What Broker do you use?

I am not sure how to do a poll, but without giving reasons, please just list which broker you use.


Axi Trader

Ran demo with IG
Just in process to set up a live one with IG (won’t be trading live just yet)

(wasn’t trying to add explanation - just there’s a minimum character limit)

Im interested in an IG demo account, can you tell me if theres a time limit on the account? And can you use all the currency pairs?


EagleFX is my choice.


Not aware of any time limit - my demo account opened in December 2018 and still open. Fairly extensive market options and they have good education options.

Haven’t tried many others but happy with them so far.

Demo link to their site for more info if interrested

I use OANDA.

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I’m spreadbetting in the UK, using LCG.

WHat is LCG?

LCG is the spreadbetting firm I use, London Capital Group.

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Anyone know a platform with a simple deposit and withdrawal system like trading 212 where you can use a bank card of your choice that also allows you to trade on MT4/MT5? I’ve been struggling to find one. I hate e-payments, skrill, bitcoinc payments, v-wallets s-wallets x-wallets I hate them all. Just looking for a simple platform that i can make payments like i do on trading 212 but also use on mt4. Help!!

I use turnkey forex.

I use an Amarkets broker. According to the conditions, he seemed to me really profitable. In addition, the minimum deposit amount is very small, which was very important for me.

Thanks for that

I use EagleFX

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I’m into scalping and have read several reviews about FP Markets regarding their spreads, commission and execution. I decided to open an account with them mainly for their Trading Conditions.
So fat the experience has been good, they also have a wide range of products (10,000+) to trade with.

Based on my personal experience FP Markets has been pretty good, I’ve been trading with them for close to a year now.

I’m quite satisfied with Fp Markets, Since I’m a scalper i recommend checking them out as their spreads and commission are better than the brokers that are suggested.

I like Oanda. Simple, regulated, and never had any real issues to complain about.

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If you use a broker for a while with no issues then no real reason to change.


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