What big professionals usually hide and will never say to you or Holy Grail approach

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Looking forward !!!

Before I will post something new, I want ask some questions here:

  1. What tactics do you use in your trading?
  2. Is it long term or short term trading?
  3. What kind of difficulties do you have in your trading?
  4. How you tried to improve your trading?
  5. What markers are you trade most?

Anyone who is interested in this thread, feel free to answer.

Best Regards, Thomas.

Ok,can just answer for myself… I have been trading for a long time, but try to enter on shorter term today… Dont like indicators and am more into formations and so on… So I really like what you do !!!
Trade everything that moves, haha
Have a nice friday !
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P.s. Always want and like to learn more…

  1. Supply/Demand, Support/Resistance, some Fib tools.
  2. Short term. 1-3 days max
  3. Sticking to the plan and not having the patience to hold the trade longer than 3 days.
  4. Yes, gradually I am working on better sorting the trades I enter, in such a way that I am picking only the best possible trades. But I am only 6 months live so I still learning to rely and stick to a system that I firmly believe in
  5. Can you expand on this ? markers ? you mean pairs ?
  1. I highly prefer technical analysis such as MA+Stochastic to identify entry after pullback to follow the big trend

  2. It is pretty much short to medium term

  3. Hard to identify/find fake breakout/signal

  4. Try to learn Python for back testing and algorithm

  5. Forex, SP 500 VIX option and future

I was grew up wanting to be a trader, but the entry barrier of the industry is extremely high. First of all I do not have outstanding academic records from uni, secondly, i am not native English speaker thus sometime i could not express my idea in interview. Please enlighten me mr. Berks

1)S&R ; S&D ,PA; Technical Analyse
2)Positions are open between 1 and 3 days
3)patience ,maybe i take to many trades
4)learning by doing , experience is all
5)Forex market; gold ,silver

looking forward to some details of your trading style

best regards

Where is this thread going ??


There are many here with commercial intentions, so we are always a bit suspicious. It will go away in a short while. It looks to me that marcramon is just trying to work out the thread.

Keep up the good posts!


You did yes, but then they went & banned you.

They’re obviously not as partial to your wealth generating program across there as they are in here. Oh well, onwards & upwards as they say.
Be careful where you tread, the black ice is treacherous!

Hi for everyone here, my name is Mariya, you can call me “Mary”, i am Thomas’s daughter.
My dad is gone for a trip, so he asked me to post about approach that we use.

We will never post this anywhere, so this post will be the last one. Half of the trades that was posted here, were mine too. So i have right to write here, so let’s get to the point, shall we?!

Logic: Every market has a regularly repeating the basic models. They are formed from the very essence of the market and natural human behavior, natural and speculative cycles. Let’s answer some questions:

  • Why Smart money has created a system of fin.markets? From who Smart money take money using this system?

  • Everyone else who does not own or control this system…

  • How Smart money can earn, what they need to do? What are 2 possible chaining of sequential actions they may commit?

  • Buy lower in order to sell higher and sell higher, then to buy lower.

  • And to realize these actions for their interests Smart money can make a little scenarious, only buy lower to sell higher, and vice verca. That’s why the Models themselves repeating over and over again within 24 hours, week, month, quarter or year!!!

The banks, large players have plans for the day, week, month, quarter, year…

What we do: Statistically finding same models, for exmaple analysing 20 years of intraday data, in order to build/create a Database of Models to traiding intraday.

Example: in 1 trading day = 24 hours of trading.
24 hours consist of = 3 trading sessions.
3 trading sessions = Asian , European and American.

For example you wanna trade Condident and Profitable during American session, and right now we’re at the opening at US. session, what you need to do is to:

1) Collect movement during today’s Asian and European session.
2) Find SAME movement during Asian and European session in the past, for intraday better collect 20 years of intraday data, you can collect by hands (like mr.Gann did), excell, or software.
3) When you have found SAME model, you will know : where price will go, where it will stop (time&price of reverse if it will) and etc.
4) Place a trade with small stop loss.

SAME principle works for every timeframe, intraday, hourly, daily or even weekly charts. Remeber how W.D Gann studied the price movements, same and same principle…

I will post some pictures of my dad’s software, it is automaticly analyse past movements, find models, and projects curve, with time&price.

Advice - Do not buy anything from anyone, do not buy courses, study by yourself, all answers before your eyes.

As you noticed, thread’s name “What usually hide and will never say”, i will leave this forum, as my father.
He and i told you what we know, and believe me this informaton costs a lot, we shared here for free. Please be happy, and achieve your goals, we have only 1 life…

And for the Motivation: my last trade that i made 18 march, trading british pound futures:

P.S - Who will repeat this process succesfully i ready to send 50,000$ as a prize for your efforts.

Wish you all the best of luck, Mary!:wink:

Thom, you’re 32 right. You have a daughter. Hi Mary. That makes Mary what 14, 15 maybe 16 years of age.

Guess this is one of those examples where 2 + 2 doesn’t equal 4. Squawking like a duck bro!

Is that a problem? We are not here to discuss my family.

Yes it is. But don’t worry, ain’t nobody going to bother you anymore.

"P.S - Who will repeat this process succesfully i ready to send 50,000$ "

Wow, you’re going to give away $50, 000! In that case this cant be some sort of scam.
How do you plan measuring my success? If I open a $200 account and turn it into $300 do I win the $50, 000?

Hi Mary, thanks for giving those hints, however could you specify on statistically finding same models, for exmaple analysing 20 years of intraday data, in order to build/create a Database of Models.

What software do you use? Can you enlighten us? Proper tutorial is much appreciated.

Warm regards,

something is wrong here …isnt it ? :wink:

They grow up so quickly don’t they… :slight_smile:

Commercial or not. At least they give us a system that you guys & gals can work out. That is more than other lead generators on this forum.

It is not to burn all traders that like to earn some income by teaching others. The goal is more to warn you, new traders, to be suspicious about where your money will be going (courses, coaching etc.).

If this is a lead generating post (it probably is) at least it is subtle and it gives something to the forum as well.

Proceed with caution, but if they/he are/is legit learn from it.

That is all I can say.



Dissapointed, Mary.

Hi Mary,

Free! OK. Now I will hold you to your word. Please send me free copy of your magic software that can match day patterns over 20 years data, so I can do your system and win that 50k of yours.

I have deep psychological issues. When people say ‘holy grail’ or ‘i’m a millionaire’ or disclose a system with no proof or even an actual system, have magic software that they won’t give you, fail to show even one verifiable live real trade, have avatars of teenagers where it looks like they are wearing no clothes, make posts in all caps, etc, etc, i sort of see red and feel obliged to make sarcastic comments.