What big professionals usually hide and will never say to you or Holy Grail approach

I am reading this thread, post by post. He hasn’t really explained his systems, his charts are Not very clear and require more details to look up the charts elsewhere. So far, I noticed ninja trader, so I searched it. Ok it’s a platform, not saying it’s MT4 or Calgo, not sure what it is. I will read more to see if my guess is wrong this a plug for ninja trader platform.

Also do as the daughter says, delete this thread, useless.

Professional hides nothing. In fact, it is trader himself who hide themselves from failure or lack of knowledge. That’s the truth.

a) the educational value of this thread is zero. b) a large amount of money was offered in an evidently empty promise.

i’m not sure if this thread should be deleted or moved to a seperate subforum with an appropriate name? why? offering money with no intention to pay is a scam, full stop. how long before these two are making the same posts on another forum or web site of their own?

“Squawking like a duck bro!”

“Wow, you’re going to give away $50, 000! In that case this cant be some sort of scam.
How do you plan measuring my success? If I open a $200 account and turn it into $300 do I win the $50, 000?”

Must amitt but. really disappointed in the OP. Thought we might get some good insights into the industry. Something that is diffinately missing here at BP’s.

Maybe the Op can come back and share his thoughts on this old chestnut. On another thread, can’t find it at the moment, I made the observation that price can move significantly for no other reasons than the staff at the banks, hedge funds etx all head off to smoko at 10. Then there’s meetings, performance reviews, strategy sessions, lunch. All these take the real trader away from his post and therefore, a loss in liquidity sufficient to cause a price reverse. And it’s a business process therefore, man made therefore a cycle and predictable.

Still keen to hear your thoughts Thom.

Yeah maybe you are right. It does not work. This entry was too bad. And the profit too small. I usually first listen, then I try and only then I am able to judge.