What Are Your Views On Scalping as a Forex Trading Strategy?

Greetings fellow traders. While I appreciate that we all have our own strategy that we favour I just thought it would be interesting to hear the differing views of you guys on this matter of scalping. Plus it has been quite a while since I riled up the room, lol. I have attached two screenshots of what I went on with today (the account IS NOT a demo account). Feel entirely free to voice your opinion whether you are an old veteran or newbie. What you have to say doesnt have to be about my particular strategy where you see me trading without a stoploss. This thread also serves a dual purpose because it will test whether or not I will be able to read all that is said and not respond!!!


Just wanted to add that there are more trades for today but these two pages will do for now.

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For those interested in how the day ended here you go.


Nice to see you achieved a healthy profit at the end of the day.

In my opinion, scalping is a great way to trade when a market is in an obvious trading range, so you can buy low, sell high and visa-versa. Looking at your screen shoots it appears all you trades are short, which would indicate to me that the market was possibly in a bearish trend, so for that reason I personally think this market condition would be better suited to swing trades. I think you could have made a bigger profit by keeping your trades open for longer and having fewer trades. But obviously that’s my opinion and I’m just a amateur.

And yes, no SL, naughty.


lol, i think i do that more often than you, actually :grinning:

thanks - i’m always interested in seeing your screenshots, and reading your posts :sunglasses:

funny mixture: forex-trading, scalping and forums

i don’t know if anyone’s interested in anything i think, but here’s what i think anyway -

  1. very few retail spot forex traders are successful with scalping (but you’re very obviously one of them!)

  2. in more professional trading circles (including institutional, hedge-funds, futures-trading, etc. etc.) a far higher proportion of scalpers are successful, and a far higher proportion of successful ones are scalpers as well, so it’s an area where there’s a huge discrepancy between groups of “mostly successful people” and “mostly unsuccessful people,” isn’t it?

  3. i’m always interested enough to wonder what exactly you’re doing (no idea, but a sneaking suspicion it involves Ichimoku???) but clearly you’re very good at it!

  4. i always look at your local weather forecast at the bottom of your screen and it makes me want to go back to the Caribbean

  5. one day you’ll have a sudden, unexpected internet connection problem just at a bad time, and you’ll wish you had entered an emergency stop-loss of $50 automatically with every trade you make: it would cost you nothing to do that - it’s all potential benefit in an emergency, and no possible downside (i think?)


Not sure what strategy you’re using, possibly a return to MA or some price point, but looks like something like that with cost averaging going on. Works really well in ranges

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I don’t have any prejudice against scalping. I will say this: I’d rather be at home scalping, than at a job earning the same money.

Good job!


A quote from Al Brooks -'I put my stop-loss far away, it’s there incase the internet goes down or i have a heart attack’


what are the chances? let’s hope it’s just his internet - eye surgeons maybe have fewer heart attacks than cardiologists have visual problems, so at least he has that going for him?


Scalping is a bad habit do it properly

Doesn’t make much sense. Scalping is the most profitable and highest win rate type of trading if you can master it. But it is also difficult.

Just because you can’t do something doesn’t mean it can’t be done.


I think Scalping require a lot of attention and taking decisions quickly which make it stressful. Due to these things many traders attempt to avoid Scalping.

really? why do you think so many hedge funds, investment banks and other financial institutions are employing so many traders on 6-figure salaries and 7-figure bonuses just to scalp the markets every day, then? what do you know that they’ve all missed?


That’s a whole lot of graft for 180 dollars :rofl:

i think Goaty’s used to that kind of snide, smug comment when he posts …

but might you be missing the reality that it’s a hell of a good rate of return on a $750 account, and that if duplicated daily it would be a whole lot more than minimum wage, and that it could be compounded anyway, and that it might have been more “fun” than “graft,” too? hmmmm … let’s hope not: that would be a hell of a lot of realities to be missing, wouldn’t it? :rofl:


Crikey fella I was only being flippant

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You say flippant, I say……

I really didn’t mean to start anything guys chill the F out! :rofl:I see this is quite a close knit crowd obviously. I was just saying that scalping is a lot of work for the money. But if you enjoy it then good for you. Your rate of return is great.

Everyone happy now?

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Scalping is like bringing a penknife to a gun duel. As long as it gets the job done you have my commendation. Success in forex trading, like war, is heavily hinged on getting results, not on opinions of what should be done.

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Really??? I would say it’s the other way around :upside_down_face:
Scalping is like sniping with telescopic sights :sunglasses:

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