What big professionals usually hide and will never say to you or Holy Grail approach

Software is not for free and not for sell.It personal for personal and only personal use. You can build/create your own one, and you yourself… Why everybody seeks easy ways?!

You can make even on Excel sheets, without any other programs, i will attach ones:


oh… i thought you said all absolutely free.

and your charts don’t seem to match up very well. how do you or your magic software pick a match?

Dear berks family i havent get meaning and clear content yet, your information is a lot blurry We / i still dont know what to do and how to use these information you give us
Im mget more confused even Im gonna lose more than what i earn now with these ))

Peeps, normally I am one of the first that jumps the wagon when I hear something fishy.

In this case I’d like to point out that there is actually something posted that you can learn from. You have to read between all the supporting text, but what ‘they’ are trying to tell you is:

  1. There are actually a limited number of patterns traded.
  2. Based on 1. the patterns do repeat themselves, and this is key.
  3. Gather session patterns and determine how you could trade those perfectly.
  4. Identify in the current market if there is a pattern that you already worked out.
  5. Be prepared to trade according to your deskresearch .

That is not bad advise. Recognize session patterns and consider them for the upcoming session.

It is something that you can do yourself without ‘their’ help. So commercial or not, be a bit more open and see what else you can learn from it.

can anyone tell me how to extract data from mt4 and import of excel spreadsheet?

F2 in MT4. (and some other characters to meet the minimum required message length.)

from a recent skype chat:

[3/19/2016 6:12:05 PM] Mr. Forex: btw
[3/19/2016 6:12:14 PM] Mr. Forex: is he ur real father?
[3/19/2016 6:12:18 PM] Mr. Forex: am curious
[3/19/2016 6:12:26 PM] Mariya Berks: yes
[3/19/2016 6:12:28 PM] Mariya Berks: why
[3/19/2016 6:12:36 PM] Mr. Forex: how old u are? 19?
[3/19/2016 6:12:39 PM] Mariya Berks: yes
[3/19/2016 6:12:48 PM] Mr. Forex: and he 's 32?

[3/19/2016 6:12:54 PM] Mr. Forex: ?


You know how this happened , I told you. Why showing to a public. It’s because I denied to manage your accounts ? Or selling signals to you?

not because of national security as u said…lol…

but because im replying to the previous poster who made a similarly logical conclusion about ur CREDIBILITY,
caught u with ur pants down…didnt we? you’ll have to try harder…

u bad at counting SCAMMER-in-training…


Okay it is great that the Berks have took the time to share their very profitable method with us all at least it’s a start of something that can maybe beneficial to all of us.

We cannot blame them for not feeding us their software as the data mining behind it would be extremely complex. One thing Thomas did say, is the market will tell us what is happening next, so let try to figure this out. Below I have provided a few examples below some questions I have for the Berks.

Giving them the benefit of the doubt there are a few questions to ask:

  1. By being able to pinpoint every reversal you should be one of the richest families in the world, should you not be multi-billionaires?
  2. What is your exact motive behind posting on this forum?
  3. Why share your secrets or at least tease people with them instead of truly educate us?

Besides those questions, I have tried to put together some of my own examples with USOIL and QQQ, hopefully the Berks can provide some guidance.

Basically, how do you scale the charts to pinpoint the reversal points and second, how do you know when the current pattern has been exhausted and you should start looking for a new pattern.

For instance on the below USOIL hourly chart, it looks like a similar pattern is forming on the 15m chart. Am I way off, or should OIL be increasing on the 15m chart? If it will increase, using the hourly, how do you know what the peak price will be. From your previous example it looks like you pinpointed the exact tops and bottoms.

USOIL Hourly patter forming on USOIL 15m below

Similarly with QQQ, the weekly pattern from 2008 seems similar to the current pattern on the daily, not exact but similar. So from my analysis using what I know from what you shared thus far, the QQQ should be increasing past the 200 SMA, but how do I determine where it will reverse with accuracy such as your examples?

QQQ Weekly pattern forming on QQQ Daily below

Considering what has been said, they don’t have to do anything or guide anyone here. It is us who are flaming based on what? Content?

For all I know the daughter is legit and adopted or he is re-married. But I actually don’t like to talk about that it is not for us to know. I am interested in what is being said forex wise. As long as there are no obvious commercial calls we might as well as be flaming a father and daughter who like to share their strategy.

Naive? Perhaps, but for now the most unbiased thing to do.

Very well said. First listen… then you can judge. I can understand why most are intrigated. Because we had lots of smart guys before and etc. We know forex world is a durty one. But hey…till it happens…lets hear what they have to say. No one is obligated to do anything they dont want. simple.

I don’t get people trying to sell forex strategies, but I must say here most people seem to have jumped down these guys throats before they’ve asked for a penny and without checking out / proofing false their claims. Am I just too much of a noob for wanting to say maybe we should give them a small break?

so? i had first time *** with 13 aswell and im 32 too. the young (or in this case “not so old”) generations started earlier :wink:

im not saying that the Berks family is serious here or not trying to sell something, and im nt saying that they are selling something. But i think their “family story” does not count in a forum of forex or in forex in general aswell (and i am aswell notsaying that they are family at all :slight_smile: , but on the other hand i really dont care if theyre family to be honest). And by the way Melco 7, in internet everyone lies, maybe she is 13 but only sayin shes 19 to come up as serious enough to be posting here among older people. But then again maybe Melco 7 is right and it is a sell concept. who knows? who cares? = the only person who can make you pull out your money out of your pocket is you yourself so in the end if someone asks money just say “no”.

I havent seen anything interesting in this thread so far at all. The Berks family is trying to show us something they think is of value, so far they havent shown much and what theyve shown is more like pieces of a puzzle that still needs holes filled here and holes filled there. If they got a concept that works its cool i want to see it,i dont want anything for free neither am i asking for free, its their part if they want to share or not. briefly fly over the posts here but i dont see much need to attack those people (im talking general andnot reffering to Melco 7 in this sentence) untill they ask for money.

Showing similarities of 1972 and 2015 is nothing interesting, you will alwas see similar behaviour in all charts in all time frames in all years even days. its no problem to find 2 charts that look the same or very equal. the problem is knowing when these similarities occure and not to find them in hindsight.

So there were 2 charts from 72 and 15 that looked a bit similar, so what? as i said; youll see similarities everywhere always and in all markets, the probems is to know in advance whern they occure so you can make money on them. wheres the methode to make money on it? i dont see any “make money on hindsight”-methode.

And to be honest, even if they ask foor money, if its a system tat gives new people a surplus and makes them earn money then why not? in oder to be a taxi driver you have to buy a car, is the car company a shady company now because you cant be a taxidriver without one of their cars? no, and from what i see there is a lot ofpeople here who would really love to spend some money to find a short cut to earn on trading. here everyone is looking for shortcuts in trading but most dont want to spend a cent on it.

the world goes like this:

either you learn and do it on your own


you dont learn and pay other people to do it for you

after all, thats capitalism isnt it?

It has already begun to go beyond the limits of decency , neither of you have the right to discuss my family here, no one.

I shared , my dad shared , we got an offers to sell signals or software or teaching , but as we said in the beginning - what we did here was - free. So we [B]DENIED[/B] every offer. And you here talking about will we ask money in future or not, that’s is the shame for all of you. In fact, I’m pretty sure that I’m alone (girl) have more earned than half of you people.

I not owe you anything , so wish you all the best of luck!)

[B]Dear administrators and moderators of this forum, please delete this thread for a good…[/B]

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Lets not forget they have already been banned from other forums. That says something in itself.

This is the most amusing thread ever! As mr bobbillbrowne said, they’ve been banned from other threads and, after reading their posts, it’s clear to see why… doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out there’s something fishy going on here…