her own safety. Eleanor flat out asked him to leave Kate out of it. And he doesn’t her death on his conscience. Then, of course, a special guest popped in on that roof top. Clint told Kate to walk away because it just got very real, very quickly. He was trying to be responsible, even though he needed the backup.

Wandavision was great. To be honest, the beginning was really slow, and I didn’t appreciate it. I actually skipped quite a bit, but watched the whole thing straight through the next time around.

I regret skipping parts because everything is essential for the story. It started off slow, but picked up momentum very quickly. And it gets pretty dark. The whole thing is a love story. She just wanted to be with Vision, but as Vision started to understand that something wasn’t right, you start to see Wanda’s whole charade as sadistic. She didn’t think about what she was doing; she just did it. And you start the consequences of her actions.

But from her perspective, it’s really sad. Being with Vision, having children, enjoying the family life together…that’s such a great feeling, especially for her as someone whose parents and twin brother are dead. For her to finally have a family, then to give it all up, it’s sad.

The ending was great! They fought as a family. Vision vs Vision. Wanda learns she’s a witch. The darkhold book is revealed. What a rollercoaster!

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I’m a fantasy lover. Lately, I’ve been watching Britannia. So underrated!

Which is your favourite fantasy show? No Game of Thrones discussion please. I will cry :cry:

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Not to be that koreaboo but I recently finished watching this Netflix series All of us are dead. I guess I am the only one :sweat_smile:

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I understand that at times the story gets boring but you shouldn’t have skipped the parts. I was also not expecting WandaVision to take such dramatic turns, but hats off to the writers for showing such great creativity and bringing to us a masterpiece. Now waiting for the guardians of the galaxy holiday season. Trailer looks good, what do you say?

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You’re right about that. Each detail was important for the story later on. It all made sense later.

That’s why I went back and watched it straight thru. It’s a bit slow in the beginning, but picks up momentum really quickly. It turns from simple to creepy real fast.

Hmmmm. It’s hard to complain because they keep proving me wrong whenever I have doubts. However, I still haven’t seen She-Hulk. It seems quite lame. Is it worth watching?
I’ve just seen a clip. She Hulk fights Banner, and for some reason he didn’t whoop her. I didn’t like that part. Maybe he was being a gentleman.

But the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer looks cool even though it’s wrapped in a Christmas theme. I’m curious to see who this Kevin Bacon guy is. haha

@dushimes I too didn’t feel like seeing she-hulk, the storyline didn’t click for me. But, guardians of galaxy, I’m going to watch it for sure. And just like you, I’m also curious to know what Kevin Bacon is doing. I think he is there for a cameo and won’t be a permanent member of the franchise.

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It still cracks me up. ¨Introducing Kevin Bacon¨ haha

How about Ms Marvel?

I was excited to watch it, and binged the whole thing pretty much. I enjoyed it.

Loki and WandaVision set the bar pretty high. Ms Marvel was good, but after I saw Hawkeye, Ms Marvel didn’t seem so good anymore.

I love the multiculture aspect. I grew up around a lot of people from South Asia, and for me it was nice to see that.

But that’s just a subjective personal note. Objectively, it could have been better. Maybe it could have had some darker moments? Just to make the emotional content more intense.

Hawkeye has lots of moments like that. WandaVision does too. And Loki, jeez. What doesn’t the Loki series have? Loki pretty much ends up in psychotherapy, and he’s forced to analyze himself. How real was that? And then for him to fall in love with another version of himself!

Yeah, the Loki series are hard to follow up after.

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Love it and loved the Ending too. One of the most exiting Zombie themed series I’ve watched.


I did too. more than the series itself, what I loved about it was how they tried to include Huge part of Indu-Pakistan History there, Because of that series I learned a lot about that. It was a history lesson more than a movie. It was also nice to see they used it to address many social issues, related to the religion too. and the best part all are done in a diplomatic style, not to spread hate or any bad feeling. Loved the series just for that reason.

Storyline got super interesting from the very final “SWITCH” scene. Looking forward to the second season.

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You know what? After talking about it, I feel like it’s worth another watch. Sometimes, you appreciate things even more, later on.

Of course, AFTER I finish watching Hawkeye again! haha

Oh oh! What about Moon Knight?!

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Watched both and Loved both.

MoonKnight was something special. It was so confusing at first, but later started to make sense. Worth watching.

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Glad I am not the only one watching Zombie series :joy: I was thinking of watching happiness too :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I loved the Loki series, he was like an unpredictable loose canon, which came as a breath of fresh air. Didn’t see such a character in marvel series. Simply amazing!

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Which made me find him so annoying!!

When he and Silvi first met and they were at the golden doors of the Time Keepers, he just wanted work together for his own benefit, so he could lead and not feel bested by another version of himself. How narcissistic!

Then when they were on the train on their way to the ship about to leave Lamentis-1, all they had to do was keep a low profile, and he couldn’t do that!!! They got thrown off the train, and broke the tempad.

Then, after they see how he broke the tempad, he tried to be nice! How annoying!

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@dushimes Quote “they had to do was keep a low profile”

Yeah, that was so annoying, they were just stubborn. But I did enjoy it :grinning:

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I am watching “The Boys” these days. Love the series and movies that transports you out of this world. !

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After The Walking Dead and Train to Busan, I feel like I’m now zombied out :joy: